Squash and Silly Things

Having filled my huge bowl with Halloween candy and removed any objects that might get damaged near my front door with small critters stomping up my front porch, I wanted to share a few things not necessarily sewing related.

First, you know I grow butternut squash in tomato cages but this year with our very hot summer they did strange things while my back was turned…they grew personalities!

Here a a few waiting outside my sewing room window for their turn in the oven:

laughing-squash and earlier this year we found these cherry tomatoes just thriving near the compost tumbler:mutant-tomatoes It was a mystery to me since this huge plant was covered in round fruit with these guys hiding…what were they? Well this week I found them and they were a gorgeous Roma variety growing inside the original volunteer plant:roma

Now, a few tales about recent clients…recently there has been a very disturbing trend in our little rural town…it causes havoc with seamstresses who like to make appointments with their clients to keep an even flow during the day but this takes the cake. I have had a bride and 2 bridesmaids late or even miss their appointments because they were having their eyelashes “done”. Yesterday, an older woman made an appointment to pick up her adult daughter’s dress at 11 am that had to be hemmed before Halloween. Well, I waited and waited and finally called her at 11:45 to say, “I don’t know if you are coming or not, I have no idea what the plan is, please call me.” At 12 noon, the phone rang and it was the mother saying, “I certainly will not be there at 11 (DUH) to pick up the dress as I am having my eyelashes “done” and could not possibly get there any time before 2 pm.” I am learning that having your eyelashes done requires 2-3 hours of lying on a table while a technician glues long mink lashes unto your eyelids for only $150. Of course this is way more important that picking up your altered clothes! When she arrived to pick up the dress her lashes were so long and thick that she could barely open her heavily lidded aging sagging eyelids…you go Grandma!

Another babe called me to say she needed to be measured for some internet custom pants to be made. I don’t charge for measuring adults and children, it takes like 10 minutes and usually involves a good story so I made an appointment for her. She arrives with a box packed with pants that do not fit her and wearing a badly worn-out old pair of jeans that were probably bought in the little boy’s section of a thrift store. Her fist question is, “Do you know anything about stretch leather?”She then shows me a pair of black leather pants that were sent to her but did not fit and she was going to get a full refund and the the chance to have another pair made better and all she had to do was provide the correct measurements. Simple right? Well, I measured every singe dimension on this gal and her sad sagging jeans and wrote them down. She then said she needed a full front and back line drawing sketch with the numbers attached to each line…OK, I can do that…BUT, the big but…she then says, “Now you have to go to your copier and make me 2 copies for the manufacturer and myself.” This is where having a tech savvy husband comes in handy. Yes, we have a copier but I never use it and since Mr. Mole is off visiting relatives in the UK I told her I did not have any idea of how to use it. Then she sighs and says this will FORCE her to go to the Kinko’s copy center and pay them to make 2 copies of my drawings…well, honey…free is free and that is as far as I can go!

Before I go I want to share a cool package that arrived yesterday in the mail. Craftsy is offering discounted prices on their clothes kits and I bought this shirt and navy chambray fabric kit:

It has the most interesting front neck darts and side darts so some time in the future it will be a muslin to share.

Wishing you a safe but scary Halloween with some candy leftover to nibble on while doing your fall sewing projects!


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32 Responses to Squash and Silly Things

  1. Kathleen says:

    The things you have to put up with!! I’d re-name your site “Fit To Be Tied!”

  2. accordion3 says:

    Love the butternut pumpkins, almost too funny to eat. Your clients are terrific blog fodder! Does the online sewing ever work?

  3. mrsmole says:

    Well, if the first pants are anything to go by…no…the waist was way too big and sat out away from the body at center back, the rest of the pants were covered with exposed zippers and pockets and flaps but she had her heart set on skin tight pants…I wished her well.

  4. Colleen says:

    I have run into the “late” for mink eyelashes thing as well. It is hard to hear their story about worrying about the cost of alterations when they are paying $150 for lashes!! I think they are a bit “Halloween..ish!”

  5. mrsmole says:

    Another word is “creepy” seeing eyelashes that grow and touch their eyebrows. They say they have to pay $75 to have touch-ups as well…so it is quite an investment like having hair extensions.

  6. Can’t wait to see your post on the butterick pattern. I have that pattern but haven’t gotten around to making it yet. I always learn so much from you, can’t wait!!! Love the squash!

  7. Oh, wow…the things you run into! I can’t even imagine dealing with that. You want me to measure you gratis, make a line drawing, THEN get irritated when you have to make the copies yourself? Don’t call me, I’ll call you…! Tacky girl.

    On the bright side – what a nice surprise your tomatoes were! We had a determined volunteer cherry tomato plant right in the middle of a flower bed that insisted on churning out bunches of really great tomatoes every season. Trouble was, it was in the middle of flowers and had a tendency to grow taller than most people! Crazy.

    Love the squash, too 🙂

    Enjoy your fall!

  8. Shams says:

    Wow, you are already going so far to be helpful. Some folks really take your generosity for granted!

  9. Carol Noe says:

    Sadly, my squash don’t look like that. I, too, have the Butterick pattern and am waiting for your review.

  10. sewbussted says:

    I love the squash guys!!!

  11. maryglenn says:

    You are too nice. You need to put up a sign that says – ” No Free Service Today”

  12. fabrickated says:

    Ha ha. Most of these people need a psychiatrist rather than a seamstress. I really love that blouse and fabric. And the vegetables!

  13. mrsmole says:

    Some days I leave my Sigmund Freud hat in the other room just to be safe!

  14. Cindy says:

    Sounds like it’s time to charge a fee for taking measurements, especially for the rude ones. Where I work we shy away from taking measurements for them to get work done elsewhere because the first response when something doesn’t fit right is going to be that the measurements are wrong so it’s not my fault it’s theirs. And time is money and since she doesn’t seem like a client you’d want to put up with you might as well have your time paid for and scare her off all at the same time. The sad part is with all the measurements you took she still has a snowballs chance that the garment will be anywhere close to fitting her.

  15. mrsmole says:

    Probably the second pair will look the same but she wanted them to fit lie her ratty old jeans so I measured her in her jeans…that is all I could do. If I measured her in her underwear then the place where she wanted her waistband, ridiculously low just about the public area would not have been like the jeans…so I do as i am told. Rarely do I get a front crotch length of 8 inches and a back one of 12 inches. She is on her own now. There were zippers from her knee down to her ankle and she wanted that area to be skin tight so I measured her skin…we live in a small rural town…this ain’t no New York City. Cindy, I think charging for such measuring in the future is worth a charge…you are right!

  16. Robyn says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on that Katherine Tilton pattern, I wouldn’t have noticed the interesting details on my own. And it’s great that you can do measurements in 10 minutes. My “helper” and I take at least 40 minutes to get them all, although I always promise it will just take 10. I love your squash! Happy Halloween, may you get all treats!

    • mrsmole says:

      Thanks, Robyn, once I get through my Nov brides I will surely get cracking on the KT blouse. But in the meantime, for those that have the pattern already, why don’t you all make a muslin and we can compare and display them on one blog??? Up for the challenge?

  17. jay says:

    Lucky you couldn’t work the copier. She probably had a pile of documents needing duplicating under those clothes.

  18. mrsmole says:

    Ha ha ha…you know I never thought of that Jay…you crack me up…”yes and while you are at it, throw these onto the scanner and make more copies”…Oh Lordie!

  19. sewruth says:

    Now I understand how your veg are so prolific – I can just picture you in a weeding frenzy, brutally digging-in the compost to release the anger and frustration that clients bring to your door! Every cloud….

  20. EasilyAmewsed says:

    I third the Butterick pattern curiosity. I considered this one, but wasn’t sure. Also got my first butternut squash today when one of our local farm stands had their closing for the season sale. Never tried them before so hope I can find a good way to cook one. 🙂
    Agree with everyone who suggested a fee for measuring. It’d help weed out folks who take a mile when you give an inch. Finally, a belated thanks for sharing the alterations transferring from muslin to pattern a couple of posts ago.

    • mrsmole says:

      Well hooray for you, Dannycat and your butternut squash. Cut it in half vertically, scoop out the seeds, place it in a microwave safe pan and microwave for 15-18 minutes depending on the size and then when soft, place a pat of butter in the scooped out hole, sprinkle nutmeg, salt and pepper and some sugar free maple syrup and scoop out the flesh and enjoy! The hard outer layer serves as it’s own bowl.

  21. prttynpnk says:

    I’m paying extra to have an actual mink glued to my forehead. I hope he behaves.

  22. mrsmole says:

    Be careful your doggies might get jealous!

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