One Extreme to the Other

Having a sewing studio during Bridal Season is very entertaining.

This week two brides showed up with two very different takes on the special day. The first one was traditional with a lovely long dress with sheer netting over embroidered satin. It was purchased in a boutique in Sacramento and all it needs is to be steamed and a bustle added.

The second bride arrived with this China-made dress that she ordered from Unique Vintage and because it came with instructions to measure yourself she decided to order her exact size instead of one a bit larger. Here is what it looks like:

But the back looks like this:

She did say on the phone that she was having a little trouble with the zipper.

With a little help from some corset back strips all made by hand and a modesty panel she will be wearing this on her wedding day with yellow grosgrain ribbon woven through in the loops:   

The alteration nearly doubles the price of the dress but like so many brides she fell in love with the dress and never thought about the shape of her body,  just the model’s on the website.

But it’s not all white shiny fabrics for me…clients who want custom clothes to attend weddings and vacations have been dropping off fabrics and patterns and asking for precise fitting clothes with interesting details. This outfit is a combo of two patterns; the gold sheath dress is Vogue 1237 and the jacket is Butterick 4929.

The two of them were made with heavy cotton from Andover fabrics called Harvest Dance Geisha by Lonni Rossi. It is lined with yellow cotton broadcloth.

The jacket sleeve heads were reduced and the peplum given more width to reach the center front edge and gold antique buttons added. The dress was taken in a lot to be very form-fitting/tight.

The floral dress, Vogue 8469 is made from a delightful thin cotton which reminds me of the Liberty prints I bought when I lived in England.

It is called London Calling by Robert Kaufman and is lined in lime green batiste with self made piping on the edges of the cummerbund to highlight it.

You can/can’t see the invisible zipper but you can see where the piping matches…I love it when it comes together.

The skirt was cut wider for more flare and there is another jacket being made without the peplum in that green solid cotton. There is also another dress in the floral print in a pink version too that will share the new green jacket. The jacket pattern has great fit with very little altering and it is a joy to find a pattern with princess lines that actually ride over the bust points. What is it with designers now making the lines 1-2 inches off to the side seams? Do they think boobs travel East or West? OH NO…they only go North or south depending on the bra. That is one thing I bug my clients about…wearing a good bra with no stretch straps. All stretch straps do is allow breasts to droop by the afternoon and give you a matronly look. Who needs that for the sake of comfort? You don’t want other women commenting on your form-fitting dress saying: “Nice outfit, pity about her saggy bra” do you?

Hike those puppies up and make your clothes fit better and look 10 years younger!

OK, as promised…harvest from the garden…we are picking a bowl or two of strawberries every day now…and they are red in the center and sweet, no white core or pale flesh.

Wishing you a super weekend!

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9 Responses to One Extreme to the Other

  1. Alethia says:

    “…a little trouble with the zipper.”~ Ha,LOL!!!
    I’m sorry, just had a moment. Hee-hee~ I hear that all too often.
    Anyway, GREAT job on your dressmaking!
    And, how I wish you were near me, so I can go through your garden, lol! Those strawberries look wonderful!!
    I just finished eating a bowl of cherry tomatoes from my mother’s garden, along with store bought green seedless grapes and jumbo olives with pimentos in the center. How’s that for a snack~ delicious. All I need is your strawberries. ;o)

    • mrsmole says:

      Maybe next time I will include a photo of the strawberry patches? If we lived closer we might never get any work done with snacking and bitching about clients and impossible projects! Maybe it is a good thing we live on opposite sides of the country!

  2. theresa says:

    Oooh, I do love that little vintage number. I can see why the bride fell in love with it and great save turning over to a corset back. The two custom dresses are lovely too. But I’m most envious of those strawberries. OH YUM!!!

    • mrsmole says:

      Theresa you can grow strawberries too. We have heavy netting over ours to keep the robins out and you just need to keep the deer and other critters out. The cool thing about strawberries is they make hundreds of runners for new plants next year so they double or triple their production without me doing anything!

  3. prttynpnk says:

    ‘Harvest Dance Geisha’….I want a job naming fabric now. New ambition! Bad bras are he devil in my book- the bunnies need a hutch people- a good sturdy perch!
    Lovely piping match- I swooned a little- you’ve made me less angry at piping now- I think I can try it again soon!

    • mrsmole says:

      With that piping it had to even at the edges and match top to bottom of the cummerbund. Using the invisible zipper lets you mark both sides and get them pretty darn close. In your blog I think you could be called a Perfect Posing Geisha with your little dogs and cool shoes!

  4. Sandi says:

    The lawn dress is perfect! Great fun to see the finished product, after seeing the fabric purchases. Often, once the fabric goes out the door, I never see the garments.

    • mrsmole says:

      Oh you will see more of your fabric made into clothes! More lawn and cotton outfits and piping! Love working on good fabrics!

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