Make Me a Diva!

Here is a dress bought online costing $120 from Mingda Dress.

The bride told me that her groom wanted her to look like a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce…more like this model’s photo:

He wants big boobs on show and a big butt too. Well, I’m going to do my best to comply even though the bride does not have either of those attributes.

We will be adding push up bust cups and taking in the side seams and under the back zipper to give her a real good butt curve.


While the length of the dress is too long in the front and the lace hem drags, the bride didn’t want anything done to it. Working with this dress has turned up a small problem and maybe you can see the drag lines under her bust and waist. This is because the front section of the dress is too long and will need some sort of horizontal tuck covered by a belt to hang properly.







She tried two different widths of ribbon and settled on the off-white 1.5 inch grosgrain. It blends into the matte finish of the lace. Then she thinks she may add another color down the middle. This particular color of off-white is hard to find as our local JoAnn’s only carry pure white or beige in the photo below. I buy my ribbons from Really Reasonable Ribbons as they carry great colors and all sizes and have fast delivery.

Despite being a cheaper dress than normal, the lace and hem border are very nice.

Once the larger bust cups are attached, the bride feel self-conscious about her cleavage and asks what can be done so I suggest we make a small triangle of tulle to connect each side and overlap the two lace scallops in the center front for modesty ignoring what the groom wants on show.

The patch is tucked under the bust cups and all sewn down by hand.

The result is neat and discreet and the bride is happy. The groom will be less happy but as I remind the brides…the groom is merely the backdrop for you.

The public side:

Once the side seams and linings are taken in, the underarm areas that are sheer are sewn by hand.


The satin hem and lining are attached together, so opening up the side seams of lining, pulling the entire hem out and shortening that way works out.

Some final photos of the belt. The bride chose the grosgrain ribbon along with a metallic edged ivory ribbon. The belt is sewn unto the zipper after the two buttons were removed and sewn back on.


Do you ever wonder what we are doing to help the planet? The fashion industry is the largest polluter and user of natural resources and so many of our donated clothes end up in landfills. Mr. Mole found this article that sheds some light on the future of used fabrics:

Last photo for you…after weeks of 100 degrees temps, massive clusters of out-of-control wild forest fires, worse air quality in the US and watering 2-3 times a day, even our brown sunflower gave up trying to stand upright and draped herself over the asparagus bed:

Wishing for cooler Sept days!!!! Happy sewing everyone!

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31 Responses to Make Me a Diva!

  1. Laura says:

    Still can’t go out and breathe for ya here. It’s worse. But….thanks again for showing your genius and talent!

    • mrsmole says:

      We both need some powerful winds to blow all this stuff out to sea or East to give our firefighters a break! The photos are heartbreaking and the deaths are mounting up.

  2. Donnalee says:

    Poor sunflower, but at least it can still live.

    Good luck to the bride, and I’m glad you were able to make a nice compromise for the bust area.

    • mrsmole says:

      You never know the background these brides bring to the sewing room. Pressure from mothers, mother-in-laws, grooms…you name it and girlfriends just adds to the mix besides getting a dress to fit and flatter.

      • Donnalee says:

        I understand. I also didn’t want to be too detailed since perhaps she might read this blog and I don’t want to make any speculations about the person’s personal life in public. You did a nice job.

  3. jay says:

    Your alterations helped the illusion along famously, but the groom! Can’t tell you what I’d have said if I’d been given that prescription.

    • mrsmole says:

      The answer is “Dude…maybe you want to find yourself another woman closer to your dream wife.”

      • jay says:

        Or, ‘let me tell you who you’ve got to look like …’

      • Cheryl Designs says:

        I had an ADORABLE young bride about 10 years ago. She was PRECIOUS 🙂 Petite, pretty, SMART and personable BUT….. her fiancé had talked her into BREAST AUGMENTATION 😦 So I am altering a gown for a size TWO bride with size OMGOODNESS!!! BREASTS!!! I have occasionally wondered how that marriage worked out 😦 Sometimes, I am AMAZED that I still have a tongue 😉 I have bitten it so many times 😦 If your fiancée or fiancé….isn’t HAPPY with your looks BEFORE the wedding…it doesn’t bode well for a LONG marriage…Makes me sad 😦

      • pdxknitter says:

        Oh my. Jay has it right. I would definitely be all, yeah, well then you need to look like a cross between Fabio, and The Mountain from Game of Thrones. Guess you better hit the gym. And then later I’d be thinking a lot about what he said, and then cancelling my invite order and venue.

        Love your response “he’s the backdrop…” LOL that’s priceless.

        Such a cute dress for $120. And from your description, not badly made, surprisingly.

        And that article was really interesting. I have to say though, that I like natural fibers. Linen, hemp, cotton, wool, silk… I generally avoid acrylic, or poly. I’m on the fence about rayon, tencel, modal, etc. Yeah, they’re plant fiber, but so incredibly processed that I don’t feel like ‘natural’ really applies. The Evrnu sorta seems like that too. I totally agree about the waste though. If we had to process our own flax to get linen, we would certainly not need walk-in closets.

  4. Bunny says:

    Swooning sunflowers, oh, my. you’ve had horrid temps. We have been in the 90s the past three weeks more than I can ever remember up here in the Northeast. You did a great job on this dress. Be damned if my husband would tell me what to wear to my wedding. Doesn’t bode well, IMO.

    • mrsmole says:

      Funny how so many times I want to tell the grooms to “RUN” after meeting a controlling bride but in this case, it was the bride who should have had the advice. Imagine when she gains weight to have children…some men cannot cope with that either!

      • pdxknitter says:

        I had a personal trainer that had a teeny, tiny, cute-as-a-doll size 2 fiancee (who was trying to get to a 0 for the wedding) who enjoyed biking and hiking and running, etc. with him. He told me one day that he would not be able to be with her if she gained any weight. I just looked at him and said, well, you must not like her that much, and you shouldn’t have any kids then. He just stared at me. He had somehow expected me to agree with him. Some men are shallow as a puddle in August.

  5. Sandi says:

    I’m with Bunny on this. It is her day and she should be able to do what she wants with her wedding dress. Later she can deal with him wanting big boobs and a big backside. Beautiful job Mrs. mole!

  6. mrsmole says:

    Thanks, Sandi, we are so lucky to have husbands who think we look pretty darn good and don’t want us to change.

  7. says:

    Do you ever get the sinking feeling that a future marriage is doomed? If the marriage survives, the bride’s happiness will not?

    • mrsmole says:

      I see brides from 18 yrs to 70+ and it is anyone’s guess as to why they even got together with their grooms. If half of these go bad, I’ll bet there were red flags ahead of time but they both ignored them.

  8. upsew says:

    Great work on that dress, as always. I would like to think the groom said these comments in passing (and possibly in jest) and the bride took them on (I could arrive down in jeans or in scarlett o hara curtain dress and I will still hear – its lovely… reply to how do I look!) – Jealous of that asparagus bed. I have too many slugs to start one(trees but we also have frogs but I know the slugs destroyed 2 plants when we moved here so I adjusted grow plans), and realistically I also want to grow more than I have south facing space! your poor sunflowers – I can imagine how tough that heat is

    fashion is such a polluter, I really think there should be carbon tax on clothes – or a prescribed seam allowance of an inch – as fashion has to slow down somehow…. or be slowed down. and consumers are getting less savvy on quality and are surprised when clothes dont launder or wear well….

    • mrsmole says:

      Well upsew, not only did the groom tell the bride what he wanted, he put photos on her phone of the dress and model that he wanted to walk down the aisle with…who does that??? Slugs do more damage that we realize!!! I only hope our birds can pick them out and devour them for me. I have friends who have chickens that love snails and slugs but I’m not ready for chickens just yet. Being able to buy really cheaply made clothes is a real danger and what is fueling the race to have more and more in the closet…it is a shame.

  9. Elle C says:

    That poor bride. I wonder if she will ever be good enough for her husband.

    Thank Mr Mole for the link, what an interesting article. That is one of the reasons I only wear natural fibers (with the exception of lycra, just try to find jeans without it), I reuse all fabrics for rags. Haven’t bought paper towels for 30+ years.

    • mrsmole says:

      Paper towels…while I have cut down dramatically by using white Walmart washcloths instead, I do still have a one roll in the kitchen for disasters. We do recycle everything we can through our compost bins and wormery so I don’t feel too bad. The bride…who knows, I have given up trying to counsel girls and women and only share that having a first husband as a trial seems to work OK when you find your real soulmate the second time around. The first husband teaches up what we surely do not want in a marriage before the second Mr. Right shows up…ha ha.

      • pdxknitter says:

        Either that or date a LOT first. I didn’t get married til I was 26, and it’ll be 27 years next friday. Probably because he’s a saint and puts up with all my hobbies. 🙂

  10. JustGail says:

    I’d agree with you on the wind to blow all the smoke away, if it weren’t for that wind is one of the last things the firefighters need out there. How about a cool front accompanied by a day or 2 of slow gentle showers, no lightning, to wash it out of the sky?

    I’ve never succeeded in growing sunflowers that get more than about 4 feet tall, they get blown over too easily. Although, given a good soaking, they can be gently pulled upright and staked.

    Thanks for the link to the article. She has an interesting concept, but I have to wonder what chemicals are used to liquify the fabrics. Sort of like bamboo was touted as environmentally friendly, but somehow the nasty chemicals for processing most of it never got mention.

  11. mrsmole says:

    I wondered about that too Gail…maybe the byproduct can be recycled too? What I would not give for 2 days of slow rain and cooler temps and clean air!!! My patio furniture is covered in ash and let’s not even think about the windows and the car…my white car is a dusty grey and I dare not take a hose to it!

  12. accordion3 says:

    My husband came dress shopping with me – 25 years ago! He has a good eye for clothing and colours, and was curious about what was available. He was also concerned that making a dress was too big a challenge. After seeing one dress and agreeing that was “the one” he gazed at the dress contract (he’s a solicitor), then listened to the sales spiel that tried to up sell us into real silk. It was to cost another $700, bumping the price from $2000. We walked out, slightly dazed and got in the car. He agreed that making the dress was a good idea, as long as it had the same shape as the one I tried on. He assisted with the making, fitting and embellishing. DUDE!

    Lovely job on the dress for this bride. Hoping her husband’s taste in clothing improves!

    • mrsmole says:

      Sounds like you have a real “keeper” of a husband!!! I can think of a whole lot of things I would rather spend $2000 on other than a dress worn once!

  13. sewruth says:

    I’m just a wee bit worried that even before the wedding, the husband is dictating how his wife should look…..while I totally appreciate constructive comments on my appearance I do not allow anyone to tell what to wear. I wonder what he looks like and did his future wife tell him what to wear? However, you are the ONE who will fulfil (hopefully) both desires.

    • mrsmole says:

      There is a whole back story that was revealed to me when the bride paid for the alterations. There certainly are issues from the get-go. Fingers crossed for this girl her second time around! Also for the groom and his second time around too.

  14. Sue Anfang says:

    Hi, I have been enjoying reading your blog! I am NOT a bridal sewer, but am a very experienced seamstress. My neighbours have been getting me to help with some minor alterations for a wedding in 2 weeks.

    I saw the bride’s gown yesterday and it’s beautiful, but I can’t believe some of the things the bridal salon told her. She is very top heavy and the gown has a heavily crystal embellished strapless corset style bodice. There is absolutely no support at all built into the dress… the back is sheer with some light boning. I am adding some ribbon straps but she’s completely spilling out. The bridal salon told her sewing on straps would hold everything up (I think the heaviness of the gown and her bust will pull the straps into her shoulders). They also told her to add some heavy crystal trim over the bustline to build up the bust a bit – but there is absolutely no where to attach any trim! They told her to just ‘glue it’ to a $3,000 gown! I’ll add the straps but told her to take it back to the salon and get them to attach the trim (I bet they can’t), The dress is gorgeous but with no interior corset support totally not suited to her figure at all….

  15. mrsmole says:

    I tell the girls…you either buy a ballgown or a nightgown…one has support and boning, the other does not.It is heartbreaking for brides to think that we can do just about anything to make their dress support and flatter when we have so little to work with as in the dress and so much to work with involving busts and how to contain them. Smart idea to send the bride back to the salon…make it their problem/solution…you have done enough, Sue.

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