Never Turn Your Back on Zucchini

Zucchini…what happened while I was away? My dear neighbor said she would pick all the zucchini we had as her plants were not producing much this summer. So for 8 days she came over and picked tomatoes and string beans and Japanese eggplant but forgot to look under the big leaves and this is what I found this afternoon:

Actually I found twice this much but sent it home with her for her punishment. The largest weighs 8 pounds and is 27 inches long and will probably be cut up and added to the compost pile.

Meanwhile on my escape I did manage to buy some nice things. fabric of course but fabric that could not be found in my rural area. In Boise, Idaho where we stayed in the little cottage there was a divine fabric store called Caledonia Fine Fabrics

If you click on the photo you can see each selection. It was hard to decide on what to buy as they had a wall of silks and wools, decorator fabrics, trims and bridals fabrics too along with knits and velvets and Ultrasuede. Being practical and remembering all the stuff in the stash back home I opted for pieces that will compliment what I already have and not overdo/go crazy!

The other fun part of the trip was going to the many museums and gardens and parks and walks along the river and eating in outdoor restaurants. The highlight for me was going to the Basque Museum and Cultural Center and meeting the director Patty Miller. She took us on a tour of a restored Basque boarding house and the museum on her day off when everything was closed (Mondays). She was a delight and so bubbly with information that made my grandfather’s life as a sheepherder come to life. The photos and actual enclosed wagon on display made me realize what a hard life he endured when he arrived in So. Calif from Pamplona, Navarra, Spain. We had a super time visiting the gift shop and also purchasing more items for relatives in the Basque Market across the street. One day when we return we can sample more foods and wine and soak up more culture as one week is not enough to see all the great thing Boise has to offer.

One last thing, before we arrived in Boise, we went to Sumpter, Oregon where they have the largest gold mining dredger in the country and the original steam train from 1907. Here is a video some folks took to give you a taste:

Tomorrow it is back to the brides…one a week now until the end of December…just when I want to just put my feet up. Have a super week everyone!


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5 Responses to Never Turn Your Back on Zucchini

  1. Jane Urbach says:

    The same thing can happen with cucumbers even when you look every couple of days. I had 11 plounds of burbless cucumbers in about a week from 1 plant. Turned into 6 quarts of relish.

  2. mrsmole says:

    Wow! Nice that you could turn such an avalanche into something delicious! Thanks for checking in and sharing that veggie tale!

  3. theresa says:

    Amazing links! I enjoyed them and am glad you had such a wonderful time. Tell me again how easy it was to come back to the white avalanche of bridal sewing. The zucchini could be the basis for a grade B horror flick. The Attack of the Killer Zucchini….when good gardens go bad…:)

    • mrsmole says:

      It was easy to come back but not easy to face the brides and mothers who question every little thing like “Will you make sure that the bustle buttons and loops are nice and tight?” What kind of question is that? At least the zucchini don’t ask stupid questions, they just lay there and expand waiting for their chance to “attack” OH NO!

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