Pattern Pyramid Arrived!

OK, eager sewers, here is your chance to get in on the fun swapping your unused patterns for new ones with inspiration!

Anne of Prttynpink blog started this hand of poker with patterns and so far I think I am number 4 on the list of recipients.

Velosewer in Australia was second to win the collection and she passed it along to Kim in the UK.

Kim, The Material Lady sent 6 of them to me from the UK and now I offer them to you with the same format. Please leave a comment and let me know if you want them to visit your house and I will draw a name next week and forward them on.

Here is a photo and list of what is on offer:

Vogue 1027 (DKNY),

Butterick 5178 (very 60’s),

Very Easy Vogue 9647,

Butterick 5674 (Suzi Chin),

Butterick 5473 (Connie Crawford, love this tunic but had it already), Butterick 5467 (I made this darling jacket for a client), and

Butterick 4699 (could be a cool wrap over a bathing suit).

Now the rest is up to you…add your comment/name/request and join in the fun!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the US readers!

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37 Responses to Pattern Pyramid Arrived!

  1. Shams says:

    OMG. That last Butterick is a pattern my mom made many times. She made it for me as well when I was very young – I wonder if there was a pattern for girls or she drafted it in my size. She’s passed so I can’t ask. We wore them as dresses in the summer time. I wouldn’t mind if those patterns came to visit here and I know I have some good fodder to add in.

  2. mrsmole says:

    Your name is on the list, Shams!

  3. ellecsews says:

    PICK ME ME ME! I like the DKNY dress and the Butterick etc.

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    • mrsmole says:

      Hole Moley, Anne….I don’t think my feet will touch the ground today with such high praise! It is just as well as I have grumpy cranky relatives coming for turkey who will try to bring me down…ha ha. I will manage to sew all day up until the guests arrive at 4 and then spend all day tomorrow steaming dresses for a huge wedding on Sat…photos will follow! Wishing you and your hubby and doggies have a super day!

  5. Some interesting patterns. I’m definitely throwing my hat in the ring!

  6. vicarious fun is no fun at all!- I’m in Scotland….sniff…sniff

  7. Ooo I’m liking the vintage Buttericks!

    • mrsmole says:

      OK Blogness Anna, Tulle and Tweed, and disparatedisciples…you are all in the mix.
      Who says Scotland is out of the loop? My first husband was Scottish but that does not disqualify you as the Pyramid actually came from Material Lady in the UK so it does make the rounds and postmen will find you if your name is drawn.

  8. symondezyn says:

    They’re all great but I like the Butterick 5674 (Suzi Chin) one – it’s an interesting drape šŸ™‚

    Anne gave you such praise I am now following you so I can be inspired too! Happy Turkey Day! šŸ™‚

  9. velosewer says:

    Well done Mrs Mole. Have fun with this pile of patterns. I’m just joining in the conversation but not the pyramid list.

  10. Jacquianne says:

    What a great idea but trust prttynpnk aka Anne to come up with this neat way of passing on those unused treasures. Just commenting don’t need anymore, infact I could raise you 10!!!

    • mrsmole says:

      If you have been sewing for 30+ years, you know you have some real gems that have never even been out of their envelopes and could probably translate into some serious money if sold on a vintage pattern site.

  11. Ruth says:

    I started at post 1 and have been entertained all afternoon with your tales from the sewing room. Will do session number 2 later today and read the rest. What a strange bunch of clients you have but you still do fantastic work for them.

    The pattern I really wanted from this pile has already been kept by The Material Lady but I now have my eye on the DKNY, so chuck my name in too. Like Jacquianne, I could add 10 or more to this pile!

    Keep writing – it’s hilarious but a wee bit scary that is real. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • mrsmole says:

      Okey Dokey, Ruth. Nice of you to join us and good luck to you as well grabbing that DKNY pattern. While most of my clients are just fine and some in fact more like family, it is the weird requests and attitudes that bring the good posts. In fact sometime as soon as you meet a new one, you know you have some superb material in spite of the problems and issues. I don’t have time to make this stuff up…as they say “sh*t happens” and I just turn it into something you all can appreciate or enjoy. Believe me there are some days that I would like to call in a medium or someone to cleanse my sewing room with some burning sage bundles and remove all the negative vibes a client leaves behind. Most days a rum and diet Pepsi at 5 pm will suffice.

  12. Alethia says:

    Great compliments from the host of the blog Pretty Grievances! This pattern pyramid is a great idea! However, I will not be joining at this time. Mrs. Mole you are welcome to share it in the Swap n’ Things on Sew Much Talent, I’m sure there are others that would love this idea!
    Looking at the patterns, I recall the second one at the top, the very easy vogue. My mother and I made that pattern a couple of times when I was a teenager. Aw, the memories!

  13. mrsmole says:

    Thank you, Alethia for the suggestion to share on Sew Much Talent,
    but being anonymous as Mrs Mole I should not use my real identity. If you would do it for me that would be OK. Any of my readers should check out your site and decide to join to enhance their skills and get ideas for projects!

  14. anne kelley says:

    I made the left one middle row – when it was originally issued!!! And wore it to death. They say that once you’ve been there, don’t revisit (meaning you’re too old for it now – hate to admit they’re right);so better not include me, but fab action here.

    • mrsmole says:

      Hi Anne, I did a search for Prue Acton Butterick 5178 and found it is selling on Etsy sites for $14…pretty good for a pattern that originally sold for $1. At least this one has a 38 inch bust so it could fit a 2012 woman. Thanks for dropping by…I have so many 60’s patterns from my youth before things started slipping south but they don’t see the light of day. Love you bead site, you must get cross-over sewers looking there too!

      • anne kelley says:

        Thank you! Yes, seeers and lots of bridal parties – they’re everywhere, lovely things – LOL!
        Just want to thank you for your newly found (by me) blog (thank you, prettynpink – don’t you love her?). I’ve read it all in one day, had lots of laughs and gasps, and, btw, learned so much from you. You are so generous with your sewing
        knowledge. Thank you for it all.

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  16. SewingElle says:

    I do not need more patterns. I do not have enough time to sew the ones I already have. But. That one piece wrap dress is still in the mix, and I am tempted!

  17. mrsmole says:

    Your latest fabric stash is so beautiful! It is a shame we cannot make more time to caress our fabrics and figure out where to use them.Thanks for checking in, if you change your mind just let me know and I will add your name to the list, Elle.

  18. jacquelyn martin says:

    oooo i love this i have soooo many patterns please add my name jacquelyn martin

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