Mystery Solved

Last time I offered a challenge to all of you to figure out what the heck the weird shaped objects would become.

You guessed parking meter cover, sewing machine cover, pants, and a dog cape. But here are some photos to help out.

The first photo shows the matching marks that I made before I cut open the seams to make a pattern. The sections are not sewn to each other, each section is sewn to itself.

Once it is pinned together you may get a better idea:

One end is rounded, the rest is straight. Is it becoming clearer?

The final photo:

Voila’, now it is an arm cover for a sofa. Who knew that such a strange shaped object could become a very familiar object? Just one seam can make it the perfect shape and length with a hem all around. The amazing thing is the client wanted arm covers made for an old sofa but could not find fabric anywhere. She made a trip to Paris recently and found a remnant just waiting for her in an old shop.

So what’s in store for the rest of the week? Making muslins for a new client who wants summer dresses and an outfit to wear to a wedding the end of June, also a wedding gown for a gal who wants to show off her new cowboy/boots. The front of the dress was raised about 12 inches and all that is left is to hem the chiffon and cut it off too.


Wishing you only seams that come together easily and lie flat when they are pressed and happy clients!

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