Where am I?

This week I was taken away by Mr. Mole to a cottage far away from my sewing studio. He decided that it had been 9 months since I got out for some relaxation so off we went across the region to this little cottage:

It has almost all the comforts of home with lots of opportunities for wandering through new places and maybe a visit to a real fabric store that is not a chain…fingers crossed!

The first couple of days you ask yourself what you are supposed to be doing if their are no wedding dresses to work on and the phone does not ring off the hook for appointments but by day 3…I’m liking/wishing every day could be this calm scenario with the day stretched out before me and options like exploring museums and quaint neighborhoods and really seeing things differently.

We have a couple more days of this serene scene before we return to work and wedding dates so watching movies he has recorded from the PBS that we never did get to see the first time around like Downton Abbey has been a real treat and also the English drama Parade’s End with suffragettes.

Wishing all of you a nice start to Fall with cooler night temps and sunny days. Here we have been watching a family of squirrels gathering and eating nuts and doing the most amusing tail flicking and grunting. What a chaotic bunch!


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4 Responses to Where am I?

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Well deserved break for you!

  2. theresa says:

    How wonderful and so deserved. Enjoy your last few days and have a grand time fabric shopping.

  3. Alethia says:

    It truly looks serene…enjoy the rest of your stay there!

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