Longer Arm and Mouse Tale

Just when I think having done 6 prom dresses last week was enough with 3 more coming in at the last minute this week, a new client needs one sleeve lengthened on her new jacket.

The only problem is the sleeve has a welt buttonhole so we have to borrow from the folded under hem fabric and piece the rest. She needs 3/4 inch extra so that totals to adding a 1.5 inch wide strip of lining, interfaced to replicate the thickness of the original fabric with 1/4 inch seams allowances on each side. Here is the strip of rayon Ambiance interfaced with my favorite on a roll fusible from Wawak.

The strip is ready to stitch unto the raw edge.  Stitched and flipped down and ready to flip to the inside leaving the next thing to do is fold back the new 3/4 hem to the wrong side and stitch the corner edge.

After hand sewing the upper edge to the cut edge of the fabric we have a nice strip patch and the outside looks just like before we started. The overlap side of the cuff is slightly longer as was intended.  and a little more color to add to your visit…the final prom  dresses:

  All three needed that infamous zipper-out, zipper back in snugging up technique. A great way to do a quick tightening of the loose bodice and you get really good practice inserting invisible zippers if you do one every day.

Before I get back to the stack of clothes calling my name I want to share a photo a friend gave to me. Her husband repairs all sorts of sewing machines and he, like seamstresses, has friends in the biz who also like to share their own challenges. His friend sent him this photo of a sewing machine a lady brought in when she thought it was time for a servicing. Please take a good look and click on the photo to see what he found inside.


It seems that a mouse was storing up bird feathers for his winter accommodations at the top of the machine and in the lower half it was filled with dry dog food and mouse poop, of course. So a word of warning…if you have not cleaned your machine, at least the bobbin case area,  for a while…do it before someone takes up residence!

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4 Responses to Longer Arm and Mouse Tale

  1. Alethia says:

    First of all, great job on lengthening those sleeves, and get those prom dresses done at the last minute!
    But, wow oh wow, what a picture! Was that mouse dead or alive at the time the picture was taken? looks like it got stuck and died or it was caught in the act, ugh!!!!

    • mrsmole says:

      It looks like it died tail up. Amazing that the technician was able to get it all cleaned out and back in working order! I don’t envy you with all those brides and debs and proms on your side of the nation!

  2. theresa says:

    Oh poor mouse, looks like he/she didn’t make it even with that great feather bed and dog food.
    Lovely job on sleeve lengthening, looks flawless. I need to shorten the sleeves on a new purchased coat. It’s easy by comparison.

  3. mrsmole says:

    Oh Theresa, never underestimate the degree of difficulty on an “easy” project…ha ha! Looking forward to your blog resuming when you return home! Your husband and animals will certainly celebrate!

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