Tale of 2 Dresses

Rarely do I get in 2 dresses that could be sisters at the same time for the same date. This year to finish off the 11 month long season I have two that will both be worn on New Year’s Eve but one will be on a sun-kissed beach far away and the other in a local posh hotel.

Each bride has been in for fittings and remarked on the other dress hanging up as to how similar they are. The only difference really is the back…one being more open than the other. Both have back buttons, lovely lace straps and a long tulle train. Both will have similar alterations to make the bust fit (push-up pads) and some tweaking to make the straps fit more snugly.


Beach bride, on the left, needed her zipper tightened from waist to butt, but the upper button section was snug enough.

.         p1210616

Hotel bride, on the right, needed the one side of her zipper moved over 1/2 inch from neckline to waist.


Hand basted and ready for try-on:

While both were concerned that anyone would notice the changes in the back, I always reassure than that no one will be looking at your buttons.

The beach bride’s dress was finished a month early and as luck would have it, she called a week before the event to tell me she MAY HAVE lost some weight and now the top buttoned section was a little loose. The remedy for that was to remove her functioning looped buttons over one inch at the top narrowing down to the top of the zipper. p1220001

The extra fabric was folded under in case in the future she may want to sell this dress in its original state. The weird thing about this dress was the fact that the bodice lace was lined with nude tulle which is nice over skin but they used the same fabric for the buttons so they look tan on the ivory lace.

Hotel bride was having difficulty filling up her bust section even with larger push-up pads so I grabbed some quilt batting and made some little ovals to pad out the top sections and attach to the top of bust pads.

p1210882 p1210883p1210884

With the busts tightened, the rest was to get started on the bustles.

Let’s pin all that tulle up off the floor for dancing shall we? Both brides have the satin layer bustled with one point. Beach bride needs only one point for the train while hotel bride has 3 pinned points but will need 5 to get it even all around.

p1210597    p1210867

That’s where things changed; beach bride said she would rather just drag her dress along the sand and surf and buy another dress for her reception. This, of course, would upset any seamstress picturing all that scalloped lace and tulle covered in sand and seaweed. But we can’t change their minds.

Hotel bride opts for a 5 point bustle so she can dance all night. The satin layer with one clear button:

p1220015  p1220003

Now before I go, I have to share something Mr. Mole sent to me this morning. While we are all sick and tired of seeing stick-insect models walking the catwalk, these women are so gorgeous and sexy and it makes me want to shout, “HOORAY”! https://www.facebook.com/1803181966594175/videos/vb.1803181966594175/1816273735284998/?type=2&theater

Best wishes for all your last minute sewing and holiday celebration planning!


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21 Responses to Tale of 2 Dresses

  1. lin says:

    just to wish you both a very happy Christmas and a very Happy New year, thank you for all your help

    • mrsmole says:

      No problem, Lin…always here to help or try to figure out the solution…if there is one! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with the family and blessings for 2017!

  2. Sue says:

    Yes, wishing you and Mr Mole a very happy Christmas and New Year from me, too, plus a huge thank-you for all the information (and entertainment) you provide on your blog.

  3. Mary Funt says:

    Lovely dresses. Bustling always presents a challenge and every dress is different. I hope you are planning a break for the holidays and wish you a very Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to another year of your riotous stories.

  4. Mema says:

    Dear Mrs. Mole,
    thank you for the many storys over the year. I always like to read about your work.
    Happy Chrismas and a wonderful New Year. Mema

  5. mrsmole says:

    Your latest creation, the coat dress is very nice and looks so easy to make with you photos. Love the fabric and the simple buttons and SNAPS!!! http://von-mema.de/ Wishing you a warm and cozy Christmas and not too frosty New Year…keeping my fingers crossed for a great 2017 in spite of politicians trying their best to disturb things!

  6. sewruth says:

    Yeah! for real women, as most of us are.
    Mrs Mole, thank you for your invaluable advice and instruction this year. Have a Happy Christmas and a ‘restful’ New Year.

  7. karen says:

    Both dresses look lovely.
    Merry Christmas to you and your husband!

  8. Both beautiful dresses. I can’t imagine dragging either through the sand. Lovely work as usual, Mrs. Mole.

  9. erniek3 says:

    Ah, Seaweed Bride. All that time I spent hemming, and it was shredded in about five minutes on the rocky beach walk to the water.
    I wish you and your Mr all the best of the holidays, and thanks for the curvy runway link. It’s not what you got, but what you do with it, that matters.

  10. I just had a chance to look at the Facebook attachment. It’s nice every size is acceptable! Thank you for sharing!

  11. mrsmole says:

    Those women just have the right attitude…strength and pride!

  12. helenkosings says:

    Thank you again for all the stories on your blog and I loved the runway show!

  13. Girl in the Stix says:

    I love reading your blog, and appreciate you sharing how you solve sewing (fitting) problems. Your stories remind me why I’ll never, ever work with the bridal industry again! ;-D Anyway, I just want to wish you a wonderful new year!

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