Blog Hop found me

You know it is just the latest thing to circulate …the Blog Hop where you answer 4 questions and then pass it along to 2 different bloggers.

So, Accordion3 of Bobbins Bikes and Blades added my name to the list…thank you so much!  Let’s do this the officially shall we? Now the 4 questions:

Why do you write?

My writing is to express my frustration with clients (my bitching and moaning) and to share techniques and possible solutions (I make up in my head) that may come in handy for other sewers. Some of you may know my real identity but I like to stay anonymous as well as my clients just in case things get a bit over the top (nasty and catty). Writing allows me to connect with others who may be struggling with a project or just need a look at the stuff that wanders into my sewing studio and say, “Thank God, I don’t have her clients!” I also write to inspire and give folks confidence to cut up paper patterns and muslins and get the feel for good fit. After sewing for people for over 40 years you get a lot of bodies to mess with and alter their clothes to make them look the best they can. I can always remember a woman who came to me back in the early 80’s with some Ultrasuede for a coat commanding me to just “make me look 20 pounds thinner and taller”. My response back then was honest, “If I could do that, I’d do it for myself, but I can’t.” But we can come pretty close to making and wearing the best fitting garments if we have the time to measure us and the pattern, alter the paper, make a muslin and then cut out the real fabric.

What are you working on?

Like most days it is a wedding gown or custom project that keeps me busy. Once the brides found me 10 years ago, there has been little time for anything else. I learn something from every dress even if it is the fact that I never want to see a particular style ever again! But controlling the styles is like controlling the volume…both seem out of my reach. This season I have worked on 46 wedding gowns, 37 bridesmaids gowns and assorted formal wear garments so my butt has done a lot of floor-sitting and hem pinning. As I tell other sewers, who sew as a hobby…don’t ever think I wouldn’t trade places with you so I could sew for fun and produce all the clothes I have stored in my head…one day…one day.JoAnn-at-work-090325

How does your blog differ from others of the same genre?

The most obvious difference is most of the photos are of ivory gowns and ballerina prom dresses. Lots of bloggers make beautiful detailed specific tutorials, some bloggers sell stuff and have links to sites that earn them money. Lots of bloggers test patterns and get free fabrics and some travel to exotic places. Some bloggers create their own line of patterns or promote their favorite lines. I don’t do any of that, in fact I like to make muslins from all pattern lines to find the design flaws and use them to make a point…a point…what point? Being a pattern detective is fun! If you think you can make a garment after just pulling that wad of folded paper out of an envelope…you are living in a fantasy world. People tell me that reading my blog is like just listening to me in person…yes…I write like you are the only one listening…and some days you just might be as I write in the middle of the night when I am sewing.

What is your writing process?

This is so easy… as soon as the new client comes through my front door she is a potential blog post…she doesn’t know it, I don’t know it until she opens her mouth and her garment bag…then the wheels start spinning. My camera is always handy for pre and post photos all the while telling the client that I will surely email her these photos for her to share with her family before the wedding to confirm certain things like bustle shape and position etc. She receives her photos but then she may be added to my blog list for the future. Then sometime during the night, when the mood strikes me and a title forms in my head, I just stop what I am doing, normally basting something like a satin hem or lace and start typing while hoping those good sewing fairies will keep basting until I’m done writing/griping.


So now I will pass the baton/4 questions to two other cool bloggers. First is Bunny from LaSewist who makes the most precise and insightful tutorials while she creates drop dead gorgeous clothes for herself and family. Second the multi-talented, try-anything musical TiaDia from Mezzocouture. She shares her successes and disasters with us to inspire.

Click on the links and have a real good snoop around their blogs…surely you will learn how these two clever women emerge victorious from their projects…well, almost all the time!





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16 Responses to Blog Hop found me

  1. sewruth says:

    I love your posts – the bitchy and funny; the instructional and insightful and the downright weird!

  2. mrsmole says:

    Ahhh Aren’t you sweet Ruth….thank you…one has to find the silver lining in the day to day projects or go insane! You inspire me with your garments and techniques and keep me in my toes!

  3. fabrickated says:

    Fabulous. Funny. Fascinating. Xxxxx

  4. Becky McKee says:

    Your blog is one of my favorite reads!

  5. Barbara says:

    I love reading about your adventures, I’ve learnt a lot and had lots of laughs.

  6. mrsmole says:

    So glad you have come along for the ride, Barbara!

  7. I loved reading your four answers. You know I thoroughly enjoy reading your hilarious blogs. I know all too well a lot of your experiences! But,hey, as you have learned most of those experiences make great fodder…KEEP IT COMING!!

    • mrsmole says:

      Sharing bridal client stories is just plain helpful and healing for both of us…you keep them happy on one side of the country and I do on my side…heaven help us, Alethia!

  8. Sue says:

    Love your blog and reading about the crazy clients.

  9. accordion3 says:

    Love your responses!

  10. Kbenco says:

    I work next door to an alterations business, and the walls are very thin. I often think of your posts as I inadvertently listen to certain conversations. I could never do your job, but you make it very amusing!

  11. prttynpnk says:

    I love your blog! As a fairly shallow broad, the antics of entitled brides make me feel like Mother Theresa!

  12. jay says:

    Yes, I do thank heavens I don’t have your clients, but your brave battles with buxom and bumptious brides are a hoot and an inspiration. Many times you’ve turned out a silk purse from the pig’s ear, magicked extra inches into hopelessly undersized garments, and performed impossible feats of cutting and reforming lace and beading. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  13. shela says:

    I love every details of this!Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos

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