Guess Who is Back?

Remember my 3-dress bride?

She wrote to me last week with this request on the number 2 lacy dress:

Getting down to the last days before my wedding! I am curious if you’d have time to fix the lining of my dress. I’m noticing some issues with the seams building a bit at the sides and they make the dress stick out a bit and also Id like to make the long lining short… its floor length but I’d like to bring it up to my mid thigh… I don’t want to be too hot!

I don’t think it would take much time but I know how busy you are! If you don’t have the time, that’s fine..

I agree to see her lacy dress..OK, I have to admit I was just a little curious as to how it fit so here are 2 photos:


The lining in the hip area was too large and it had to be taken in on the curve along with extending the side dart (no side seams) which was serged so it did not have a smooth ending point. This whole dress is serged on every seam and you can see how very long the dress is and how very short the lining will be. The lining is fabric you would make into swimsuits or dance wear…very thick, snappy and not drapey at all.

Here are the alterations:P1190258P1190259P1190260P1190261

I also had to attach some of the lace motifs on the sleeves as they have come undone with them being so darn tight. For women who think they would look good in this dress…guess again…the 2 layers of swimsuit material will be like wearing 2 pair of Spanx and then the flimsy lace overlay that has been sewn badly and missing areas make it a dress with a warning. 

So after a couple hours, I was pretty pleased I was able to finish this dress….but you know what’s coming don’t you???? Cue the soundtrack from Jaws…..

With the wedding  in 10 days and I received this email last night:

“Don’t pull your hair out just yet… Just a simple fix on the original strappy dress, I swear ! 🙂

I’m here trying on the original strappy dress again for my mother.. she’s recommending that I alter it as a hot day alternative/backup… I must say, after today’s heat and after sweating in the long sleeves in your home, I have to agree! I have taped myself into the bust and tied the shoulder straps together with the extra length of rattail  that you left for me. That all looks great and I can see it working just fine. The remaining issue is the waist/back area near the zipper could use taking in… At this point I don’t care about little buttons or fake boobs 🙂

Are you available to fix another crazy bride’s dress, her first dress, or would this throw you over the edge?! :)”

I did agree to see her again and work on dress number 1. Now before you  pick your jaw up off the floor and say, “No way I would agree to that!”, it all boils down to honor.

My honor compels me to finish something I started albeit pinning and planning and suggesting. My honor also comes into play when dealing with a sweet salon owner who sends me almost 20 clients a season, who trust her judgement and sincerity in recommending my services, so her “girls” get the best treatment I can provide.

Do I ever feel like saying “tough titty”…of course I do. Do I ever feel like my back is up against a wall and as one client’s aunt told me recently, “You will just have to be gracious and suck it up”…of course I do.

But remembering the late Maya Angelou’s quote, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,  people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” draws me to do the right thing. Making brides feel beautiful is my job but making brides feel respected also goes along with the service.

The bride picked up both dress #1 and 2 today but still had not decided which wil be worn…I asked her to send photos of the day so I would know.


The wedding was last week and guess what dress was worn for the ceremony?final

Yes,  she went with the first dress for the ceremony but wore her 3rd dress for her Facebook photos. She will probably be selling that lace dress on Ebay or Craigslist pretty soon.

A little photo from the garden bounty this week:July-2015--18

Happy sewing everyone and welcome to all the new followers!

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33 Responses to Guess Who is Back?

  1. fabrickated says:

    Well I like the look of the fruit and vegetables. They look so fresh and colourful and full of natural goodness. Sweet and naturally shaped.

    The lace dress on the other hand looks like a tight nightie or petticoat. You have the patience of Job -and such a kind approach to giving the customer satisfaction. Her little notes were quite polite, but my goodness what a saga.

    • mrsmole says:

      Mr Mole always says, “all things must pass” and so he is right…eventually these girls stop having alterations and walk down the aisle…ha ha!

  2. Suzanne says:

    I agree, dress # 2 looks like a bridal nightgown, I can’t imagine wearing that in public.

    • mrsmole says:

      Not all dresses on skinny models translate into “wonderful” on real bodies. The lace motifs made her biceps look huge and the rest did nothing for her shape. Shortening the lining would not have done much either except let air in.

  3. Sarah says:

    Maybe it was a Betazed wedding and this bride was too modest for total nudity.

  4. selina says:

    We kind of knew she would be back didn’t we. So glad she went for dress number one. You are the fairy godmother of brides! Selina.

  5. erniek3 says:

    I work customer service phones in the summer, and I am going to print out the last part of this and post it where I can see it. My old mantra was: I am looking for a solution, not an argument. I need to add the respect portion as well.
    Oh thank you. And my goodness, that dress is frumpy.

    • mrsmole says:

      Working customer service phones would be a nightmare for me! I avoid confrontation and drama and try to be a calming level-headed voice of reason. Dealing with angry people would make me want to scream…you are a brave sole!

  6. Summerflies says:

    It is lovely to hear grace in dealing with the public. Yes it is your job, yes they are pains but maybe, experiencing your gracious attitude, they will remember that and be gracious some other time too. I can’t say I could always be gracious but I try and note that you come out feeling better too at the end.

    • mrsmole says:

      There is a silent power in just nodding and going along with the bride’s wishes. If the alteration turn out less than flattering, it has all been her idea and not mine. My first question after “when is the date” is “what do YOU think you want altered?” Whether is it a 2 hour labor job or a 7 hour labor job, it really is all the same to me, just a bigger check in the end.

  7. Tereza says:

    I love that quote from M.A.! I often tell myself that with my students. I think she picked the better dress I terms of style. At least she was good about paying for all the alterations instead of saying nevermind, just keep that dress and sell to cover the fees or something.

    • mrsmole says:

      Oh Tereza, the thought of being paid with leaving a dress to sell later just makes my skin crawl! Hopefully that will never happen!!! Scary for sure!!!

      • Tereza says:

        I did a resort wear fashion show in Florida (2007) and sold a few custom dresses to beach home owners. One woman was in town on vacation from NC. She selected her fabric and dress, then changed her mind. She didn’t pay in the end. Learned that lesson hard. I still have the pretty blue and teal satin somewhere in my stash. She figured I could make it up for someone else, so no “real” loss. I decided to quit sewing for other people by 2008. You have my complete respect for dealing with brides every day!

  8. Monique says:

    “Just a simple fix” was the warning sign, I suppose.
    You could always think that if your time and expertise are being paid for, it doesn’t really matter what exactly you are doing. You can do whatever comes to hand, literally, and just be okay with that. I find that very peaceful, just as finishing off what you started – and without all the frustrations of “it should have been different” (=she shouldn’t have asked for more alterations).
    Have a great week!

  9. mrsmole says:

    That’s right, Monique…when you charge by the hour, it really doesn’t matter. You can’t get all attached to your own way of thinking or personal preferences…I have to keep saying, “It’s your dress and your vision, I am just here to make it a reality” and back away. What I want to say is, “If you wanted all these things added or subtracted and changed, you should have bought a dress that came that way in the first place”…ha ha

    • Monique says:

      That would have made life easier for everyone involved, yes. :-)))) But as long as people want to go down that road, you are in work and the most difficult thing may be calculating your price to be fair and enough to make the frustration go away.

  10. I gasped when I saw the first picture until my brain caught up with the nude lining. As long as they keep paying we will keep sewing 😯

    • mrsmole says:

      Amen, Kim….we can’t complain tooo much…order your dress from China…visit the seamstress, buy a sample dress too small or too large…visit the seamstress…this will never change will it? No matter what country we live in…brides will be brides!

  11. Azar Lo says:

    Mrs. Mole, What was the date of the first posting about this bride? I’d like to read it again to form a complete picture. I have to say, compared with other unreasonable brides you have written about, this one seems much nicer. In her emails she sounds respectful and takes some responsibility for changing her mind and requesting additional work.

  12. June says:

    At least she is not as clueless as some of your other clients! That must be a breath of fresh air. Re sucking it up, of course, sometimes we have do extra work or take on projects we wouldn’t ordinarily do because it’s the right thing to do… that is the hallmark of the professional, is it not?

  13. Bunny says:

    Such interesting dress choices. At least she was respectful and gracious. And you were so much the same in return.

    That lace tight jobbee is not that flattering and the nude lining just puts it over the yuck line for me. I am glad that wasn’t choice one. Now how do you think she will about handling her family budget if every decision requires three paid for options? Or even cooking dinner? Do we have steak, eggs, or lobster tonight? Let’s cook them all! Not sure all the effort involved, the expense and the indecisiveness will nurture a long term relationship. Only time will tell.

  14. maryfunt says:

    What a saga! Your patience and grace are certainly to be admired. You are right that the satisfaction from your work is in making the bride feel like a princess and that’s what she will remember. Hopefully you will get a few easier ones.

  15. sewruth says:

    Gosh I’m lost in what dress she wore and on what part of the wedding day… this lace dress with the swimsuit underneath wasn’t worn at all? She might bring it back to you to alter it yet again into a post-wedding day dress.

    • mrsmole says:

      Yes, Ruth…that dress was never worn but you never know who will end up with it…it may surface again in my sewing room with a new owner!

  16. rowsella315 says:

    I truly admire not only your patience, but also your skill.

  17. Valerie says:

    I am so glad the bride did not wear the lace and swimsuit lining horror. Another great story Mrs Mole.

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