Mistake Made, Mistake Fixed

Grandmas like to sew for the family. Mostly, the grandmas I know quilt up a storm and produce way more quilts than there are members in the family but some do make clothes in their spare time.

Every so often I get a day to cut out a garment or two for my youngest granddaughter who is 10. She has graduated out of the little girl patterns into the Simplicity “Suede Says” young teen sizing. The envelope says “Preppy” and maybe some of you remember the designer known as Suede when he was on Project Runway? It was annoying that he referred to himself in the 3rd person the whole time but for some reason Simplicity has picked him up in 2012 to attach his name to teen patterns.

simp 1625

This pattern has lots of options so I was quick to cut out the dress and top and also the contrasting drapes that are sewn unto the necklines and armholes before the bias binding is attached and flipped to the inside. What could possibly go wrong…simple, no?

Well, after cutting the 2 little drape sections (one pink and one green) I realized that one of them did NOT have a deep V shape and was supposed to be closed in…bummer…now what? I dug through my old lace stash and found a pink lace scrap that would fill in the blanks. Is this legal…who cares?1-missing-insert First, the neckline needed some stay-stitching which would serve as the edge for turning,2-fold-back then press flat 4-pin-laceposition the lace behind it, pin,5-fold-flatfold it flat in half to re-cut with the pattern piece,6-trimtrim off excess,8-ready-to-topstitchready to topstitch (wrong side),9-donedouble row of stitching catches the raw edges together, 10-trimmed-inside trim away excess lace


The finished back shows the fabric through the lace nicely. I could adapt this technique to other things…I could really get hooked on it! The drape is bound with the contrasting green from the top that also was made with the same fabric.


The back strap and hem was decorated with a built-in stitch from my Elna 720. You may be wondering what the floral fabric is…Any Butler. I bought a whole bolt of it on Craigslist a year ago so you will eventually be seeing other renditions of it in later garments. I should probably cover my desk chairs in the sewing room but home dec was never my forte. But before I go…a small sneak preview of more of this fabric:8-hanging-up-front A maxi dress for me in need of contrasting armbands and hem bands and much more to jazz up this wrap front creation. And, no, I will not be wearing this dress with my granddaughter…she lives far away and I’m not into matchy-matchy…Lord help me!

Now finish off that Halloween candy and get back to work, dear readers!

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21 Responses to Mistake Made, Mistake Fixed

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Ooooh, maybe Kitty is far ahead of the trend if preppy IS back? ๐Ÿ™‚ The dress is so sweet, I love the lace insert. The fabric is fantastic, good that you got a whole bolt of it. I tend to hoard fabric in the sense that I’m often ‘afraid’ to use it and thus, use it up on something. It’s kinda of silly attitude to having and I’m trying to talk myself down from it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mrsmole says:

      The thing that is pushing me is that this fabric may…the big may, go out of style so I had better use it up…need any? I have silks and vintage kimonos I have had for over 35 years and have yet to figure out what they want to be…they have traveled the world but guess they are not aged enough even though their owner certainly has!

      • Gjeometry says:

        LOL. I know, right? I guess the moral of the story is, you can’t take it with you, so probably should just pick a project and use the “special’ fabric to sew it. Although sometimes easier said than done.

  2. fabrickated says:

    I really like this textile, but a whole bolt? How much is that? I buy some African fabrics in 6 yd pieces and find them hard to use up. Its nice your grand-daughter wants you to make things – my kids tend to discourage me. They know I work hard at it, but if it is not quite right they won’t wear it and imagine I will be hurt. I am not really but I am torn between making something I know will suit them, and something they think will suit them. Oh well. Back to the quilts (not really).

    • mrsmole says:

      I think must be at least 16 yards but it was a good price…sound familiar? Anyone want any? I know that any day now Grandma’s creations will not be high on the list of things to find in a parcel but I think I have another year left to dispose of fabrics from my stash….ha ha

  3. Laurie says:

    I think it’s great fabric! And the lace insert added a nice touch. I was just talking about my stash yesterday with my girls. I told them I HAD to have SOMETHING to pass down to them! :)… I will use what I can- the ones I am afraid to use are the few pieces of silk I have. I am afraid I am not good enough yet! And I will ruin them!

  4. prttynpnk says:

    Gorgeous fabric combos- my grandmonster loved turtlenecks- you are much cooler!!

  5. Bunny says:

    Darling. Thanks for showing that pattern. It would be great for my ten year old Sophie. As always, very nice work, Jo.

    • mrsmole says:

      It did make up fast minus the mistake and it would be nice in a more drapey fabric than quilting cotton. It’s an awkward time between 8 and 10 before they want to look like rock stars isn’t it?

  6. lozzen says:

    mrsmole, I’m surprised you didn’t bind the top edge of the lace. Won’t it rip or stretch?

    • mrsmole says:

      Both layers of the lace and fabric are bound together with purchased bias binding and then flipped inside and topstitched down so everything is sealed up just like the armholes. The pattern called for every raw edge to be done this way.

  7. jay says:

    Lovely fabric, the lace insert is pretty chic.

  8. June says:

    Aw, lucky granddaughter! I’m not into matchy, either, it makes me feel like the older person is trying to look younger by dressing like a child.

    • mrsmole says:

      The one weird thing was in the directions…it said to stitch pre-folded bias binding to all the edges, even the deep V for the top. I decided that nothing would make that severe of an angle and started and stopped the binding at that point so I had some place to snip and flip. When you have crossed over into past 60 era…those matchy days are over!

  9. Shari says:

    Mrs. Mole- I’d love to have your comments on the fit of hubby,s shirts. Been using the same pattern for years, but his stance and shape have changed slightly. I’d appreciate help reading the wrinkles. I’ve already read the plaid pattern on his sleeves – there’s work to be done there!
    Can I send a couple of photos?

  10. mrsmole says:

    I have emailed you privately but the email is always: surroundedbywhite@gmail.com

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