Nancy’s Sofa Jacket

Remember the last jacket I started for Nancy? Well, as the fabric looks more like expensive home dec, it sort of has a nickname now.

Well it has progressed along and it is finished…yea!P1200339

Since the muslin stage, I used each muslin piece, some altered, as the pattern because not all the parts will be mirror images of themselves and working with that fabric it does have challenges like wide and narrow stripes.


Here it is basted and ready for the first try-on. There is a small strip of copper showing through on the right side band and that will need to be narrowed and eliminated.


I love the back with the center back seam, darts and the snakeskin.


Once it was tried on, the shoulders were a little droopy even with shoulder pads. The pocket piece was pinned on for placement and as I added to the length of the short jacket and not quite as long as the coat version, a decision was made to just extend the pocket all the way to the hem. The top edge of the pocket will have the silver fabric trim. The pocket is sewn into the princess and side seams.


When cutting out I added a little extra to the back lower section but decided that it was not needed so it will be trimmed back.


The bands were interfaced with tricot knit and now you can see the copper edges that will be hidden in the seam allowances, This fabric ravels like crazy so I pinked all the edges. I never worry about the interfacing not being perfectly placed out to the edges as all that will be inside concealed inside the bands.


To make the top of the pocket binding, first I attached the lining, then the silver strip. Flip the strip to the inside and fold under the raw edge and pin. Stitch in the ditch on the right side and the view from the inside. Then this will just sit even in the princess and side seams.


Nancy tries on her jacket for the hem marking and she is very happy and feels so artsy and elegant at the same time. The hems with be stitched by machine and she may want some sort of closure later as the pattern suggests.


With our 100 degree temps, the new squash and pepper plants are off to a good start:P1200710

The perennial raspberry plants have shot up already and filled in the raised bed:P1200711

Happy summer sewing everyone (in the Northern hemisphere)!

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7 Responses to Nancy’s Sofa Jacket

  1. jay says:

    Nice colour, it’s good in that length of jacket.

  2. Elle says:

    Excellent pattern placement–no traces of sofa in the finished product!

  3. accordion3 says:

    I really enjoy seeing the “from scratch” projects. Nice to see something that is spot on from the start.

  4. Kay says:

    Nancy is so smart and lucky! Smart to have recognized your amazing skill and come to you for custom garments. Lucky for the same reason! I knew I should have stayed in NC. I would have had some great fitting clothes too! 🙂 Growing a wonderful veggie garden would be just the bonus!

  5. Fabrickated says:

    I have to admit that the Nancy posts are always my favourite. Even more so now we have seen her with her head still attached. I can tell she is a fun friend as well as a nice looking lady. She likes her clothes to have a bit of personality and drama and she wants a good fit. You supply both and I always learn about fitting and construction from these posts. Lovely. As is your garden.

  6. Lucky Lady! Such beautiful fabric. You put so much work into it, it’s perfect!

  7. prttynpnk says:

    How do I miss these posts? I am loving that fabric and if I were a deer, I’d be laid in your yard- wearing that jacket and snacking!

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