End of the Year Brides

As promised, I wanted to share with you some photos I took last week of 4 dresses waiting for their big day. Please click on the links for more beautiful professional photos with NYAB (not your average bride) skinny 6 foot tall models!

This first gown is from Davids and was altered and bustled by them but the mother felt it needed a second eye to check it out and show her how to manage the 8, yes 8 bustle points. The bustle had 3 points for the lace top layer and 5 points for the satin underskirt but the skirt itself had no netting which I found strange so I offered to attach a short petticoat of gathered netting to the lining to fluff everything up a bit. I also was asked to attach the belt and steam the dress.

The next dress that looks like a wedding cake with layers of thick lace on the edges and built in corset has been hanging around here for a while as the bride needs it to be tighter and tighter every time she comes to try it on. Each time this happens, the corset needs to be narrowed and hook and eye moved over along with the grosgrain ribbon on the bottom edge.She claims she was a model at one time and knows what looks good on her body. The latest request from her was to hand tack the lower edges to the horsehair braid layer which is attached to a tulle layer under each lace layer. So I hand tacked that layer to the one below EVERY 6 INCHES as requested. And do you know what I discovered?

The lower horsehair edged layer was 12 inches bigger in circumference that the lace so that was intentional as it’s job was to curve and undulate underneath to keep the lace from being flat. But it is the bride’s job to make things difficult/almost impossible and she wanted that extra removed and sewn down flat. You and see the safety pins every 6 inches in this photo:

The next little peach-colored honey is for her third wedding and she ordered it over the internet…now we know this will be loaded with problems don’t we? First of all it did not go over her head or slide up from below. While she measured herself and faithfully sent her measurements to the company in China, NOTHING was what she ordered. Later on I will do a full post on what I found inside but for now let’s say it is a nightmare.

Moving on to the Wtoo last dress that arrived last Monday along with the other 2. It is beaded embroidered tulle over a satin skirt and lining and layers of netting. It fits perfectly everywhere except the front hem from side seam to side seam is 3 inches too long. What to do? Well, I got lucky…that whole lower panel is removable and I was able to unpick every single stitch that held the scalloped top edge and move it up the dress 3 inches and hand baste it down ready for a try-on. It will be bustled up with one point and should be beautiful in a vintage sort of way.

In between wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses I have been cranking out 7 pair of custom pants for clients, regular fancy wear clothes for New Year’s Eve balls and yesterday a woman came in with her adult daughter wanting me to finish something she started…oh oh, I hear you say? OK, hands up…who loves working with Minkee…that fluffy fabric we love to stroke but working with it makes you whole room a ball of fluff and lint. Well, this poor woman wanted to make pillowcases for her daughter and when she tried to sew 2 pieces together with no walking foot and no serger…yes, you know…that stuff either slides away or grows in length so you have 2 pieces of different lengths and a real mess on your hands and lint in your lap…wonderful. She also cut the pieces too short so they needed more sewn on to the ends for the flip back fold. Luckily I have a serger…OK I have 3, and I managed to get them done:

Do you know that since Minkee has a wrong and right side, you actually have to stitch the flip over part to the wrong side of the case so it is fluffy when flipped. Then I used my walking foot to turn under 1/2 and topstitch it down. Next I will bring in the vacuum and clean up the flying fur.

Just a reminder, I will be drawing names for the Pyramid Pattern pass-along on Wednesday the 28th for those of you who have not put your names in yet. Please let me add your name before it is too late!

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13 Responses to End of the Year Brides

  1. Shams says:

    It’s exhausting to read about these tasks. Does this sort of work diminish your love for sewing? Your clients are very lucky to have you and I’m sure you don’t charge enough.

    • mrsmole says:

      I look at every piece of work as something I can learn from…which I do…sometimes it is a lesson that teaches me to never work with that person again…ha ha. But no, I love sewing, I do it every day for clients but wish I had time for my own things. Thanks for asking, Shams.

  2. Alethia says:

    You definitely have your work cut out for you! And, I thought I recognized that first gown, just wasn’t sure. As for the red dress, I’ve dealt with that scenario too many times…always trying to get a great dress for a steal and then think the seamstress is gonna work a miracle for pennies~ WRONG! Definitely, time-consuming work for the last dress~ that’s entirely too picky. According to the bride, what difference did it make to have the lace tacked , hmm?
    All are beautiful gowns, and I know you will do them all justice.

  3. mrsmole says:

    Well Alethia, that bride is having a reception with no booze, no music, no dancing and no bustle so the dress had to lie as flat as she wanted. She considers herself a fashion expert having walked down a few runways…ahem….you and I know a BIT more I think seeing as “we is in the same job” of making gals look way better than when they started out and bad internet dress buying just adds to my salary. Wait till you see the photos!

  4. prttynpnk says:

    Minkee pillowcases? I predict night sweats and hours of wrestling them away from various pets!

  5. mrsmole says:

    Yes, Anne, I thought the same thing…Minkee…children’s robes and stuffed animals but not on my face but everyone is different. I’ll bet there is no Minkee in your abode.

  6. theresa says:

    Oh lord, Minky is taking over the world. I thought it bad enough to see microfiber sheets. YUCK! Now I know who would buy them. Actually my pets don’t even like the stuff. The static that builds up in those fibers could run our toaster oven. The Wtoo dress though, what a beauty. Makes me want to buy a wedding dress just to sashay around the house in. Likely I’ll just have to pull a few drapes down and use those for something fancy! 😉

    • mrsmole says:

      LOL Theresa…enough static to run a toaster oven….that’s so funny! I taught an embroidery class using Minkee once and we had enough lint and fluff flying around the room and on the carpet to make a small animal in the end. Yes, that Wtoo dress is so Downton Abbey and if you could feel the weight of the beads and embroidery on the tulle layer and the way it drapes on the body…to die for! Imagine it in black with a feathered headpiece and long cigarette holder…oo la la!

  7. Bunny says:

    Would love to follow your blog but don’t see how. Any help? Maybe it’s just my ignorance and I am missing something. Thanks.

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