It’s not every day that someone brings in a flag for repair but one of my regular clients asked if there was anything I could do for this sad item. It seems that while it was flying so proudly, it got caught on the roof and snagged and tore open one of the seams on the stripes

Since it was sewn as a flat-felled seam, I had to open it a bit wider to get in to see what damage had been done.P1200007

After opening the seam and basting the 2 layers back together, you can see how much of the white fabric has been frayed away. In order to be able to catch this properly in the new seam, I will fold over more and baste it down by hand first.


Then let’s flip the new folded edge down and pin to sew flat with white thread in the top and red in the bobbin using 2 rows.


Here you can see the red side and no one will ever be able to tell that a repair was done. many of the hem stitching lines were frayed away so I stitched over them as well.


I have heard so many stories about US flags being made in China and it is nice to see this was sewn at home. My only criticism of this flag is that the thread used was almost like a very thin Wooly Nylon used on sergers and will not hold up too much stress and weather. Maybe I should write to them and ask about it?


Another flag of sorts showed up, a red one this time for a bride. She bought this dress out of town and thought is might work but the more she tried it on, she realized that her grandparents might have a heart attack with so much of her (and a small back tattoo) being exposed:


So she headed for a salon in town and bought this one that she felt covered her up better. She added a simple satin ribbon for a belt and no bustle or train. So she went from hoochie mama to demure bride and felt more covered up (tattoo blurred out).


For those who like to follow the veggie patch photos…here are some November harvests:


Wishing you all peaceful and thoughtful times for sewing in the light of the recent Paris tragedy.

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39 Responses to Flags

  1. Luigina says:

    How wonderful to be able to repair our Flag.

  2. Sharon says:

    So glad to hear the bride took the possible reaction of her grandparents into account. I repair flags for a local bank that have several in rotation. The flag is flown day and night so it flies during all weather conditions. These are 5′ X 9.5″ and I usually need to do some extra reinforcement with zig-zag stitching after repairing the rips. I have also repaired a garrison flag for a popular waterfront restaurant, it too stays up continuously. This one is a real challenge as it measures 20ft. X 38ft. I place it in a large cart with wheels so that I can yank out a portion at a time in order to position the worn area on the machine. After wrestling with this behemoth banner several times, I have referred the owner of the restaurant to a sail maker for the next time old glory needs a little TLC.

    • mrsmole says:

      Smart girl! I have had requests to repair tents and all sorts of canvas items and I always send them to a sail maker or awning maker since they have the machines to deal with that. Now I am trying to picture you with a flag in a rolling cart…oh Sharon!

  3. fabrickated says:

    Interesting to read about your flag repairs. And to see the veg looking like a rainbow. I fail to see the difference in modesty terms between the two dresses, but there you go! Are those racer back tan lines on her back or is there some semi transparent vest underneath?

  4. Karen Lyon says:

    Mrs. Mole, I am glad you got the flag restored as best you could. That flag fabric was too vulnerable a weave for all the flapping that it does, no wonder it frays that badly. There are only some very hardy cabbages and onions still in the ground in Central Ontario (Canada). They will have to be harvested soon. You have an enviable variety still . Have a great week! Regards Karen

    Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2015 14:09:08 +0000 To: grumpykaren@hotmail.com

    • mrsmole says:

      Thanks, Karen, yes the growing season is closing down and soon the raised beds will be under plastic for the winter to keep birds from eating all the chard and fennel and spinach.

  5. prttynpnk says:

    I like that 2nd dress better…..tho I was a little concerned that somehow the flag and the dress were part of the same project!

  6. That flag must have felt like a holiday compared to what you usually do!

  7. mrsmole says:

    I think I would rather repair a flag than make shorts for my son as you have done or deal with a nasty co-worker on your team…brides for me…a no-brainer!

  8. erniek3 says:

    My scout child stuck his head in and opined that flags should not be mended, but since this doesn’t look ‘tattered or dirty’ I’d argue in favor of thrift and preservation. And I can’t see much difference in the stripes after mending, so chalk up another brilliant save.
    And I am also confused about the modesty difference. But I did ask a very nice young lady why she wore her underwear to work, so I’ll just let myself out quietly.

    • accordion3 says:

      I’m always appreciative when people wear their undies at work !! All the more so when they wear the next layer as well.

      Not such an issue nowadays, but a former workplace had some very eccentric clients..

  9. mrsmole says:

    Oh Ernie…the flag was brand new so it deserved a little repair. The 2 wedding dresses…are either one modest…no…. tolerable…a little…underwear is always optional…is a string thong really underwear?

    • Sharon says:

      I totally disagree !! Go commando if you please except if you are coming to my shop for a fitting, underwear is NOT optional. Especially if that fitting is for any type of pants. If you have no undies on during the fitting, guess what I face (literally) when those pants are in my hands and on my machine. Stop your laughing ladies, it has happened and it was NOT pretty!!

  10. Fashionista says:

    I had a giggle at you referring to “a regular client”. One would have thought that in a perfect wedding world you would only ever see your clients for the one occasion 😉

    It was nice to see a bride thinking about her grandparents reaction to her gown. The winning choice was certainly very pretty.

    • mrsmole says:

      I do have regular clients who drop off a pair of pants or a ballgown once a year besides all the frantic brides. It gives me a chance to catch up on their lives and their kids while discussing the latest charity function or vacation they are going to.

  11. maryfunt says:

    I fail to see how the second dress was more modest, but if she felt more covered, it’s her day. Nice that the flag is flying again. Let’s pray for no attacks in the US as well as the rest of the world. Unfortunately I don’t think Paris will be the last one.

    • mrsmole says:

      Have to agree with you, Mary, we have not seen the end of evil strikes on innocent people. I’m thinking that if your skin is covered with something sheer, it makes it OK? Not my call really…ha ha. I’m old enough to remember when brides were completely covered up and even wore gloves that could be slipped off to have the ring placed on their finger.

  12. accordion3 says:

    I guess covering skin with see through fabric is still a covering and therefore is modest?

    Not my cup of tea in a wedding dress ; )

    • Jacqui says:

      Hmm, it made me wonder, too. Forget the grandparents, as a parent I would have a heart attack if my daughter walked down the aisle in that second dress. I suppose it’s all about the trends. I know that I felt exposed by wearing a sleeveless dress after the big puffy sleeve trends of the 80’s and early 90’s.

    • mrsmole says:

      I would not be comfortable in either dress but then again, old wrinkled skin deserves to be under cover away from public viewing!

  13. The second dress would have been more my style! My first choice… but then what do I know! So special that you could repair the Flag.

  14. Don’t we get asked to do some strange things? Great repair to the flag. Whilst some people wonder why we do the odd stuff I find it makes a good break from the norm. How about you?

  15. mrsmole says:

    A break form white/ivory is always welcome!!!! Always hoping the mother-of-the-bride dress will be colorful but this year the trend is blah colors or non-colors. Who ever said pale taupe was a flattering color? Had one MOB and all the bridesmaids in flesh colored chiffon…boring!

  16. Bunny says:

    That second dress is lovely and so demure. I am amazed at how there is not a single gather of the tulle at the waist and it has so much volume in the skirt. Care to shed some light on that? Is it extra wide tulle? Tulle doesn’t have bias, if I remember right, but this looks like it does. I’m fascinated.

    • mrsmole says:

      You are correct, there were no gathers at the waist as it was cut like a huge circle skirt. There were lots of vertical seams which did not show on the photo and I think there were at least 3 layers of the tulle/netting for that volume.

  17. symondezyn says:

    Glad to see the second dress was a little more unique and figure flattering than the standard bum-hugging atrocity of the first one ^_^ I can now attest to the fact one needs a LOT of ease if one wants to drink champagne and eat cake LOL ^_^

  18. mrsmole says:

    Oh Honey, you always have to leave room for cake and bubbly! How’s the dress coming along?

    • symondezyn says:

      It’s done and over with – I wash my hands of the blasted thing! LOL! I left room for cake, even wore the proper underpinnings (you’d be proud – there were NO thongs in sight! LOL), and even then, the bottom of the zipper was starting to come unpicked near the end of the brunch anyway LOL. Luckily I had also made a fantastic jacket (which i do love) that served as a very chic disguise 😛

      I haven’t done a blog post yet but I’ve got a few pics up on Instagram! ^_^

  19. Robin says:

    Just looking at the flag repair gave me a good feeling. I do enjoy mending and prolonging the life of something of value. I also wondered how the 2nd dress was more modest!

  20. mrsmole says:

    The dress “felt” more modest with some sheer fabric on her skin…so that is what mattered. She was one of my sweetest brides! I like repairing things of value, sentimental or financial…flags or cashmere sweaters or sewing a scrap of fabric from a deceased relative into the lining of a wedding gown…it is an honor to be asked.

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