Boys Being Boys

Just when you think you MAY have seen everything…life brings you another surprise.
So yesterday was a real hoot…a man called to ask if I would be willing to work on some football fan outfits that needed to be ready by next week for a big game in California. He tried to explain these outfits over the phone…they need eye holes and pee holes.

Hey, what is a girl to do? Invite him over to see just what I was up against…yes, that is what I did. The project involved a pair of twins who are crazy for their team and decided to purchase Rootsuits for the trek down south. The only small problem is they are a completely sealed up body suits with no openings for anything.

First thing to do was to draw the eye holes and then determine where the Velcro opening down the leg would be for easy access. Here are the boys showing off:

And here are the faces with eye holes:

They plan to wear sunglasses, picture that, and have a really good time. My thought is how are they going to drink or eat? Bathroom visits are no trouble now so all that is left is the yelling!

Speaking of boys having fun…did you live through the 60’s and 70’s and remember Tom Jones who used to have girls’ panties thrown at him on stage and he used them to wipe his brow and gave them back as a souvenir?

As Tom has aged and matured he no longer dyes his hair and beard black or does wacky gyrations but this video might bring back memories or cause you to laugh hard enough to  wet yourself!

Hope everyone has Halloween sorted out with bowls of candy for the little kids!

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2 Responses to Boys Being Boys

  1. They look like giant jelly baby sweets.
    I checked out Tom – I still dance like that (which may be why I don’t get asked to many parties!).

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    • mrsmole says:

      My British husband found that video and then tried dancing like that in the kitchen…after 30 seconds he was exhausted. Living in the US keeps us from stuffing ourselves with Jelly Babies candy ( which we love! Every so often we get a package from his UK family and it has those coveted sweets!Thanks for sharing your dancing expertise…or not…ha ha. I’ll have to check out your fabrics for sale.

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