Labor Day Laugh

Even on National Holiday weekends people want you to respond and solve their problems. So I am sharing an email I received this morning:

Mrs Mole,
You hemmed a pair of lined linen trousers for me back in June. Excellent job, BTW.

I have a pair of shorts that have plenty of wear left in them, but the zipper broke. Is this something you would consider fixing? Would I need to provide the new zipper? Are you working tomorrow, Labor Day Sept. 3?

Please let me know and I will do whatever I need to do to get them to you. I would need them by Thursday. Is that too shorts a time? If that didn’t work I could give you an address where they could be shipped.

Thanks for answering all these many questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Just thinking about taking out a zipper, probably a fly front, and replacing it in 2 days along with completing wedding gowns just is not possible. It makes you wonder if she is going on a trip and would like me to mail them to her at her destination…when did she  plan the trip and decide to wear those shorts?

Could you get a hairdresser on Labor Day to whip up a “do” for you? Could you expect to have your dental hygienist clean your teeth on Labor Day, are there any dry cleaners open on Labor Day?

I’m sorry you waited so long to decide you needed those shorts for your trip but clients have to realize during bridal season or prom season or just any season seamstresses are working their little butts off behind the scenes to keep people happy with short schedules and impending deadlines. 

My sewing studio ain’t no fast food joint with a drive up window so I gave her some names of other seamstresses who might be able to squeeze her in on Tuesday but that just cannot happen here. I explained that zipper replacements can be expensive/labor intensive and you had better think that the pants/shorts are worth it. Apologies to my local sewing sisters in advance…if she shows up with shorts in a bag.

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2 Responses to Labor Day Laugh

  1. I can think of a very few reasons why someone might need repairs done at short notice – but shorts for a trip isn’t one of them. I’m just happy you post these emails for us to share in your amusement. (And you are mean to your local sewing sisters :)).

    • mrsmole says:

      Ha Ha…my sewing sisters send me enough weird stuff that they don’t want to touch so sending a zipper repair is payback. Clients can’t believe that the five of us in this area all support each other and try to help out since there is enough work for everyone and we all have our specialties.

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