Brides Gone Bad

Maybe it was the fact that they were both second time brides, maybe it was because they were both in their mid-forties, but both were infatuated….head-over-heels in love….with idea of being a bride/themselves. Both brought their best/long suffering faithful friends with them to be the audience/sounding board/cheering section.

The first bride went all out for a David’s Bridal wedding dress with diagonal seaming and long train that would finally have a French under bustle and an added halter to hold up her bodice. All went well with the alterations, hemming lace and adding 16 satin covered buttons down the back because “I could not even imagine getting married without buttons down my back”.

P1170632 2P1170633 The day of the scheduled pick-up and payment I got a phone call saying that she would like to delay the pick-up until the following day as she was going to have a preview hair-do and she wanted to invite all her girlfriends to my house for a hair-do preview party and jewelry try-on and viewing event. After I silently gasped, I managed to tell her that the following day was not available and we would have to stick to the original day.  That’s when things went awry/down the toilet.

The agreed upon time was 12 noon for she and her friend to come for the final try-on and payment…alone. At 1 pm, I got a call from her saying she and her friend were getting their mink eyelashes attached and the girl was running late so could they be a tiny bit late…OK. Then 30 minutes later the friend called to say that the bride was just starting  to get her new eyelashes on and they would be a tiny bit late…OK. At 10 minutes to 2 pm…in they wander with the mink eyelashes flapping away and extended all the way up to their eyebrows…Holy Kim Kardashian! The going rate for mink eyelashes is $200 for the first application and $75 for refills…more than the alterations cost! But they both were so happy flapping and flitting around the room, they floated out the front door and I had a check in hand.

The second bride and her friend came with a slinky bias-cut silk dress in a plastic garment bag and announced as she opened it, “This dress has been in this bag since 2006”. OK, I didn’t ask if it was for the same groom or a different groom because it seemed irrelevant… it was all about her from then on. The dress had to “puddle” just right to cover her feet and yes, there had to be a bustle so she could dance all night long.

back frontThe only thing that held the dress on her body were 2 thin spaghetti straps and some tiny loops. The back neckline dropped well below her waist as you can see in the photo. I did not photograph the dress on her as no one has to see a butt crack. Puddling completed with 1/2 inch horsehair braid hem, the challenge would be to figure out how to make a bustle when there was no center back seam or any darn seam on the back of the dress or lining. I decided on making a long ribbon of  stay tape which would be attached to the lower back and hang down inside without adding bulk.stay-tape

A clear button would be sewn to the tail.stay-tape-2 A thread loop reinforced with a square of silk organza for strength sewn through all layers would be made and then attached to the button:measure-tapebustle-looploop-attached Once attached, the bustle hangs down just right with puddling in front and a dance length in back…go figure?final-bustle But the best part was not the dress, oh no, it was the story of the wedding, the location and the shoes. The bride planned her wedding on a yacht in Marina Del Rey  in Southern California and the guests and she would be staying at the Beverly Wiltshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Her shoes told the rest of the story…to compliment the 8 year old dress she had ordered online 6 pairs of Alice + Olivia shoes first but they were not right, then she ordered 6 pairs of Prada shoes and they were not right. Finally, she settled on a pair of Manolo Blahniks. The fact that the front of the dress was going to cover everything did make me wonder. So after this little tale of extravagance as I am pinning up the hems, her friend asks, “well would you like to know what I am wearing to your wedding?” (Assuming she is the matron-of-honor) the brides turns and looks down from her platform/pedestal to her and says, “YOU?” and without batting an eye the friend says, “Yes, I’m wearing a navy dress.” I was chuckling inside and thought, “You go, Girl!” So this little bride from our rural little town is heading to the bright lights and splendor of LA for a real doozy of a blow-out wedding and her only worry was , “I hope every one of the guests will think it was worth the expense and travel time”. Who knows?

Before I go I want to share a lovely dress made by Tee on her blog: Dressed2atee. The time and love that went into making the dress for her friend turned out so beautifully inside and out with a special sheer cape for the church service…just divine!

Happy Labor Day to my US readers…soon the kiddies will be back in school and maybe some of the moms can get get back to some serious sewing!

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26 Responses to Brides Gone Bad

  1. sewbussted says:

    Mink eyelashes, destination weddings, Prada shoes????? You need to charge more!!!

  2. prttynpnk says:

    God help us! They have swallowed the Kardashian koolade by the bucket! Who lives this way? Travelling in entourages, acting like you are the star of your own pageant. Yikes. Amazing she has a friend to show up in navy at all!

  3. Valerie says:

    Exactly how many feet did the first bride have?

  4. thewallinna says:

    I don’t know where you get all your patience. I would hit a bride like the ones you are talking about and cut her dress into the smallest pieces!

    • mrsmole says:

      I am being paid to be patient and just sew…the bonus is this material for blog posts…my business grows through word of mouth so anything I say can be used against me or for me…it’s better to sew and write about it later…the good Lord granted me patience…it comes in handy, believe me, with clients and relatives! Thank you for dropping by, Wallinna.

  5. Theresa says:

    It does beg the question, are you getting paid ENOUGH to be patient and just sew? I think not!

  6. I can’t believe she wanted to basically throw a party at your house…who does that?!

    I feel bad for the poor wedding guests who have to look at that one bride’s butt crack throughout the ceremony and then keep their laughter to themselves.

  7. mrsmole says:

    Great view for the photographer don’t you think? The hair-do gal had no idea that she would be spending time in my sewing room and not being charged…they all forget this is a business as they all take turns trying on jewelry and veils and taking photos of each other with their phones…maybe they would skedaddle if I set the timer and told them the room can be rented by the hour…normal bridal hour fees…ha ha

  8. I love these entertaining tales…who knew sewing would open so many portals into so many lives, and…ridiculous situations?

    • mrsmole says:

      The good thing is, they only come once to get married so it is not like being a hairdresser or nail tech and having to hear a long running story about their lives. I don’t know how they put up with that stuff month after month, Julie.

  9. Every post you make reminds me why I avoid bridal work. No amount of money compensates for the c**p you take. I feel guilty saying please don’t stop – I love your posts!

    • mrsmole says:

      Well thank you, Miss Kim, I’m thinking it is about time for you to show us a new creation on your blog, no? In addition to the brides I will have a new feature called SEW BAD Saturday where you all can submit photos and tell a little story about a wadder.

  10. girl in the stix says:

    I’m really impressed by your solution to bustling the second dress! And by your restraint–I agree with the previous poster who suggested you charge by the hour for using your studio for a girls’ party. What if you had other customers scheduled? Hope you have a great day!

    • mrsmole says:

      Great idea, girl in the stix, I could book out an hour or two and serve drinks as well and snacks…who needs to sew if they are paying me to be a waitress…maybe I could add that to my business card…”Private Preview Hair-do Parties”…Lordie! Brides never think that there are customers ahead or after them…they arrive with their posse’ and take over.

  11. jay says:

    Ever tempted to sew a pouch of itching powder inside one of these gowns?

    • mrsmole says:

      OH NO! But I have seen videos in couture houses where they spit on the dresses to make sure they never come back to the workroom…surely these dresses have enough of my saliva from hand sewing and knot making and bead securing either to put a curse on them or a blessing…who knows!

  12. Monique says:

    Even without pictures, your words make them. Never a dull day for you! 🙂 And I laughed out loud at Valerie’s question about how many feet the bride had. Love those cheery moments.

  13. mrsmole says:

    Me too, Monique…I pictured the bride like a caterpillar…or centipede. I guess I was supposed to be impressed when she recited all her shoe buys but knowing the dress was going to puddle over her feet anyway…it just didn’t make much sense spending good money on designer shoes and since the event would be on a yacht, I’m betting that the guests would all have to remove their shoes anyway. It makes my brain hurt just thinking about the drama they bring to my sewing room…ha ha

    • Monique says:

      Sometimes you stay a bit more sane by not digging too deep… 🙂 I often wonder about the seeming lack of imagination that leads to the mismatching of dress/shoes/venue. I’m sure the shoes are all beautiful, but those and the dress seem downright dangerous on a boat.

  14. lin says:

    Mrs mole , I found your blog on a PR link, have spent all last week reading from start to now, many thanks for all the facts, I do the same in the UK as you but not as many wedding dresses.

    • mrsmole says:

      Welcome, Lin…I don’t know whether to be happy for you or just want to sympathize…ha ha…when I lived in the North of England, I was surprised to discover that so many bridesmaids and flower girls all wore white/ivory as well as the bride while in the US the bridesmaids etc go for bold colors. Please feel free to comment and add your own tips and tricks along the way!

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