St. Patrick’s Day Quincenera

Normally, I do not take on bridesmaid or MOB dresses during the wedding season so I can concentrate on the brides but this week things were different.

Both of my sewing friends to whom I send these other projects like bridesmaids etc. were unavailable with one having knee surgery and the other in a horrible car accident so this new desperate client came back to me for help.

In the Latin culture, when a girl turns 15 or 16, the family throws a party for their daughter to celebrate coming of age and it is called a Quincenera.

Using the link, you can see it involves a ceremony and lots of accessories. It also includes 7 female attendants and 7 male attendants and lots of relatives and best of all…a Tiara!

Dresses run around $700.


This dress had been left at another sewing center and as time was passing, they were less and less inclined to finish on time, so the mother retrieved the dress and brought it to me. It needed 2 layers of green satin hemmed 4-6 inches and lots of the beadwork repaired and all of the tulle layers trimmed with scissors. The corset back allows it to be worn by many sizes of girls. The push-up bust cups will be attached too.

But the main issue that shocked me was the petticoat that the salon “rented” to her which the mother said included a “hefty” cash deposit.

The petticoat had seen better days and came with tears and rips and a hem that looked like a rodent had chewed it all around: 

After pressing all the layers of netting I could see what had to be done…repair the holes before they grew and serge the hem to clean it up as well. 

In the post in Feb that showed the gold beaded wedding dress, I never got to show you how I made a center front modesty section. The bride wanted her cleavage hidden so using the gold tulle that was cut off the hem, I made the V-shaped structure. Here you can see some scrap ivory tulle just pinned into place to become the pattern for placement.

First, I folded the 2 strips in half lengthwise and overlapped them and pinned where the seam would be. Then I chalked the lines and removed the pins and re-pinned ready for stitching.


Once stitched together, the seam is trimmed to 1/4 inch wide:


Then the seams are pressed open and stacked flat unto each other to form the “V”. Then the section is pinned into place and attached to the lining by hand.

The final step was to find a bustle button that matched the lace and gold fabric so I coffee-dyed a lace and satin metal backed button from Wawak to tone down the ivory color.

Happy Spring sewing everyone and enjoy the buds on the trees if you have them and welcome to the new readers who were referred by Kate this week!

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23 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day Quincenera

  1. Fabulous as ever- I love the little modesty insert, neat idea! Do you sew the bra cups in by hand?

  2. mrsmole says:

    Yes, Elaine, I do sew the cups in by hand just along the top edge so there is some flexibility on the lower half, thank you!

  3. wedreamaloud says:

    Amazing as always!! Great!!

  4. Kim says:

    A little colour in your life will be welcome I suppose. I’m constantly amazed by the standard of the clothing rented out. That petticoat should go back with a bill. I’m sure the young lady was very happy.
    The cleavage cover looks very neat! Well done (again) 😃

  5. Colleen says:

    Thank you again for sharing! My take away idea today is the lace covered button! I saw a post on Facebook about sewing being a Super Power. Alterations are your Super Power!

  6. erniek3 says:

    That poor petticoat!

    • mrsmole says:

      Just thinking about how many girls have worn it over and over and at one time there must have been a lace edging on the lining but it has been ripped off years ago. I hope my repairs will give it a bit longer life.

  7. jay says:

    More fascinating work. Beautiful modesty panel fix!

  8. Catherine says:

    Love the modesty panel–looks like it was always there! That petticoat was in shambles. I agree with the previous poster–send it back with a bill.

  9. Cheryl Designs says:

    I hope your friend that had a car accident will be okay 😦 This is a bad time of the year for a seamstress to have an accident 😦 I am sorry for her 😦

    • mrsmole says:

      Both of them will be in recovery mode for a while and they will have to be very careful returning to a full volume of sewing during the season. Makes me thankful for good health right now!

  10. That petticoat was in bad shape! I wouldn’t want to wear it. You came through with flying colours again! 😁👍

  11. maryfunt says:

    Very clever mesh insert. It looks better than the original and not often you get a client who wants to expose less. I hope your friends both have a speedy recovery.

  12. mrsmole says:

    Oh Mary, first I thought I could get away with just overlapping two sides but then thought sewing them together would be more stable and pretty. Figuring out the shape and angle was the next step…like working on mitered corners of napkins. I’m keeping both my friends in my thoughts as they are both super gals willing to take all the bridesmaids I can toss at them.

  13. sewruth says:

    Oh wait, back up a little….you are doing repairs on a ‘rented’ petticoat? I hope the salon paid you.
    As always, impeccable repairs and alterations that make the rest of us just want to curl up and buy RTW (only joking!).

  14. racurac2 says:

    I wore a purple pantsuit and ivory blazer (with big shoulder pads) for my quinceañera!!!! I didn’t want a party but my father was adamant, so I said: ok, but no dress hahahahah! The quince party is a big deal, not only in Mexico but in other countries in South America. I’m glad you helped this young lady!

  15. Cheryl Designs says:

    HA!! The FORCE was with us 🙂 I saw that LACE COVERED BUTTON 🙂 I ALWAYS order supplies from WAWAK 🙂 GREAT COMPANY 🙂 I decided to order a dozen when I placed another order 🙂 They are BEAUTIFUL buttons AND… I have an EMERGENCY BRIDE that I can use THREE OF THEM for her bustle 🙂 She is an EMERGENCY BRIDE because she just contacted me a week ago and her wedding is APRIL 7th!!!! She was at the studio Tuesday night. She is so SWEET and CALM 🙂 I don’t want her to KNOW I am scrambling to FIT her approximately EIGHT hours of bridal gown alterations amongst the DOZENS of hours of PROM GOWNS 🙂 I keep my customers CALM 🙂 I AM CALM 🙂 I just have NIGHTMARES sometimes 😉 PS-AM I allowed to SHOOT these designers that decided HORSEHAIR HEMS were the TREND for 2018!! ??????? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet 40% of these prom/wedding gowns have horsehair braid in the hems. I have a lovely prom gown that has 6″ braid in the fashion fabric AND TWO layers of linings with 6″ horsehair braid.. WHAT THE HECK??????????????? YES, makes a LOVELY SHARP HEMLINE but your alterationist needs to charge ALOT to hem the sucker 🙂 🙂 HAPPY EASTER 🙂

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