Custom Cowgirl

Just when I was going to introduce you to the next bride something “special” came in.This client was referred to me by another seamstress friend as she had enough on her plate this weekend and it would require much time and messing around.

Here is what we started with: 

It is a very short costume that came with a cowboy hat and bow at the center front. The original buttons were brass and they would need replacing. Here are the fabrics the client brought with her:

Each fabric was to be hemmed and gathered, and added to the bottom of the skirt to be different levels. The first fabric is not my favorite having used it before for 2 dresses. It is polyester organza with glued on metallic dots and glitter. Machine needles do not like to sew over the dots/speed bumps and the feed dogs just grind away on them. This fabric would be the first 5 inch ruffled layer. Then the 4 inches of black lame’ would have the rhinestoned lace added to the edge and gathered and added to the white lace trimmed hem. Next would be the 12 inch checkered cotton, this would also be hemmed and gathered and added up higher underneath to the bottom edge of the bodice but still show 1.5 inches at the new hem edge.

Totaling up the entire project in hours, I quoted the client a price and she added that once it was done I would have to take in the bodice as well to make it tight as she was going to wear it in a local dance competition like “Dancing with the Stars”. And the question was could I do all this and add lace to the straps and make more bows to add to the red bow that came with the dress and what about dressing up the cowboy hat…the list went on. Yes, I can do all those things provided the fabric was enough and the lace was long enough. Let me add she gave me a week to do this.

But then there was the problem with the price…she didn’t want to spend that much money and said the event was for charity…OK, my seamstress friends, have we heard this before?

Would you ask your hairdresser to do a cut and color for charity? Would you ask your dental hygienist to do a cleaning for charity? Why do we always get these requests? Are we at the top of the feeding chain? It is another slap in the face devaluing our work. Why do women expect that we would jump at the chance to do work for free? Why do women never think that we also have our own favorite charities to support?

I have mine-  where I help seamstresses in other countries to buy machines and supplies to keep their businesses going.

But here is the finished project, everything but the lace on the straps (as I ran out of lace trim) and not yet taken in to be tight enough but it is ready for her to try on.

May all your projects this week not be too complicated or time consuming!

Warning: Here is a photo of a dress I made last year with that same polyester organza with metallic dots and glitter:  

What you can’t see is what happens to your bobbin case after the sewing is done. I checked mine to see why my bobbin was not spinning properly. I found 4 little metallic dots just causing havoc… avoid this fabric from JoAnn’s or clean your machine right afterward!!!! 

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5 Responses to Custom Cowgirl

  1. Teresa Contreras says:

    wow all I can say is you must see it all !! very nice !!

    • mrsmole says:

      After 40 years I think I have seen it all but you know there is just some more weird just waiting around the corner. You deal the with public so you know it to be true. Thanks for checking in!

  2. I say, that woman who wanted you to discount your work because she was dancing in a charity event is a lot like the woman, with four items in her shopping basket, who asks you if she can cut in line at the checkout because she doesn’t want to get in line and wait for her turn. Both women think they are just too special for words.

    • mrsmole says:

      Well Patricia, my husband said the same thing just watching her walk up the front path. If the walk does not give them away, as soon as they open their mouths will give you a clue…ha ha

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