Nancy Fashions and Soup

What does a girl need on a cold Winter night? How about a new robe made from thick knit sweatshirt fabric?

Nancy had this grey fabric just waiting to be a robe, so using Very Easy Vogue 9232 and a 36 inch long Two Way separating zipper…she is ready for more snowy cold evenings. Besides using a longer zipper than called for, I also made larger pockets to hold a Kindle and iPad.


Then using the eyelet scuba knit fabric she bought in Portland last year, I used the Emma Seabrook pattern Claire for the jacket 

Claire Cover new and Georgie Girl pattern for the top.georgie-girl

The top button actually does match the fabric but the flash made it way too light! It has a snap behind it so no buttonhole to make.


The top has shoulder princess lines front and back and fits so well but Nancy felt that she did not want the short sleeves but wanted to keep the small shoulder pads. In this photo I have just pulled the basting stitches from the top of the sleeve and pulled it under her arm and tucked the seam allowance under to show her. Can you really use shoulder pads with sleeveless tops? You can if they are thin enough and covered. Maybe you are thinking…but wait Mrs.Mole…you can see her skin through the holes! Nancy says she will wear a skin shade undergarment but she will be adequately covered when wearing the jacket with no princess seamlines as well.


Let’s check out that shoulder pad..


Once the tan knit covering is removed we can see what to do. There is enough fabric left over to cover each shoulder pad. Now if you are thinking…why not use lining fabric? I would if I could have found that exact periwinkle but everything I tried was too dark or too light. There will be a seam at the flat edge for stability and I will trim off the little folded over pad section.


After securing the pad to one side of the fabric, I attached the second side and stitched all around and flipped to the right side…but the rounded edge was too bulky with a seam. So that was opened up and serged flat. Some days your experiment fails…and that is a good thing!


The pads are ready to be hand sewn to the top and a button/snap added to the jacket.p1220057

What else is good on a Winter evening?

Let’s assemble the green soup ingredients: Bag of greens (kale, spinach, chard), Romaine lettuce, frozen peas, chicken stock (homemade) and poultry seasoning (from the Dollar Store).

Fry onions until soft with the seasoning. Tear up lettuce leaves and layer with greens, toss in frozen peas, add chicken stock and simmer for 20 minutes.


The measurements are not so exact…normally 1/3 of each to fill the pot.


See how much it has reduced? You can add more of each to make a double batch. Pour or ladle it into the blender jug, whizz until smooth.


Once blended it can be frozen or add 1/2 cup or more of half and half or cream and a chunk of butter and back to simmer for a few minutes.


Now you are ready to eat or save in a plastic container in fridge. Test to see if it needs salt which depends on your chicken broth.

Rain and more snow is predicted for our area this week but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a break in the weather on Saturday for the Women’s March.

Happy sewing everyone!!!!

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13 Responses to Nancy Fashions and Soup

  1. Alethia says:

    Yummy! It’s been a minute my friend! I pray all is well! I’m so glad I dropped by, I think I’m gonna use your soup recipe soon. Although we are have up to mid 70’s weather, a great bold of soup is needed every once in a while.

  2. erniek3 says:

    For a moment, I thought that the scuba fabric was going to end up in a robe, and suddenly what I have perceived to be as a very stifling fabric (that is, without holes) would be a great house robe. It would be warm, the pockets would be stiff enough to hold an electronic tablet or “Manipulating Fabric” in paperback or the Sunday New York Times. Plus a cup holder for my soup.

    I’m not entirely joking either. As long as I don’t try to sit down (and I don’t know that I do much), I’d be good.

    Rethinking my JoAnn’s coupon situation…..

  3. Vancouver Barbara says:

    Vogue 9232 is a VERY popular pattern. Shams, of Communing with Fabric and Margy of Fool 4 Fabric each feature this pattern in their latest posts. It looks great in all the fabrics.

  4. Great idea making the shoulder pad covers out of the same fabric. That fabric is lovely. I can imagine periwinkle would be a difficult fabric to match. Your soup just made me hungry again! I hope there is good weather for the Woman’s March everywhere!

  5. Martina says:

    I’m doing the Women’s March in Boston! Glad to hear of someone else doing it wherever you are 🙂

    Is there a reason you wouldn’t cover the shoulder pads in flesh colored fabric? Too difficult to find an exact match? The top and cardigan are really cute.

    • mrsmole says:

      We thought about doing that but it might have added another layer of skin color and we went with the knit. Probably the top will always be worn with the jacket and the now 3 layers of blue will be dense enough for good coverage. Nancy knows that i would always swap a shoulder pad if she wanted it changed. So Martina did you make your march hat? I made/knitted two, one for me and Nancy. My youngest daughter is marching in the DC one as she lives and works there.

  6. Still amazingly productive – Nancy and soup! It’s certainly soup weather. I hope Saturday dawns fine for your march.

  7. mrsmole says:

    It was an amazing time, pro-women, all positive as I see similar marches circled the globe. Equal pay, equal health care would be a nice start! Thanks, Kim.

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