Step Up and Zip Up

As most of you will know with reading my blog, I have been recovering from knee surgery and in an effort to be a good girl in the future I asked my neighbor Tim the woodworking wizard to make me a platform. Last night he brought it over for my approval and it turned out just perfect.

He made sure it was light enough to lift and roll away when not in use but also sturdy enough to hold up a bride:bare-wood My sewing sister Joyce gave me the idea for a small step stool as well to boost the brides up onto the 11 inch elevation so the small stool can also double as a box for me to sit on while pinning hems. This morning I could not wait to cover them with the red upholstery fabric I bought a while back. I thought the brides would like to have their own red carpet to display their gowns so here it is:covered This week I have 3 new brides coming so they will be the first to try it out. Eventually I will stain the bases darker to match other furniture in my sewing room. The other cool addition to me sewing room was buying an adjustable side table for my commercial machine and coverstitch machine when they are called into use. It adjusts to 22-28 inches so it can slide underneath my existing extension table. Costco had 2 colors so I bought the ivory one again to match what I already had. My husband says now all I need is a room twice the size…don’t think I haven’t thought about that…ha ha.

During the month of February, Bunny of LaSewist, has been covering the new insertion technique she has been perfecting from making a Koos bag. After reading her blogs about the different ways of tackling this technique I ended up with a skirt to alter that had this unique zipper treatment. Thankfully, I did not have to alter the zipper but I have included some photos for you of other ways to reduce the waist with a very unusual waistband made of grosgrain ribbon. Let’s start: 1-new-dart-place I can make 2 small darts and have them mirror the existing dart line so it does not look like Grandma had her way with this skirt.3-ribbons4-satin-ribbon2-facing-and-zipper-guard You can see this designer went “whole hog” with the ribbon and even managed to include/cram a double sided grosgrain fly guard into the mix. The zipper is center back and bulky enough but they added a 5 inch long ribbon pull as well. Check out Bunny’s blog for a detailed way of enhancing zippers but maybe stay away from using thick grosgrain ribbon unless you use it just for the fact that it has clean edges and does not need to be turned under and top stitched.

All the crocus flowers are up and tiny buds are forming on the new apricot trees in the garden. Mr Mole feels Spring in his whiskers and is back to his real love of building concrete brick retaining walls to replace the old shabby river rock ones left from the previous owner. During the winter critters of all sizes come along and pull the huge rocks out of the walls looking for tasty grubs and worms so this will really piss off the raccoons…take that Rocky!

Anna of Pretty Grievances is settling down to a week of enjoying Girl Scout cookies and Theresa of Camprunamuck marks her birthday with a lovely wool coat in progress while it seems the rest of you are battling with baggy butt pants…remember MrsMole’s 3 little words, “Drop your crotch”… it solves many problems especially if it is 5 pm and a rum and diet Pepsi are included.

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26 Responses to Step Up and Zip Up

  1. gwensews says:

    Lovely stand for all who enter your workroom. It’s a very good idea. I remember standing on chairs and tables while my grandmother pinned my hems — long time ago. Hope you continue to be a new, improved Mole.

    • mrsmole says:

      Oh Gwen, I remember standing on chairs as well as my mother hemmed my school uniform in Aug…always wool plaid for Catholic school…nice and hot and itchy.

  2. BeaJay says:

    What a great idea to have the pedestal for the brides. Great to hear you are recovering from the surgery.

    • mrsmole says:

      Brides have such huge dresses and of course they are always 3-6 inches too long so this will at least get the hem at eye is long overdue!

  3. The pedestal and step will make your brides feel very special. I rarely post LOL – but your “drop your crotch” comment did make me literally LOL – although in my case it tends to be a Jack Daniels and Coke 🙂

  4. theresa says:

    So you inviting that nice neighbor over for some rum and cokes too? Great looking stands and nice to have that small step/bench. Smart. What an interesting treatment with that ribbon bedecked waistband and nice job with it all. And thanks for the mention. The coat continues well in process.
    Beer here! 😉

    • mrsmole says:

      Tim is a beer man and he is happy to be a celebrity on my blog post. I feel very lucky as he has a real full time job with an international company that keeps him traveling so when he was home last weekend he made the platform. Love your coat!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Oooh, that platform is so cool. I don’t do alterations, but I would love to have one anyway to, you know, lord it over all the family. haha!

  6. Bunny says:

    Your platform is just great. This brings back memories of near fainting many times while I stood on the kitchen table or a crooked seated chair while my Mom or sis pinned the hem. Sure could have used that platform!

    Thanks for the props. Your waistband treatment is awesome and so “finished”. Take care of that knee, Mrs. Mole!

  7. prttynpnk says:

    Please tell me that you lock up for the night, hit the secret spotlight and sing ABBA on your pedestals….. of course you do….

  8. mrsmole says:

    If I could sing at all, it would be a Tina Turner number. Today my first bride stepped on her red carpet platform under the 3 spotlights and declared “I feel like a star”…and I was so happy for her as she works at a local hotel cleaning rooms after families have left. What does this job pay? Just $4 per room. Being able to help a hard working bride get her dress hemmed up is a real joy and change from the little princesses who parade through my sewing room.

    • Cindy says:

      Customers like that touch your heart, they make me want to bend over backward to make sure their dress is perfect for them. The little princesses do get a little old.

      • mrsmole says:

        Last year I worked on 53 bridal outfits and you know the last couple really tested my enthusiasm after being on overload and trying to please everyone. Going away to the desert was for me like entering a calm and quiet flotation tank for a little sensory deprivation recovery time. What most people don’t know is that I am an extreme introvert and need down time after interacting with hyped up clients. Cindy, I do believe that working for very deserving clients is our little reward for putting up with the rest…it is like counting your blessings!

    • Monique says:

      Lovely! What a bit of red carpet, height and light can do. 🙂 Watch it with that knee, though, doing your TT act.

    • prttynpnk says:

      That could change a bad day- I love it.

  9. mrsmole says:

    Oh Monique, I’m going to hold off on belting out “Rolling on the River” for a while, I’m still not walking up or down stairs…ha ha

    • Monique says:

      Well, good. You’ve got some rockin’ ‘n rollin’ to look forward to, then. 🙂 But I totally agree about the rewards of your and my work – so energizing and heartwarming – and definitely about the downtime to recharge the soul batteries.
      Take care, most especially when you feel impatient.

  10. I looked at that platform and mentally saw my daughter on there making like Elpheba from Wicked. Good to know that I am not alone! I hope it helps lots with your work – anything to take the load off is a good thing.
    Hope your knee is improving now.

  11. ivalyn actie says:

    I’m curious did you say your platform was 42″ in diameter? I really need to get one made for myself!!!!

  12. Renita says:

    To change the subject–that is not Grosgrain ribbon in the waist and zipper. It is petersham ribbon, which has NO woven edge like grosgrain does, thus allowing the petersham to be steamed in a curve for a waistband. You cannot steam grosgrain into a curve no matter how much you try. It is not uncommon to confuse them. Renita

  13. Susan Karandy of Alterations by Susan says:

    Hi. Love the higher pedestal. Would tim be willing to sell the specs for how he made both pieces? My husband could make them if we knew dimensions and type of wood he used. Thanks.

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