Police Protection

A very “J’o Napot” to the new 62 Hungarian readers!

It is always fun to see where the followers live and today besides a collection of people from about 12 countries, Hungary was at the top.

Today I give you a tutorial just in case you ever get a request to replace the covering on a police flak vest. Are there patterns for this…maybe…can one buy one…I don’t think so. Let’s get started!

Last time I mentioned that I bought the fabric, 100% cotton twill, and I pre-shrunk/ threw it in HOT water and then into a hot dryer to make sure there would be no surprises/disasters later on.

The first thing to do was to trace around the body/shield:  

Add some seam 3/4 inch seam allowances (French seams):

Make pockets with Velcro edges:

Serge all edges with wrong sides together, then flip to the right side and stitch again…French seams no less! Pins hold Velcro tabs inside ready for flipping.

  First one done, next?

  Another will all the soft side Velcro tabs.

Voila’… a new set of covers, washable, breathable and sturdy all stitched around the outside and the tabs double stitched inside. The 3 inch soft side Velcro tabs are double so they are soft on both sides. They are all cut the same size, not folded in half, and stitched all around the edges. The straps are all the sticky side sewn to 2 inch wide elastic. They hold both sides to the wearer and are ripped apart for easy access on or off.

It looks so easy, no? It is just a craft project, no? Well after 3 hours it did look pretty professional and the client was thrilled. He said he would share my name and more policemen would be visiting…just what my little street needs… patrol cars parked out front! I can keep my neighbors guessing!!!! I can hear them now, “She seemed like such a nice quiet woman who took in sewing” watching from their front windows to see if they take me away in handcuffs…how delightful!

Next time real sewing, lovely dresses, more brides (they keep coming!) and some veggie garden bounty. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, sit in the sun for me!

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1 Response to Police Protection

  1. theresa says:

    Oh my, you will need to come up with some pithy quips….:)

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