Sewing for Me

Some of you may be wondering…What IS Mrs. Mole doing with all her free time in January?

Well, I have been yearning to replace some 15 year old flattened chair cushions in the kitchen, so I did.

I bought four new 2-inch thick foam cushions from JoAnn’s online and added a layer of batting to the top after hand sewing the batting along 4 sides.cushions-1

There is an invisble zipper that runs along one side so they can be removed and washed.


But then the equally old and ratty placemats had to go. had some really nice double sided quilted fabrics so I ordered 1 yard of each which is enough to make 6 placemats for $18.fabrics-1

After cutting the shapes, the edges are serged to keep them neat and crisp before adding the bias bindings.


They make nice presents too!


The fabrics for the double fold bindings were from my stash of cottons.

Also, on Day One of my vacation, I made 2 winter skirts for my daughter in Washington, DC and mailed those off before remembering to take any photos…darn it.

What about the weather? Thanks for asking…here is a photo out my sewing room window when we only had 8 inches of snow…more came later to total 12 inches in one day:jan-2017-5

But the cool part is…our 2 hummingbirds survived the night and came to the feeder this morning:hummingbird-1

Here is what else I found under the covered raised bed of veggies happily growing along:


Yes, that is lettuce and a whole bunch of Swiss chard so next time I’ll have photos and a recipe of a favorite soup that is made from these 2 ingredients and more.

Wishing you all a very good start to 2017 no matter where you live and the seasonal weather! Check out Mary’s photos of recent wedding gowns she had made: for a look at real professional construction and inspiration!

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21 Responses to Sewing for Me

  1. Fabrickated says:

    Well – cushions and placemats are not wedding dresses, made either by Mary from scratch or altered so expertly by you. But hey we need them – usually on a daily basis. So doing them nicely with happy fabrics makes a lot of sense. But to tell the truth I need to do exactly what you have done and somehow I never get around to it. I wonder why! On the other hand I just can’t believe that snow and hummingbirds can co-exist.

    • mrsmole says:

      The fact that you have taken on the challenge of a Manswap for your son is a big enough reason to put off making placemats, Kate! Ha ha. All the other smart migratory hummingbirds have headed back to Mexico but these remaining guys are just plain crazy! We keep the feeders inside during the frosty nights and swap them around during the day when ice crystals form, after all even in the US the only drink that need ice cubes is tea!

  2. Thank you Mrs Mole. The snow outside your sewing room window looks beautiful. Here in Australia we are sweltering through another hot summer. I’d love to see that kind of weather here just for a short while. Love the new placemats and cushions.

  3. mrsmole says:

    Our climate has such extremes that some years we lose all the rosemary and ferns and even some bulbs don’t make it back in Spring. Last week it was 11 degrees F and in Summer it can be 114 degrees F so with a 100 degree swing your plants have to be tough!!!! Watching all 5 husbands shoveling snow off their driveways in the cul-de-sac was a real hoot… a great way to work up a sweat!

  4. Amelia says:

    Another Australian admiring your snow. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year. Thank you for your knowledge sharing its very inspiring. It’s always exciting to see you come up in my emails. Amelia

  5. What a beautiful picture of the snow. Here in the Midwest my hummingbirds leave in mid October for warmer climes. Love reading your blog. Even though I don’t do alterations I learn something every time. I added 1.5″ to a sleeve cap this past week based on your instructions. It came out beautifully!

    • mrsmole says:

      Hooray for adequate sleeve caps! I like cutting them taller than the pattern so i can play with positioning. So glad you find things to try after reading the blog! Thank you for following along, Tracy.

  6. April Jones says:

    Happy New year and thanks for this post. It’s great to see the other things that you do. Is it all the same to you or do you have a preference? And I’ve gleaned more tips included too.
    I love the snow when it has some depth. It gives an air of peace and serenity as everything seems muffled around it and makes people respect their environment. I’d love to have snow every year here like that. It’s my aim this year to have all year round vegetables, I hope I get my thoughts into actions too!

    • mrsmole says:

      Hi April, I like most sewing projects but put off ones for myself the longest. Making placemats and square cushions was a nice start to some real relaxing projects. Next up some knit cropped pants and Alabama Chanin inspired garments…so hand sewing and watching videos will be for next week. I’m still waiting for my beets and spinach to get taller for harvesting but they are resisting…brrr…too cold even under plastic!

  7. Love the placemats. Question: Do you a bias binding foot to apply bias? Thx in advance. Clare

    • mrsmole says:

      Hi Clare,
      I didn’t use a binding foot this time although I have one somewhere. I decided to cut the bias strips 2.5 inches wide, fold in half and attach using 3/8 inch seam and then flip to the other side and stitch down. In the past I used a single layer of binding which was way easier but it wore out quicker. The two quilted fabrics with flowers and wine motifs were very thick but the solid green one was cheaper and thin so the same binding went around more and was wider.

  8. Mrs T says:

    Thank you for the heads up to Marys work. Try and relax on your month off before the next avalanche of brides!

    • mrsmole says:

      It certainly is good letting my brain and my hands rest from the volume of ivory fabrics. At the end of Dec the skin on my hands is so worn away and nasty despite using loads of hand lotion. Mary’s work is breathtaking!

  9. maryfunt says:

    How nice to have a break and be able to do some sewing for yourself and family. Thanks for the reference to my post. My brides were all lovely to work with so I didn’t have bridezilla stories to share. I’m sure you will keep us entertained this year with more tales. Stay warm!

    • mrsmole says:

      I see that 150 people clicked on the link so they were able to see your magnificent work! Yes, the new brides for 2017…17 have already been booked on the calendar!

  10. Tee says:

    Happy New Year!!!!

  11. patsijean says:

    I ordered some of the pre-quilted fabric from myself. I ordered 6 yards of the elephant print for “bog coat” robes for myself and my husband.

  12. mrsmole says:

    Super Patsijean…can’t wait to see them!!!!

  13. I’m playing ‘catch up’ so have just read this. I hope you are having a wonderful January – clearly you are still being productive but for yourself this time :).
    The weather in the UK is just grey and cold – snow like you have is very pretty and would be nice here rather than gloom (at least for a short time 😉 )

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