Recently, I was contacted by a gentleman who represents Janome who asked if I would consent to having my profile featured on their “Janome Presents” website. So, after answering some questions about how much I love my Janome machines and how well they perform for me 7 days a week, my name was added to the site: www.janome.com . While so many of their other featured seamstresses are famous and certainly established in the fashion world, it was a surprise to be asked to share this blog and my adventures with other hard-working sewers. So what was the result? Over 7oo viewers checked out this little blog from all over the world and I hope I gave them something to chuckle about.

On the professional side I have photos for you of finished BWBs….what? What are BWBs?

Brides with Belts….it seems to be the trend this year, no matter what the dress looks like in terms of lace and beading and texture, they are adding more bling to jazz it up!

Remember that sad sample dress from Melissa Sweet that had had the zipper sewn in and out 4 times and was so filthy with the different label sewn in? Well, here is the finished product with it’s hand sewn (by me) ribbon and rhinestone belt and hand tacked tiny stitches along the  top edges of the bodice to hold the dress together for the final wearing. So maybe some of you are thinking…how many hours went into this transformation…hemming 6 layers of fabric, shortening lining and netting, making that bling belt and securing the dress to be ready to be worn for the last time? I charged her 8 hours although you all know there were many more and just when I thought it was an awfully high price to pay for such a raggedy gown she appeared with the shoes that would be worn with the dress…a pair of $945 blue satin Manolo Blahnik stilettos with huge silver rhinestone buckles.

In contrast, I also finished a lovely more classic clean lace dress bought used and the bride bought her belt from a vendor on Etsy. Everything was tastefully done and I was able to add a second layer of netting to her petticoat to show off her mermaid hem.

As promised I have 2 more jackets to share from my client who just loves jackets to cover her t-shirts…you know the lady who has had me make all those sheer silk ones…well here are some new ones for traveling. Both made from the same pattern Butterick 5467  but very different fabrics…one cotton and the other drapey rayon. The neckline has notches cut out and we added deep vents at the side seams for ease of sitting. The first one in the basted stage reminded my client of a scrub top and all she could think of was a nurse calling her name for the next mammogram…it made me laugh and I said that it could have been worse…”it could have been for your colonoscopy!”

What else have I been doing this week? Well just to prove it is not all garment sewing I was given a well worn t-shirt to embroider for a client who is sending her child off to college with a quilt made with love and she wanted a special square…I embroidered the words for her with my 11000 and Digitizer software and the 8 by 8 hoop:

The weather has been hot and the peaches have ripened and here is your parting shot of delicious:

Thank you to all the new Janome viewers and all my faithful viewers…have a super weekend and stay cool!

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11 Responses to Honored!

  1. Elle C says:

    To think I knew you when….

    Seriously, how great for you to be noticed in such a way! If I ever got 700 views in a day I would likely have to be hospitalized.

    Where are you located (very generally), cause early peaches are just starting to ripen here (here being southern BC Canada), the late ones ( and better ones IMO) aren’t ready till the end of August. I just ate a pound of cherries for lunch, I will pay for it later. In many ways 8-).

    Congratulations on being discovered!

    • mrsmole says:

      I have written to you privately with information about my whereabouts but thank you for your kind words and for visiting the blog where I could never make this stuff up…in fact I leave out stuff to protect the innocent/clueless!

  2. Pat Tribbey says:

    I’ve never been to your blog before & I am one of the 700+ viewers who visited today, thanx to Janome’s link on Facebook. I enjoyed your posts so much that I just had to blog about your blog! I’m glad you’re sharing all those wonderful comments from your anonymous customers. And thank you for sharing all the tips on clothing construction. Your work is beautiful!
    Pat in South Florida

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved too. I always read your blog, not only for your great sense of humor but it is sooo helpful.

  4. mrsmole says:

    Thank you so much and I wish I could feature your cool rulers in more of my projects. Everyone should check out the SACurveRule.wordpress.com and buy some great tools!

  5. prttynpnk says:

    I love to see you appreciated for all your spinning straw into gold! You’re a peach!

  6. mrsmole says:

    Thank you, Prtty….maybe one like my peaches that have fallen to the ground…a bit dented and a few chunks missing from bird beaks. The beaded dress lady came to get her garment and said she was bringing 4 bridesmaid dresses all size LARGE. When I asked if the girls were big, she answered “OH NO, they are teeny tiny, you are going to make them fit.” See what I mean about the dents?

  7. Barb Jean says:

    I enjoyed reading about your clients. I too use my Janome to ‘transform’ dresses and do custom designs. A friend introduced me to one of her friends who was planning a cruise. On hearing of my sewing activities, friend exclaimed ” Fantastic, I will be callling you because I will need some nice cheap dresses for my cruise.” I replies, “If you want ‘stunning’, please do call, if you want cheap, go to Walmart”. She didn’t call. and I didn’t bad at all.

    • mrsmole says:

      Good for you, Barb! You know if you did manage to make some things cheaply for her your name would get around town and EVERYONE would want the same! Custom clothes are quality clothes with seams outlasting the fabrics themselves and great fit…if you want anything less go to Old Navy where seams are expected to unravel after the first washing. Most of my most desperate repairs come from clients who said they bought at Old Navy and say “I expected this.”

  8. Penny Costal says:

    Hey there MrsMole……I’ve been meaning to email to ask your thoughts on the 11000, should have known that you would have bought one!! Glad to see you getting the recognition, I love your blog. I miss our embroidery classes.

  9. mrsmole says:

    Hey Penny, yes how could I not buy the 11000? It has been a dream machine for me, only once a year tech servicing and my regular de-linting at home keeps it running smoothly. The 1600 can tackle anything! My CoverPro loves knits and if I ever get some free time I would love to play with my janome felting machine…maybe some day…fingers crossed. Hope you have been doing more embroidery and enjoying being so creative for your grandbabies!

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