Plaster and Proms

What a treat we have this week!

How often do you get a plaster head in the studio for alterations? Well, the hat that is going to sit on it had to be altered and something added underneath. My client is an Art Major and made this skull and asked for a skull cap or yarmulke to be made to fit under the Bishop’s miter.

  What to do first??? Make a skull cap out of the red knit fabric with no pattern….let’s see what about drawing a circle on paper. or use newspaper   or just drape the knit on the skull and pin out what you don’t need into darts: and done with trimmed darts and elastic edge on the inside. But what about the miter? The circumference was too large and kept slipping down the skull’s forehead so the side seams were taken in to make it tight and upright.

But besides working on this little project here is what came in as well that all had to be done for the Proms on May 5th…count them:

So OK, only 5 dresses, no big deal except that each one needed the bodice taken in so out comes the zipper, snug up everything about 2 inches and then re-insert the zippers and linings and hem the dress. The last girl picks up her white dress this afternoon and then the phone rings with another dress coming in on Saturday for the following Friday Prom on the 11th. Fingers crossed that this is the end of that season because in the meantime I have been working on re-creating a Tibetan wrap chupa dress with a silk blouse to wear under it. So far this is how it looks:

The blouse is cut in one “T” shaped piece, no shoulder seams and the collar runs from center front, up around the center back and down the other side to become a 10 inch wide flipped panel. The are no attaching features as it is just wrapped across itself and layered under the chupa. I copied an original blouse from Tibet where they are produced for $3…imagine! The chupa when finished will have neck bands to finish the upper edges and the wings on each side with ties wrap to the back, criss-cross and then come to the front to tie. There is a pattern from Folkwear but it did not have the princess seams that I needed so all that was changed before I cut the fabric. Here it is basted:

Next time it should be finished and I will be moving unto making a silk slip to be worn under it along with another blouse and chupa in other fabrics for my new client who teaches at Buddhist seminars.

Enjoy your weekend, I’ll be finishing 3 elastic waist skirts and tank tops for another new client and starting on a dress that I made for an art gallery director last year…at least the pattern has been altered by me already last year so that saves some time…always looking for short cuts!!

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6 Responses to Plaster and Proms

  1. Alethia says:

    Wow, you certainly have been busy! I must say, if anybody get the strangest things in her sewing studio, it’s YOU!! However, you did a fantastic job on the skull cap and the miter.
    Everybody’s waiting to the last minute to get their prom dresses in. We have been swamped at DB’s since January, and still have some prom for the 12th of May.
    Personally, I only took in a total of 3 dresses for prom. I had two that I had to let out~ you saw the orange. Then, there’s another I had to add a corset back panel like the red one I did last year.
    Now, I’m getting calls in for weddings ( the bridal party only).
    Whew!! I thought busy season was over or slowing down, but I guess not.
    I tip my hat to you, my sister ,lol!!

  2. mrsmole says:

    Everything is last minute this year! And for you another corset back….when will they learn NOT to buy a dress if the zipper won’t close? Thanks for checking in and I send you patience and wide awake eyes for your projects to come!!!

  3. prttynpnk says:

    Oh,my- I’m so loving your week! I want to see more! I also want my own miter….that’s sort of wrong, I just know.

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