Remake and Relax

Remember the blue sequined top my client brought in to be restyled for her Moody Blues cruise? Well, here are a few photos of what went into the new jacket. Let’s start with the gaping original top:2-front We agreed on new bands to go down the front edges so I went to JoAnn’s to buy some polyester peachskin fabric…it is not usually my first choice for garments but is has a dull finish that I wanted instead of shiny satin which shouts “Look at me, I’m cheap and nasty.” 5-front-bands-cut6-front-bands-interfaced-st The bands are the full length of the front edge and will fan out at the bottom instead of just being the same width all the way down as that would only accomplish bridging the gap at the neck. These two are interfaced with fusible tricot and hand basted on for the client’s approval.basted-bandsfront-bands Getting there and the final:

finished-bands I offered to write out in sequins vertically “MOODY BLUES” on each band but she said she could not afford any more labor. So at least her bosom will be covered and she should be a hit with this jacket for 5 days as she swans/swims around Jamaica with her favorite band. 

The other blue project was for Clarence the much loved cat who lives in LA with my daughter. You may remember the steps I used to make a pattern and get it basted but the final goodies were going to be the buttons and edge stitching. I dug through my button box looking for something whimsical/feline approved and found these buttons that I had bought back in 1980 when my daughter was born. You know you might have something like this in your button box. Flip that sucker over and check to see what the price was back then…I was surprised to see I had paid $3.60 for 3 hand made porcelain buttons from New Mexico.buttons All I needed was 3 buttons and these were perfect. After I attached them I sniffed around the internet to see if there were more and sure enough there were some for sale…for $35…Holy Cat Fur! But instead of feeling like I was coughing up a hairball, I decided that those little buttons had waited 32 years to be sewn to something precious for such a precious cat. The vest was finished along the edges with a blanket stitch with jeans thread and mailed off.


This week Clarence got her new vest and did her best posing/relaxing in the California sunshine and she is happy her tummy is covered and cozy.


To finish this post I wanted to leave you with this true story of a selfless Basque runner…some days we all need to know there are still good people who are willing to do the right thing…it makes my heart sing:

Have a super weekend everyone!

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10 Responses to Remake and Relax

  1. Clarence is looking very smart!! Lovely vest! Hope you are all recovered.
    Best wishes

  2. Andrea says:

    Ok, you just melted my heart! What a well-loved cat, looking precious in a new vest with very.special.buttons. I think the client should have gone with your offer!

  3. Gjeometry says:

    Wow, beautiful vest and Clarence is so precious! I think you made the right choice in using your buttons on her.

    • mrsmole says:

      Thank you Andrea, Sarah and Catja for your kind words about Clarence. My daughter says the fruit buttons will remind them to eat their fruit every day.

  4. Bunny says:

    Darling vest. I can’t believe someone had you add on to that blue glittery number. You made her happy and that’s all that matters.

    • Mrsmole says:

      You never know what is the client’s vision or how close you can come to it. At least the jacket will cover her front but imagine the sequined letters…oo la la.

  5. theresa says:

    Clarence looks quite dapper in the new vest and it must be a comfort knowing if he ever becomes a bit portly, you’ll be able to make that lovely vest fit again! 😉

  6. gwensews says:

    Clarence is a fashion statement for sure!

  7. prttynpnk says:

    I rather like my clothing to say, ‘Look at me, I’m cheap and nasty’…..maybe thats just me….it certainly isn’t Clarence- he looks quite spiff!

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