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One Extreme to the Other

Having a sewing studio during Bridal Season is very entertaining. This week two brides showed up with two very different takes on the special day. The first one was traditional with a lovely long dress with sheer netting over embroidered … Continue reading

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Police Protection

A very “J’o Napot” to the new 62 Hungarian readers! It is always fun to see where the followers live and today besides a collection of people from about 12 countries, Hungary was at the top. Today I give you … Continue reading

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Heavy Metal

Have you ever wondered what a policeman wears under his uniform? Sure we all imagine some sort of flak vest to protect him or her from bullets so this week, in the middle of bridal season, it should come as … Continue reading

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Bahama and Blankets

Just because you have “Bridal” on your business card does this mean a darn thing? My neighbor who likes to wear trendy clothes asked if I could “fix” a recent purchase of his after it ripped on the first wearing. … Continue reading

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