Pole, Patches and Prospectives

Week after week I ramble on about fittings and brides and all sorts of nonsense from my sewing studio but Mr. Mole has reminded me that something he has done for me went unmentioned. So today he has his time in the spotlight.

Last year, I finally bought a real professional steamer and while it works fine it made me realize that I cannot steam dresses while they are hanging flat against a wall if I want maximum fluff. I needed something like a pole in the middle of the room to hang them and steam in a circle. Thankfully, Mr. Mole is quite inventive and said he could hang a pole kitty-cornered (diagonal) across the far end of my room where the dresses hang on huge hooks which he also installed for me above the door jambs. To solve the problem of how to mount a pole across a 90 degree corner, he said he would find something at the local hardware store. He arrived home with flag brackets…they really fit the bill as the walls, like most, are not really 90 degrees. Here are the brackets:pole-holder and the pole in position: pole Now all dresses can be steamed in the round and swiveled and allowed to dry…what a honey of a hubby I have! Take a bow!!!

Last week a client brought me 14 garments that she bought when she had lost weight last year and now that she has gained some of it back, all the clothes need letting out/adding to just to be wearable. Most still had the tags on them. One particular denim dress was a challenge. It required 3 inches of extra ease all around to get the center front zipper to close. I was able to steal a horizontal strip from the hem and work it vertically into the side seams like a huge long wedge and top stitch the whole thing to blend in with the other seams.side-patch-and-top-stitchin The only other problem was letting out the lining which was easy and wide enough but the armhole facing was too narrow: inside-gap

I hand sewed a patch of lining into the gap and understitched everything down so nothing shows from the right side and her friends will never know she grew out of the dress before it’s debut this Spring.

Before I leave you, have you ever thought about how lines affect your mood or balance? I watched a show called Yogi Cameron where they were helping a woman redecorate her front room with cheerful uplifting colors and they brought in someone who was a line specialist…it seems that the brain likes either vertical or horizontal lines and finds one more pleasing that the other…who knew? So to make this a reality in my 24 hour occupied sewing room I draped a small baby quilt over my TV in both directions to see which one suited me best.


You may laugh but try it and see if one makes you calmer…and then when you have to select new blinds for your windows you can pick the correct directional aspect.

Which one made me calm and happy and relaxed? The horizontal one let my brain coast along slowly and took my mind to lovely landscapes at the seashore…Lordie, I could almost hear the waves!

The vertical one was jarring and dominate saying “Get up…follow me”… luckily for me I already have horizontal blinds in my sewing room.

Can it almost be March already? Wishing you all happy almost-Spring sewing and fun Mardi Gras /Fat Tuesday next week!

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27 Responses to Pole, Patches and Prospectives

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Can a lady tastefully acknowledge pole envy in a public forum? I simper and blush behind my fan- because I will also admit that horizontal is most appealing to me!!!!

  2. mrsmole says:

    Pole envy, Anne?…fluttering her fan AND eyelashes….it was a tough decision for a title…couldn’t just call it Mr Mole’s Pole could I? I would guess Horizontal for you too with long low dogs on the run!

  3. symondezyn says:

    What a marvelous hubby you have!! 🙂 You know a man is a keeper when not only does he accept that your sewing takes over the house, he actually indulges you in it! Of course, in your case it’s also your career so you’re more particularly entitled to it, but still… a good man indeed!! 🙂

    The horizontal one for sure (what does that say about me – har har), and I hope your client now understands the value of having separate wardrobes for fluctuating weights…. or at least more knitwear!! ^___^

  4. mrsmole says:

    Yes, Amanda, you’ve got that right…2 sets of clothes…fluffy and non-fluffy and plenty of knits to bridge the gap! I have found a man with a good set of tools and a willingness to cook a few meals is a Godsend…sometimes it takes a few tries before you find Mr Right!

    • symondezyn says:

      So true! Mine enables fabric shopping and doesn’t bat an eyelash when I spend the night sewing instead of watching a movie with him, so even though he doesn’t cook, and doesn’t own any tools, I’m keeping him for now LOL

      Definitely got that right… I can fluctuate 5 lbs in one day so you better believe my wardrobe is FULL of knits! LOL

  5. LindaC says:

    You definitely have a gem in Mr Mole. I am lucky to have a gem as well. 🙂

    I think the vertical vs horizontal perspective thing is fascinating. I immediately thought the horizontal one was hung wrong. I guess I like vertical and oddly I have all vertical blinds throughout my house.

  6. BeaJay says:

    Lucky you having a talented hubby. It’s funny – I am immediately drawn to the vertical and find the horizontal jarring. Maybe it is that I am an Antipodean. Very interesting. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  7. Laurie says:

    Nice! What a wonderful hubby you must have! I am right there with you on the lines. Vertical lines stress me out! I never thought about that before but it’s true! Thanks for sharing that little tidbit of knowledge!

  8. Andrea says:

    Hmmm. Perhaps the title should be, “Mr. Mole Mounts a Pole.” Or not! But lucky you to have a handy husband! I will remember this handy trick of his – I’m sure I can use it somewhere.

    • mrsmole says:

      Yes, Andrea, there is no reason why this trick would not work over any corner over the door jamb! Doesn’t have to be bridal gowns…could be wet dog towels, bathing suits…gets you brain to spinning!

  9. Meigan says:

    That is very interesting about the lines…I like the horizontal ones too! You are lucky Mr. Mole is so handy. I am the handy one in my house. I’m not sure my husband even knows where the screwdrivers are!!

  10. theresa says:

    Oh huzzah, huzzah for Mr. Mole, who handily installed such a lovely pole! Can we do limericks about you think? Hm, wow, all those clothes bought and some not even worn. Ouch. I find the vertical more relaxing myself…..

  11. Bunny says:

    Seems I’m a vertical type of gal. Would that have something to do with my being so short?

    Your hubby is definitely a gem. I’ve got one of those, too, a diamond in the rough. Such a blessing!

  12. mrsmole says:

    Maybe like Theresa, you live near mountains with tall trees, Bunny? Maybe could it be because of where you work…is it a library with rows of horizontal shelves…overload? Handy husbands are a treasure!

  13. Monique says:

    Great solution – my husband is always making contraptions for his photography hobby out of the most unlikely stuff (=what others would call junk). His deodorant cap solution to whatever problem (I can’t remember) always gets a laugh, anyway.
    The horizontal looks like a smile, but I think vertical stripes are more suited to blinds.
    If you don’t lose or gain weight due to illness, wouldn’t it be cheaper and easier to lose weight to fit those garments…?
    Have a great day!

  14. mrsmole says:

    Hi Monique, each dress cost over $500 so spending another $40-50 per dress to open up seams and add patches is what my client wanted. She will probably lose the weight this summer and ask me to take them in next year…can’t complain about the future business…ha ha Deodorant caps? I’d love to see what they have morphed into!!!!

  15. Pella says:

    What a wonderfully handy gadget Mr Mole ran up! I have taken notes. I’m going to test the horizontal/vertical question too. Maybe its the horizonatal blinds that keep you calm and collected through all these complex alteration challenges you take on.

  16. mrsmole says:

    Yes, Pella you must be right! Mr. Mole has a theory..vertical lines act as jail cell bars and horizontal bars act as window frames to slide open up and down. I’m sure you can use a kitty-corner pole somewhere in your sewing room too!

  17. June says:

    What a great and simple solution to your swiveling dress problem!
    You’re so creative in how you find strips to patch in extensions.
    The vertical lines spoke more to me than horizontal, that’s so funny! I never thought of it before. My house has all horizontal blinds.

  18. mrsmole says:

    You must be a get-up-and-go person, June or after reading through lines of text at work, your brain wants to break free? Some days you get lucky and find extra fabric…some days no.

  19. Cheryl says:

    I must tell you about this 🙂 MY hanging solution in my sewing room 🙂 I installed plant hooks in the ceiling 🙂 Various SPOTS where I NEEDED them 🙂 I bought 2 foot lengths of CHAIN (white) at the home improvement store and hung them from the hooks 🙂 I have high ceilings 🙂 They are HANDY DANDY items 🙂 I hang dresses from them for hemming and pressing and just LOOKING when I need to figure something out 🙂 I hang them from the chains in order of DO IT NOW 😦 Handy for tulle trimming of hems 🙂 I actually have SIX hooks and chains… A REAL eye opener for my new boyfriend six years ago 😉 😉 HA HA HA 🙂 I am lucky. I live alone. I have a dressing ROOM. I have a sewing ROOM. I have a customer bathroom. I have my MAIN living area for fittings 🙂 Personally- I have my bedroom..to SLEEP and the computer is there too 🙂 AND a TV to watch movies a few times a year 🙂 I don’t have television signal, don’t want it 🙂 And I have my bathroom 🙂 Kitchen is in the main OPEN area so it’s ALWAYS tidy for customers 🙂 I am actually VERY happy about my arrangement 🙂 WORKS for me, wouldn’t work for MOST professional seamstresses 🙂

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