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Boys Being Boys

Just when you think you MAY have seen everything…life brings you another surprise. So yesterday was a real hoot…a man called to ask if I would be willing to work on some football fan outfits that needed to be ready … Continue reading

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Bad Boys and Bridesmaids

A lovely sounding lady called Snow Blossom called this week to ask if I would be able to take in her bikini bottom of her bathing suit so she could go to Hawaii next week. Usually this involves taking in … Continue reading

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Great Expectations part 3

Copying well-loved garments for clients gives me a break/pain in the butt from bridal so sometimes it is welcomed/performed under duress. Clients tell me stories/life histories about their “precious” and how long they have worn it and why it is … Continue reading

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Expanding Denim Jeans

Let’s enter the world of stretch denim jeans. You know the type that young women want to wear that are made in the USA and cost $175 or more. But what happens when one of these young married women gets … Continue reading

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What Happened to Homecoming?

Does anyone remember the excitement of Homecoming back in high school? For my non-US readers, it is a time of a big football game and dance to celebrate the start of the Fall season. A queen is chosen/voted on by … Continue reading

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