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How Do They Make Those Pants?

OK, Hands up those of you who shop at Coldwater Creek. Many of my clients swear by these “Holly” pants but from time to time they just don’t fit as tight as they should. I thought maybe you would like … Continue reading

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Simple Bridal Darts

When the phone rings and it is the bride’s mother asking for an appointment I ask two questions; when is the wedding and what do you want altered. Usually the first question is answered quickly except in one case this … Continue reading

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Isn’t Bridal Season Over?

Most people think that June and July are the 2 biggest months for weddings and assume that I am now just kicking back with a margarita and reading romance novels in my spare time…NOT A CHANCE! Here is what wandered … Continue reading

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T-shirts and stowaways

We seamstresses take in garment after garment, day after day, in grocery bags, garments bags, on hangers, off hangers and covered in dry cleaner plastic bags. Do we ever think that we are being invaded? When your room fills up … Continue reading

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Copy my Favorite Dress

We all have garments we love to wear and some of us keep wearing them long past their “sell by” date. So when a woman called to say she was willing to have her best, most comfortable dress taken apart … Continue reading

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Horses and Heart Attacks

Dealing with men clients just makes me crazy. The phone rings today and it is some guy who has made his own jockey helmet and needs me to make a cover for it. OK, I say reluctantly, knowing a male … Continue reading

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Not Always Brides

Let’s take a break from all the white fabrics and netting and do some normal things…normal? Do you have clients who buy 2 muu-muus and want one cut off to add to the other? One client has a mother who … Continue reading

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Recently, I was contacted by a gentleman who represents Janome who asked if I would consent to having my profile featured on their “Janome Presents” website. So, after answering some questions about how much I love my Janome machines and … Continue reading

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