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Two Many Choices

Six months ago a bride came to me with 2 dresses and expected me to tell her which one to choose for her cowboy wedding complete with old broken-in, dirty farm boots. The story went like this, “my sisters made … Continue reading

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Soup, Salmon (the color) and Scuba (the knit)

This week we take a little break and post about non-bridal projects! If you are like me, your squash plants have been producing like crazy with the high temps and while having lots of produce is certainly a blessing, it … Continue reading

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Outlet Find

By now, you all know my feelings about J.Crew clothing. While they are always in need of alterations thus making good money for us seamstresses, they are also a nightmare for the client as they NEVER fit. Here is the … Continue reading

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Grandma Mole Improvises

When your 12 year old granddaughter (who was 2000 miles away) asks for a favor that involves sewing…how can you resist? Here is the pattern that she liked: Now, normally you all know my delight is in finding flaws with … Continue reading

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