Nancy’s Knits

When Nancy travels, she finds the most interesting fabrics to bring back to me. This knit fabric was gorgeous with so many cool colors but it was very thin and stretchy and not tough enough for a jacket/cardigan. She also gave me the pattern Vogue 8910 designed for a woven not a knit. It has front shoulder pleats and back darts in View A and B. The front facing wraps all around the neck to become the stand-up collar.


I checked on pattern review to see if anyone else had used this pattern with a knit and didn’t find anyone brave/crazy enough to try it.

The knit was cut bias to show off the stripes and as it stretched equally crossgrain and bias, I figured that if I had enough circumference around Nancy, it really didn’t matter what the pattern suggested.

Without too many alterations (rounded back), I cut it out and hand basted all the seams. I also cut a grey knit lining to give stability as well but I may not line the sleeves.

Here we are all pinned with no sleeves, it would make a nice vest, don’t you think?

And with sleeves:

Once Nancy tried on the jacket, you could see that the lining was rolling to the outside and not letting the blue knit to relax.

So, placing the jacket inside out on the mannequin and pinning the grey knit allows us to see how much more fabric has to be added to the lining. The blue knit had so much more stretch than the lining fabric and I am not sure that there is a way to tell ahead of time. Both were cut diagonally but the lining needed more. You can see that a triangular piece will be needed to fill in the gap.












Here is the new patch attached and hemmed with the coverstitch machine.

The facing is cut on-grain and is basted on and you can see that the lining is now hanging straight. While the pattern called for having the lining not attached to the blue knit until the very end, I cheated and treated it as an underlining, keeping all the seams at the shoulder and neck all together as well as the armholes.

I also kept the lining and blue knit seams sewn together at center back to keep it from growing with every wearing. The center back makes such a nice chevron as well as the sleeves which are not lined.

You can see the shoulder and neck edges have been serged and taped for stability. The shoulder pads will be covered and attached with snaps for easy removal for cleaning.

Both hems had to be finished before the final front facing was attached. Then the facing will be machine sewn to the lining only.

The cool thing about this jacket/cardigan is that it will pack well for all her travels. And speaking of travels…

Do you remember that lovely quiche plate that I received from Kim when I visited her in Birmingham? Well, here is it holding a crustless quiche made with eggs, cheese, half and half, bacon, onions, spinach and mushrooms.

Add some avocado and it is just perfect for lunch with Mr. Mole.



Wishing you a great week of sewing projects to be started or finished or just some stash busting!

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25 Responses to Nancy’s Knits

  1. Lovely fabric! The chevrons are perfect! Sometimes I have my eye on a special fabric and pattern and have trouble making them work together – like using a knit when it should have been a woven – I’ll keep in mind adding the wedge next time. That’s a new trick. This turned out perfectly

  2. Ellie says:

    What great timing on this post! I have that Vogue pattern and have a piece of knit fabric I have been thinking of trying. My fabric has a bit more structure to it, but it’s wonderful to see how you worked with the knit. I’m sure her jacket will be a staple for Nancy’s travels – just beautiful.

    • mrsmole says:

      It is always tricky using a knit diagonally in the cutting phase. If you draw lines on the paper pattern with the direction you want the stripes to go, it helps. Good luck, Ellie! Send photos and I will post them.

  3. Miriam says:

    Wow love that fabric and that quiche looks so delicious! What a beautiful jacket, oh you do such wonderful work!

  4. Sandi Benfield says:

    Yes indeed, that quiche looks yummy….and the jacket too! Nice job Mrs. Mole👍🏻

  5. Kim says:

    Love fabric, and being a knit should drape better over a rounded back than a woven – something i try to remember when making for my mother.

    • Kim says:

      That said lovely fabric before auto correct got it.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the flan dish. I wouldn’t mind a slice of that now – it looks delicious 😀

      • mrsmole says:

        I’ve had that simple recipe in my Pinterest collection but never tried it…maybe I was waiting for the right dish to cook it in…good excuse, I have never had such a pan in my kitchen before. Thank you for gifting it to me!

  6. jay says:

    Such a beautiful fabric!

    • mrsmole says:

      There is a shine to the colors so I am thinking a bit of rayon is involved and they would work with all the pants Nancy has already…a win-win!

  7. sewruth says:

    I think you should dump the brides and find more clients like Nancy.

  8. mrsmole says:

    You know, Ruth, that is part of my plan in 2 years if the knees don’t give out before then.

  9. I love seeing your other projects. I mean you can fix a bridal dress like no other but I can relate to the regular projects more. Thank you for sharing all of what you do!

  10. Kathy niskanen says:

    What ever you post, I always learn something. Thanks for graciously sharing.

  11. mrsmole says:

    You are so sweet, Kathy, and you know I share just to keep from going crazy!

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