Richness of Winter

The weather changed this week as a huge storm rolled in on Friday and dumped enough snow to snarl our traffic and cause accidents in our little valley. While I spent 3 hours in stopped traffic lines crawling past stalled cars, buses and trucks and police cars and snow plows all just to get home 7 miles away…our backyard was turned into a playground for the birds:snowy-backyard-2 We keep all our feeders stocked all winter and even mange to keep 2 hummingbirds alive that opt out of the annual migration to sunny Mexico:4-hummer-ready 5-hummer-watchingInside the house I am watching 2 bulbs that were given to me by a client who grows flowers as her business. They started out like this: 2-bulbs and after one month have had to be transplanted to larger glasses bulbs-2 Not quite sure how tall these paper-whites will be but they should be fragrant when the flowers emerge. When I lived in England all the shops had bulbs of all sorts planted up and ready to buy just before Christmas.

Two garments got completed this week…one dazzling dress that was created by Rene Ruiz gold-dressclose-up-front It was 3 layers of tulle over a gold underskirt and all the embroidery was sprinkled with Swarovski crystal. All it needed was hemming and trimming of the tulle. Inside it had its own boned corset…beautiful!

The other garment was a man’s Riverboat Gambler coat (Simplicity 2895) in wool with a silk lining. I helped finish this coat for a friend who got bogged down with other Christmas present sewing. Mr. Mole was kind enough to try it on and model it for me. Please excuse the wrinkles, it needed some final pressing and the back flap never did want to sit flat. I think it could have been eliminated and just left as a center back opening, but I followed the pattern.

The other weird thing was the shoulder seams, they angled back about 2 inches so instead of a straight line from the neck, the seam wandered toward the back…maybe this was the way things were made back then but fitting a shoulder pad was very awkward and resulted in wrinkles…I hate that!!!P1160891P1160892

Wishing you all toasty days and nights snuggled up with your loved ones!

How about a sneak peek at the next project???1-skirt2-coat4-top5-neckband What do all these things have in common??? Yes, they are all going to be combined into one wedding dress…stay tuned for the progress!

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19 Responses to Richness of Winter

  1. Your yard looks beautiful! I’m sure the birds find it a real sanctuary. Great projects…and your next one looks so intriguing! Can’t wait to see the finished product πŸ™‚

    • mrsmole says:

      As long as we keep the feeders filled the birds show up and squabble. That new dress is just unbelievable but it is on a mannequin now, basted and pinned and it is growing on me…well not literally…ha ha.

  2. Barbara Quinn says:

    The angled shoulder seam is definitely true to the Victorian era. Sloping shoulders were actually fashionable, so the backward angled seam emphasized this. Women’s clothing was the same.

    • mrsmole says:

      Thank you, Barbara, I knew someone would know! I remember seeing women’s dresses with those weird seams and thought it made them look more subservient/submissive and/or demure with sloping shoulders.

  3. theresa says:

    That gold dress is amazing! As to the coat, sometimes styles change, for the better! Let’s hope angled shoulder seams don’t make a re-appearance any time soon! πŸ˜‰

  4. Tia Dia says:

    The winter wonderland is absolutely breathtaking.

  5. Barbara got in first but I copied an old tailcoat for a lady and that had those backward sloping shoulder seams. They seem a bit odd now but looked lovely in context.
    Your yard/garden looks lovely. We rarely get that amount of snow here in Worcestershire – but any small amount always causes unbelievable chaos in the UK. *Sigh*

  6. mrsmole says:

    The same when I lived in Merseyside….always hoping the gritter trucks were out in force making the roads safer! Things are not so easy on you according to the UK Daily Mail that I get every day electronically…those photos of flooding are just plain scary!

  7. TrishB says:

    Your garden looks like fairyland! We are just starting to feel the heat in Sydney, so it’s amazing to think about snow at this time of year.
    That gold dress is beautiful. We both see so few really lovely dresses, it makes a nice change from the cheap polyester. I’ve just spent hours shortening, making sleeves and a ruched back panel for a dress for a grandmother of the groom, and she turned out to be a nightmare (though the job turned out well). I’m always surprised when people are unnecessarily unpleasant. You’d think I’d be used to it by now! At least the vast majority of my (our?) clients are delightful to deal with.

  8. mrsmole says:

    Thankfully Trish, the good ones make up for the few nasty babes who give us little time or compliments for our work. But working on a $40 dress compared to a $4000 dress can be a challenge…and the stress of not wanting to make a mistake is enormous!

  9. Ruth says:

    You’ve piqued my curiosity about the new dress…. it looks like a challenge – there’s never a dull day in your sewing room and what a lovely view to look onto too.

  10. mrsmole says:

    Hey Ruth, just keeping up with your sewing projects is a challenge! Today I got a call from a woman wanting someone to make doggie diapers (nappies)…and another wanting a Disney costume for next Halloween! Thankfully I have a sewing friend who can do these things while I attend to brides. Stay warm!

  11. symondezyn says:

    Oh you lucky girl!! I love snow so much! We got a little sprinkling of it but it never sticks here… it is just too mild, and ends up raining/melting away a day or two later *sniff*

    That Rene Ruiz gown is GORGEOUS!!!! What girl wouldn’t want to be covered in Swarovski crystals? I’m not generally a frufru kind of gal, but that would be a very fine exception – anyone would feel like a princess in a dress like that ^__^

  12. mrsmole says:

    Our roads are sheets of ice, the schools have been closed for 3 days and the birds are eating non-stop….that’s the reality of a beautiful scene…ha ha. That dress, and it’s price tag of $4000 hardly weighed a thing…all that fabric and it was as light as a feather! You would want to wear it all the time! Thanks for dropping by, Amanda!

    • symondezyn says:

      Oh such a beautiful excuse to stay in and do some reading (or hand sewing!) by the fire… I know it’s totally inconvenient LOL but I’m a little kid when it comes to snow – I admit it! ^__^

      The $4000 price tag would be my only deterrent; I spose if i wore it as a weekly work outfit rotation I’d get my money’s worth (and it’s a tempting idea) but I think I’d rather figure out how to make it myself πŸ˜‰

  13. prttynpnk says:

    ooh- I have got to see that wedding dress combination! Other than the bibby business, I am most intrigued!

  14. mrsmole says:

    It is coming along, all underlined by hand before the real lining is purchased. So much planning and fiddling with fabrics that were not meant to play together and shapes that do not meld together. Two more 2014 brides have dropped off dresses so I had better not start moaning…ha ha

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