More Ugly Inside

All seamstresses’ work is equal right?

You trust your service provider to make the inside of your garments as nice as the outside right?

You expect that after she/he has worked on your garment it will fit better and hang properly without any bulges and lumps? Sure you do.

Then why do I keep finding these crappy seams inside $300 pants?

Please click on the photos to get a closer view of those wide seams. I guess the tailor just didn’t have the time or desire to serge off the excess. They thought that the client would not notice 6 inches of excess fabric running down the side seams and zipper area. Is it any wonder why these 3 pair of pants were never worn after they were altered the first time? The bulk was ridiculous and could be seen from the outside even through the lining.

Now it is my turn to make things right and take in the seams and zippers even more after the client has lost weight. You can see the 2 separate seam lines and the new pinned seam line and how much fabric is remaining without trimming anything away. How tough is it to serge off an inch of fabric? Or did they think that this dear 90 year old woman was going to need all that fabric later on? It is anyone’s guess what was the verdict but my first reaction is someone got lazy.

The herringbone invisible zipper area will have to be interfaced to move the zipper over on both sides 5/8 inch following with the lower side seams being taken in 2 inches in the legs to the hem.

  Here it is pinned over 5/8 inch and the former stitching line in green.

  You can see the original lines in red, the next line in green and the chalked  new line in white. This zipper is in the side seam. Here is the new interfacing: 

The wool is thick but very soft and needs something to keep it front stretching out. The zipper will be attached and all the excess serged off and pressed flat….ahhh the feels better already. All the other side seams will be pressed flat and open and steamed on the wrong side. The lining for some reason even though I am taking in 2 inches in the side seams does not need to be taken in…the previous tailor must have removed it thus leaving the outer shell of wool much larger than the lining… go figure?

Next time a Coldwater Creek linen jacket dilemma that requires some real manipulating and multiple seam ripping!

Here’s hoping your weekend is a dandy one….we still have more rain on the way!

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4 Responses to More Ugly Inside

  1. theresa says:

    All I can say is ugh! What a terrible run of alterations and I would prefer not to talk about the weather at this point. You have done such a beautiful job with that though. It makes me wonder if maybe she should have gone down a size or two on those pants if they were altered directly after purchase?
    Well, off to slog out into the 4 new inches of snow up here and feed the beasties.

  2. mrsmole says:

    This woman has dropped from size 6 to size 2 in four years so these pants are over 5 years old, maybe more, so it’s a long time to just hang clothes in your closet because they don’t feel right. I wish consumers checked their altered clothes more closely and demanded better results.

  3. Tina says:

    Wow, I too have seen these half-bashed projects. My encounters of these type alterations included old stitching and all. One mans pants were taken in the sides and inseam, and I kid you not, they hung gathered down the sides. If you can’t do a job, send them to us!

    • mrsmole says:

      Amen! We spend more time ripping out crappy stitching than putting in the good stuff. If you ask these gals who did the last job, they usually say they forgot or don’t want to say. We can only imagine.

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