See-Thru Bride

Here is the latest from Watters and it is called Galatea.

The entire bodice is sheer and the huge polyester embroidered flowers are quite striking.

My bride just fell in love with this look and ordered it in the color titanium/grey.


So what needs to be done? Shorten the straps and the nude lining on each side.


Here is the only thing standing between the skin and the public…a little bust pad.

It comes with a tiny plastic snap that is basically useless when keeping the center back closed so it will be replaced with a real metal one.

Interestingly, you rarely see top stitching down each side of the zipper but it keeps the tulle layer away from the teeth!

While the flowers are pretty spectacular, they really are a pain when dealing with a bustle. The left and right side panel flowers do not line up/mirror each other and to make a bustle, the tulle really does not want to co-operate. I spent an entire afternoon pinning the points up and down and in the end I just gave up.

The bride says she just wants to drag her hem around all day and did not want me to trim even an inch off the front to help from dragging twigs and grass along with her.



While it was easy getting the satin layer to bustle….and the center flower on the tulle to sort of fold under… the side flowers were like cardboard and refused to play nice.

Each grouping of side flowers did not mirror each other. Even when just pinned up…well it was a real “dog’s dinner”.  Another seamstress friend Lu thought it might work making the bustle at an angle but that would have looked like something went wrong.




Getting all that grey tulle laying was also a problem and I suggested we trim that to floor length and then go back and try again with the flowered layer but in the end the bride just wanted it all to drag behind her.


A final shot of the underarm panel…a single layer of netting, so no hiding anything!

After mentioning to the salon owner about the issues of the bustle, she revealed that she has sold 4 more of these dresses so I might be getting 4 more this season…oh Lordie!


Going with the trend of grey…we have ordered vinyl privacy lattice panels to be attached to the top edge of our side yard fence so Mr. Mole can grow roses or passionflowers higher up. Just waiting now for the handyman to come by and install them.

The first harvest of potatoes is ready!


The weather report this weekend is for our first 90 degree day…this will certainly encourage the squash plants to start racing ahead! But before I leave, here is the link to the famous Victorian wedding dress:

Happy June 1st everyone!


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41 Responses to See-Thru Bride

  1. Suzanne says:

    That dress looks much nicer on actual person (versus a model) than I was expecting.

  2. Mary says:

    This bride was obviously not planning on getting married in a Church, or if she was, shame on them. Beautiful gown, but come on! Who wants to see the ending before the show even starts?! But, Mrs. Mole, you did what was asked, and beautifully.

  3. Tia Dia says:

    A grey dress. Interesting! It is a very beautiful gown, although I agree with Mary: TMI before the party starts.

  4. Mem says:

    Love the skirt , the top meh !.The link you gave us is another favourite blog of mine . You are a woman of taste Mrs Mole

    • mrsmole says:

      Love the old photos and the stories of bygone eras. Knowing all the people of that area lived in harmony no matter their religion or color of their skin.

  5. Karen in PA says:

    Beautiful dress, it has a very Pre-Raphaelite feeling. Fine for an outdoor wedding. What impresses me is also the great body confidence the bride must have —super!

  6. maryfunt says:

    Way too much body on display. I sympathize with you on dealing with the “bullet proof” embroidery on the train. Great job coping with another challenge. Thanks for the link to Queen Victoria’s dress. Why do the royals cover up and commoners go bare? Enjoy your spring harvest.

  7. jay says:

    Isn’t the dress in Spitalfields silk lovely! I like the large flowers on the tulle in today’s bride’s choice. I’d be more comfortable with less of a nude look in the top, but that’s very much a personal question. If you’re happy with that much exposure, the shape of the bodice is nice.

    • mrsmole says:

      Just thought the Victorian dress was such a contrast to this one! Maybe a bolero jacket would have been nice over the top? Grey velvet like the ties?

  8. Kim says:

    Pretty, but I prefer Victoria’s.

  9. janet says:

    your garden is beautiful!!

  10. Jane Urbach says:

    I guess it is good that the bride did not have a bunch of Tatoo’s in such a see through outfit. That is what shows in lots pictures in today’s wedding views.

    • Cheryl Designs says:

      AGREE Jane 😦 I LOVE all of my brides 🙂 I HATE TATS 😦 I just delivered a bridal party Wednesday. The bride looked gorgeous in her strapless gown, fitted PERFECTLY. I didn’t need to do much to it 🙂 BUT—-all of those BACK TATS 😦 RUINATION 😦 She is a larger size and purchased a sleeveless lacy jacket to wear with it-didn’t help 😦

    • mrsmole says:

      Tattoos can be so distracting in wedding photos but we have to understand that the brides do want them seen and admired. Those who regret ever getting them tell me that they didn’t know what they were thinking when they did it back when they were young and foolish.

  11. kathyh says:

    I actually liked the dress – not for me though. I second the bride’s amazing body image sense of self. I liked that she felt comfortable in it. She’s not super skinny nor has she a lot of ‘extra’ but this silhouette works for her. (but thank god, there aren’t lots of tattoos peeping out)

  12. Tee says:

    Wow! I agree too much exposure! Not my idea of a tasteful wedding gown, but to each his own. Great job altering as usual!!!!

  13. Rhonda Lee says:

    I love this blog!! Could you just ditch trying to bustle and put a thumb loop at the end of the train? That way if she gets weighed down by the twigs, she carry the train? My aunt’s dress had this in 1974. It looked really cool in the pictures of her dancing. I did it for a prom dress last year and the girl had such fun with it. Anyways, love your stories.

    • mrsmole says:

      I do offer loops in the back but she opted for loose and flowy…some trains are so heavy that the brides change their mind when the thought of carrying around 5 pounds of fabric all day seems too much.

  14. It’s a beautiful dress but I would feel self conscious having a see through dress. Love the flowers appliqué but again, I can see that they would be difficult to work with. Mmmm … love your garden!

  15. Susan Hart says:

    Hi Mrs Mole, Susan here….
    I applaud this young woman for being so brave and your choice of link about Queen Victoria is perfect to show us that!
    Victoria did 2 very brave things when she got married. She broke from tradition of wearing red as a wedding dress and she made a bold political move by supporting the local silk makers!
    I would’ve added one more layer of nude tulle to bust area and maybe try to lay one or two of the large flowers over one another with white hooks for a bustle. (If you are thinking you’ll see more of these).
    Have you ever tried to contact the designers? I sent an email to Jim Helm once because I wanted their opinion on a bustle for a gown I altered. Extremely nice and helpful with suggestions.
    But as always you did an absolutely grand job! I love seeing these blogs pop up.
    When do you have the time? Talk about a “busy bee”!
    We have gotten 3 harvests of lettuce, one of 3 huge white radishes, some Swiss chard and now our raspberries are here! Yay!
    Take care
    Susan in Aloha

    • mrsmole says:

      Our raspberries are just producing flowers and we have been eating the lettuce if we can catch it before the birds chew through the best leaves. With all the seed feeders we have hanging, those little critters still manage to destroy produce. Taking photos during all stages of the fitting and sewing process allows me to document everything I do so the blogs are pretty easy to write. Since i sew during the night, every night, writing helps me unload to all of you. I will think about your suggestion on the flowers on the train…and no, I have never written to a designer but it may come to that, Susan! Thanks for your helpful comments!

  16. poppykettle says:

    I actually really love this dress. Beautifully ethereal and the colours look lovely on her! But I would see the see-through tulle as a wonderful challenge to create the optical illusion of see-through, but with bonus added opacity! Beautiful work 🙂

  17. mrsmole says:

    It seems that brides don’t mind showing lots of skin these days and want to appear “modern” and not cover up. As the pendulum swings back to more modest fashions…I’ll be happy! Thanks Poppy!

  18. ceci says:

    The silver grey color is interesting and very subtle. I wonder if this is an up and coming wedding color? I just saw silver grey bridesmaids…..not a flattering color for everyone, but perhaps nothing is?


    • mrsmole says:

      Grey looks fine on type 2 summer coloring but the rest of us can look pretty tired. I know this dress has been bought by another summer bride, so we shall see if she looks as striking.

  19. Mrs. Mole, I just completed this crazy bustle! I have read your posts for a year or so, and you have helped me through a tough spot or two. So I thought I’d pass some pics, so you can see what I did, and since you may have a few more coming your way, I thought maybe I can return the help! I did pull the back motifs to the front sides to break them away and to add interest to the overall dress. The back right lace applique was definitely the hardest to configure, I decided to fold it inside the bustle. That’s the last picture. I sincerely appreciate your blog, you say out loud what I’m thinking all the time! best regards, Kim DeVaughn Owner, House of DeVaughn Bridal

  20. allie says:

    Hi! I would be super interested in seeing these photos as well as I have the same dress. First seamstress told me I didn’t need one but I still would like to have one. I’d hate for people to step on my dress during the dancing!

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