My Habit Knitwear

Have you ever bought anything online and it arrived looking better than you imagined or worse?

Recently I ordered a tunic from a website called

Here are the tiny photos of the model wearing the tunic:


Even though it looked like some wrinkles were forming at the back hem, I decided it was worth a try as the price was right at $29.

The fit was perfect except for one thing…see the striped strip running vertically down the center back? Well, it was buckling and caused the hem to flare away from the body and who needs a rooster butt? P1190187

What was needed was to remove that strip and allow it to relax and add more to it once the length was determined. Let’s do it:


Great, now that we know what we need…where was I going to get it?

Luckily there were some long ties at the elbow and I could “harvest” a section and attach it.


Once the strip was stitched on both edges and all down the middle as the original, I realized that the sleeve treatment was really very clever. It involved a strip of knit binding sewn in an oval and the ties left as is.P1200046

Another great online shopping site is Zulily. My first purchase was a knit tunic that ended up being very thick like a child’s soccer jersey, almost indestructible. With the first order, they sent me a survey as to how I liked my purchase. I replied that it was not quite what I was expecting and within a day I received an email telling me that they would refund my payment and for me to give the garment to a charity.

I was shocked and pleased that such a thing could be done but lately I have been seeing more and more of the same story on Facebook pages about this company and their no return policy. They treat customers well!

So with only 2 days left of vacation, I feel relaxed and re-charged and instead of shopping and buying stuff I did not need, I had 3 Thai massages instead. If you have never had someone walk up and down your back and work for 90 minutes getting all the kinks out…you should try it. Some of you may be asking…but what about buying fabric…they have one JoAnn’s, almost identical to the one I have back home…sad… and one tiny quilt shop so no place for me to spend my mad money.

I’ll be back next time with the things I sewed on while away and a new crop of brides who have been emailing me while away…a few red flags…always good for a blog post! Hoping you all have had a productive month of sewing and sorting through your stash and not too much snow fell where you live!

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16 Responses to My Habit Knitwear

  1. fabrickated says:

    love how you fixed your top to avoid the rooster’s arse or whatever you call it. And its always nice to receive great customer service.

  2. Carol in Denver says:

    Actually, I like the back when the striped strip doesn’t reach all the way to the bottom. Just a little bit of the unexpected.

  3. jay says:

    Good fix, congratulations on taking it on. My nearly right rtw garments rarely get fixed.

  4. erniek3 says:

    Love finding the bit to fix the other part somewhere else on the garment. It’s more than being thrifty, I feel like I engineered myself a solution. And then I do the smartypants dance for a minute.
    It’s such a fine feeling, I wish everyone could have it once a week. Can’t recommend it enough.
    Congratulations on successful vacationing.

  5. Good fix.
    Are you ready to rejoin the madness – or do you want to hide a bit longer? I think those massages were an excellent idea. Maybe you could schedule some through your working year to make sure the kinks never get too bad.

    • mrsmole says:

      Monthly massages are scheduled during the year, otherwise I could not keep up with the volume and heavy lifting! You know how tight shoulders can get hunched over a hot machine and hours of hand sewing can really get your neck in a mess. Never indulged myself like this before and it is sewing money well spent! If I could hide at home for another week, it would be great…comforts and cozy and quiet….heaven!

      • My therapy is swimming and gym. Just the act of stretching in a different way helps sort out the tightness, and I’m surprised at how often a problem is solved swimming brainless laps!

    • mrsmole says:

      Swimming must work out more than just aches and pains…it must be good mentally to shut down and glide and breathe and shut out the world too, Kim. Good for you!!!

  6. sewruth says:

    Good grief you can’t leave anything alone, can you? LOL! Buy RTW, dismantle it and re-make it the right way. I can tell you are missing the sewing room…..

    • mrsmole says:

      Yes, Ruth I AM missing my sewing room but only for the comfort and serenity. I am so tired of traffic and airplanes surrounding this house and cold hard tile floors and long for carpets and quiet. Working on a tiny laptop with barely there internet connections is not much fun either. Napping in the sun has been a nice break but tomorrow we head for home and 2 days on the road will just be enough. Out traveling supplies include a bag of Jelly Babies and M&M’s along with tall cups of coffee…that should make the 800 miles fly by!

  7. Shari says:

    Joined your “club” today. DH still fits his 36″ waist Dockers, but when buying now ones, they were all too small. So he bought 38s and I just finished altering three pair. The last one was so badly sewn once I got inside!
    Yes, he knows he’s lucky to have me!

  8. maryfunt says:

    Excellent fix. I’m looking forward to your “red flag” brides; you have such entertaining stories. Safe travels on your way back home.

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