No Tulle, Just Smooth Satin…Hooray!

This thick satin beauty of a gown showed up and really didn’t need too much done to it like other wedding dresses. The bride must have tried on dozens of dresses from every salon in our valley and also in the Bay area.

She loved all the buttons down the back and just needed a tuck in the bust and an extra petticoat. A dart was pinned out which would later be taken in at the side seam and as I have a second sewing room where I store all the petticoats I remove from other dresses, I can just grab one and baste it in to see if it works…hooray…it did! We were able to get the hem off the ground with no altering.

Once inside the dress, the side boning had to be removed to take in an inch on each side and then the boning was re-attached by machine. You can see that I did not trim away the fabric…saving it for the next seamstress.

As there were 2 layers of thick satin and one layer of lining, I ended up having to trim one layer or all that bulk would be in the underarm area and not lay flat.












I like using pinking shears.




Now the side seams are flat and the hang ribbons replaced.

Inside the dress, the bride wanted me to sew in her strapless bra for support.

Bustled up and steamed, the bride can make a dramatic entrance:


One site I want to share with all of you is something I found on YouTube: where she shows so many of the things we have to deal with everyday. While I don’t agree with every technique as there are many shortcuts, the overall collection of videos are clear and done well and can certainly help anyone dealing with altering a wedding gown.

Today, our temps are reaching 100 degrees but as long as the plants get watered, they are happy. Lots of tomatoes to come and lettuce and eggplants. The sunflowers are reaching for the sky and if I keep on top of the blueberries I can harvest some before the robins fly in for a raid.

Our two fountains, the frog and the new grey urn are usually full of all the birds drinking and bathing. The privacy lattice panels have been installed and soon will have flowers growing up them. Just a few photos for you.

Our backyard has a lower level that we call “the Dell” where we can dine in the shade.

We can sit in the late afternoon and watch birds fly in for drinks in the urn fountain and hummingbirds can sip from all the flowers or the red feeder.

The East side of the house with lettuce and tomatoes.

Yes, that is an orange on top of the pole…sometimes we get orioles!

Wishing you all a super week of what you have planned…sunbathing or sewing! Thanks for dropping by!




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24 Responses to No Tulle, Just Smooth Satin…Hooray!

  1. mhdwileski says:

    Yeah, somehow I just don’t get the plain smooth satin dress. Every pucker, wrinkle, little pull from a ring or rough dry skin, or poor fit area shows up like a beacon blinking “look at this”! Even the limo ride to the reception kills it. Lace and beads disguise a lot, but you did a bang-up job, and if she loves it, well, that’s all that matters. Happy summer!

  2. mrsmole says:

    This bride is taking her dress to another state and she said that they would steam it just before the ceremony along with her veil so I didn’t make a huge effort to get every last wrinkle out…ha ha Not many brides could pull off this very dramatic dress and she was no nice…a bonus during the season! Thanks for commenting mhd!

  3. Tee says:

    I love that site! I found it a couple of months ago! Your work is always impeccable!

  4. Sandi says:

    That is a gorgeous dress and you did a great job Mrs. Mole! Love the look of that satin, sleek and plain.

  5. jay says:

    Very elegant result! So nice to see a strapless gown which isn’t cutting in at the top.

  6. Erin says:

    Hello Mrs. Mole,
    I just wanted to say that I find your blog so very helpful as a fellow seamstress. I love seeing that I’m not alone with things. And yes the YouTube channel is a great resource as well. It’s interesting seeing how each of us does our altering differently. Thank you for putting all this time into the pictures and the blog. Have a great day!

  7. Tia Dia says:

    It’s an elegant dress – so nice after some of the others we’ve seen this season!!
    And your garden is soooooo delightful. I love gardens, and loathe gardening, so seeing pictures of how lovely yours is, is a special treat. 🙂

    • mrsmole says:

      The garden provides a place of work and rest for us and lots of produce…we are almost self sufficient year round due to Mr Mole’s seed planting and my frequent weeding.

  8. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says:

    your garden looks so beautiful, what a great mix of plants.

    • mrsmole says:

      Thanks, Beth…it is nice that most of the plants are edible or a place for the birds to drink from or gather twigs for nests. Your garden being further south always looks so delightful too!

  9. Susan Hart says:

    Simplicity at it’s finest! And you deserve an easier alteration job with the heat wave!
    Just curious… your urn glazed to protect it from the running water?

  10. mrsmole says:

    Thank you, Susan, yes the urn is glazed and we bought it from Lowe’s a couple months ago.

    • Susan Hart says:

      Ok thanks for letting me know. I have a rough urn, no glaze and I need to figure out how to seal it properly.
      Also just watched some of the vlog about techniques and noticed the “heat seal” version of taming fraying. Remember when we talked about that?

      • mrsmole says:

        We sealed our previous fountain with a clear spray. I did watch the heat sealing from the lighter. Since I rarely ever cut fabric so close and save most of it inside for the next poor seamstress, I don’t really make that much effort. Also the thought of catching a girl’s dress on fire makes me very nervous. I’m all for the fray check liquid and glues but using a lighter…I’m not that brave, Susan, and then the edges have a crusty burned finish?

  11. KS Sews says:

    I’m not a fan of that heavy satin (I know, I know, it’s a wedding gown…) but boy does the bustle look amazing!

  12. mrsmole says:

    You are right, KS…it sure beats the heck out of flowing tulle bustles!

  13. prttynpnk says:

    That’s beautiful- looks like it was just poured over her!
    I have yard envy now….

  14. JustGail says:

    This is what I call a deceptively simple garment. There’s nothing to hide any errors in fit or finish. I find it lovely change from lace sequin spangle overload so often seen. Thanks for the link to the youtube videos. I wonder if one of those hot craft knives for cutting stencils would be a bit safer than a lighter? I’ve melted the ends of cording with a lighter, and it takes mea couple of practice attempts to get it just at the right point of melted just enough to fuse and not go to the point of melted globs that would be uncomfortable and scratchy.

    Your garden is looking good! I wish my garden mojo would come back – maybe when I retire from current job….

  15. Kim says:

    Another triumph Mrs M!
    The garden is looking wonderful. I can’t imagine coping with such high temperatures – although we did get 30.5C on Tuesday in Wales. If it had tried to rain (as it so often does in Wales) we would have just got steam 😂.

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