Simply Black and White

You all know by now that I like re-doing other seamstresses’ work and taking photos of them to share. So lucky you there is another to post.

One of my regular clients brought in a pair of wool/cashmere pants that were hemmed about 5 years ago by a prominent tailor/seamstress in town before she found me. She didn’t wear the pants much because they always felt funny and the legs were too long. The first thing I noticed was the label:

  These pants were from Carlisle a very high end private label company that uses the best fabrics and sewing techniques around. So imagine my shock/disgust at this:    Yes, not only did the person use white serger thread in the needle and upper looper (black thread in lower looper which never shows) but used heavy white cotton thread in the blind hemmer to secure the hem. OK,  maybe this is not something to get steamed about but these pants cost $300+ and now they look cheap and nasty! AND they got paid well for this job!

These photos also shows that besides having bad thread choices they also did not know how to measure and draw a straight line. The white chalk line I have drawn above marks the 1.5 inch hem line from the new fold line. How can anyone pass this crappy work off as professional???

For those of you who has asked privately about my last denim skirt client and her fast turnaround swirly skirt and what she said when she came to pick it up…well so far she has not come to get it even though I did phone her a day later with the news I had moved her to the front of the line for her rush job. It has been 5 days so far.

One of my dear seamstress “sisters” in the area says that if our clients knew how hard we work and how we bend over backwards to get their garments out on time or even ahead of schedule they might treat us differently…hmmmm …yes, maybe some might but some would not.

This week ushers in the second bride of the season, and a collection of 3 Carlisle suits to be re-made into something more modern for a client’s daughter. It is always intriguing to be given such a challenge to restyle and reshape good jackets and skirts and come up with nifty new ideas. To start with one jacket is having it’s cuffs removed.

This photo was taken during the night when I do deconstruction in my pyjamas and robe. Here you can see the fancy warm cuff on my robe, a Christmas present from my hubby. Here is the cuff removed.  Notice that even in high end garments plastic buttons fade or change hue. Sometimes just changing buttons can bring it right into the modern era. Stay tuned for my transformations!

Wishing you clients that come on time to appointments and remember to come back and pick up their clothes!

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4 Responses to Simply Black and White

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Aw, you had me all excited- thinking one of the suits was leopard!

  2. theresa says:

    I bet those Carlisle suits are wonderful. Good for them for restyling instead of tossing them.
    I’m aghast at the serger thread. Now I leave the cream white combo in my serger because I’m dang lazy and it’s mine and I’m the only one who would see it, but geez, to charge for that crappy job is a crime. After looking at that, I’m thinking my hems don’t look so bad after all.

  3. mrsmole says:

    Your work is exquisite from what I have seen compared to the stuff I post from clients! Heck, your work is beautiful and whimsical and everyone can see it at

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