T-shirts and stowaways

We seamstresses take in garment after garment, day after day, in grocery bags, garments bags, on hangers, off hangers and covered in dry cleaner plastic bags. Do we ever think that we are being invaded?

When your room fills up with “collections” it sure does seem like it but this week I looked over at one plastic bag that had contained a $400 mother of the bride dress and guess what I found? A little beauty tucked away at the bottom edge of the bag just waiting for Spring: Nice? So the question is…did this creature come from the client’s closet or the bridal salon where she purchased it or where it was made in China?

Since this seems to be the summer/epidemic of the one inch too long t-shirts I got in another collection of them. Now you are thinking, don’t complain, you have a Janome coverstitch machine. Yes, I do but six different t-shirts with six different colors makes for changing 3 spools 6 times just to hem them. The client wanted me to know that she could just not even enjoy the summer knowing that her shirts were one inch too long. Imagine how little else there is to worry about!

Another feature of wealthy women’s t-shirts is this…unless it has a high end label inside, they do their best to cut it out. Now since this does not happen very often, they are not very good at it and sometimes the blade gets too close to the knits and it cuts a hole:

Some they remove pretty well just leaving a stub behind to irritate the heck out of them:

And speaking of irritating…remember the woman with the totally beaded dress who was “willing” to pay me for an hour to repair all the loose beads and threads and then took 2 weeks to come get it? Well her daughter, the bride’s sister called Tuesday to ask about making an appointment to get her dress altered before the wedding in 2 weeks. Here is how the phone call went:

Sister: I’m calling to make an appointment for me and my sister (the bride) and we want to know what nights you see people as we want to make it co-ordinate with a girl’s night out.

Me: I don’t do night fittings

Sister: OK, What days do you see people?

Me: Monday-Thursday from 10-4 pm

Sister: OK, We will come on Friday and since we have 4 children between us (screeching and crying of babies in the background) we want to know what type of play area do you have set up to entertain them.

Me: I don’t allow children, I have machines and dangerous things in my sewing room. I do not see clients on Fridays but I will make an exception and offer you any time from 12-3 this Friday.

Sister: OK I will speak to my sister and call you back this afternoon with the time we can both come.

You know what’s coming don’t you? It is now Wednesday afternoon and the bride calls to say that her sister told her I could only see her from 3-4 on Friday (miscommunication or sabotage?) and since that won’t work for both of them they want another day the following week…a week left before the wedding. At this point looking around my room with a sea of white and pastel colors and mounds of chiffon and satin I recommended they call a friend who might be able to work with them and their schedule. This is one of those things my other sewing buddy, Joyce calls “A Red Flag” when the communication gets so jumbled up you have to refuse working with them. So I did.

So, wishing you an insect-free week and clients who are not so cranky and disorientated from the summer heat!

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8 Responses to T-shirts and stowaways

  1. prttynpnk says:

    That alien buggy thing is just to much for me! EEK! I remember the archeology I would have to do when I worked in a consignment shop and people had removed all the tags from everything…arrgh! I’m still petitioning the Vatican for your early sainting’.

  2. mrsmole says:

    Ha ha…being raised Catholic might help me!

  3. Elle C says:

    I have another idea.. The Slasher Seamstress. Alliteration is good, right?

  4. Alethia says:

    You so did the right thing by refusing that customer, that was definitely a red flag!!!

  5. theresa says:

    Oh my, really, how many holes do you have in your tongue from biting it I wonder. I would have told them to ah..bug off right from the get go. Prttynpink, I’ll sign your petition.
    Seriously, nothing else to worry about. Does she really think people notice or much care about her t-shirt fit??? Argghhh.

  6. mrsmole says:

    Yes, Theresa, she worries about what others think 100% of the time. She is 80+, very rich, a size 0 or smaller with a husband who decides everything. He tells her to wear her clothes TIGHT to show off her skeletal shape. Her friends complain to me that she never eats or forgets to eat but she never forgets to shop…ha ha. All I care about is getting my shapewear underpants on the right way around in morning…then it might be a good day! Even potential Saints need some support from their undergarments!

  7. Yuck. Well, your job definitely seems interesting!

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