Beauty in All Sizes

Not all brides are a size 2 trying to be a size 0 by starving themselves. Not all size 12 brides tell me that they are dieting like mad to be a size 8.

When other brides ask me if working with full-figured brides is difficult, I always answer that larger brides want 3 simple things: a zipper that slides up easily, a bustle that stays up, and good music for dancing.

This summer I met a warm-hearted social worker who wanted all three. In fact instead of being self conscious about her size or weight, she wanted her dress, Wtoo Cynthia to have extra petticoats and a very poofy bustle.

Here is the required model shot:


The scalloped lace bordered hem is gorgeous but you can see this skirt could use a little more poof. In my annex to the sewing room, I store all the petticoats that have been removed from other gowns just waiting to be recycled into another gown. It is always a nice occasion when I can attach one to a dress that needs more lift to get the front hem off the ground without having to cut and move the lace up. I don’t charge for this service, the petticoats are free as well as the labor. It is just a nice thing to do.

Here is the first fitting with 5 point bustle pinned up. All of that horsehair braid trimmed netting hanging down will be hemmed to ground level.









First things first…adding the recycled petticoat:

Next layer on top of that:

Next layer on top of that:

More layers on top of that:

And finally getting to the top layers:

Second fitting with extra petticoat…success…the front hem is off the ground! The satin layer is hemmed and bustled and bust cups sewn in.

Embroidered tulle layer on top with pinned up bustle:












Every first time bride needs a veil:

With 5 points, the train is off the floor for dancing the night away.

Pressed and ready to walk down the aisle:












Just a reminder, do you ever think about your ironing board cover? Since I work on white/ivory dresses every day, I want my cover to stay clean but soot and dust in the air settles not just on wooden furniture, but the ironing board as well. So, as I have described in the past, I spray water on my cover, rub some Resolve Stain stick over it and then wet it again and rub it hard with a white washcloth. It is downright scary what comes off!!!!

With the end of summer, some of the summer squash look a bit sad and hard but I managed to split one, scoop out the seeds, toss in four frozen meatballs, olives and cheese and tomato sauce and bake for an hour:  

Temps are back to the seasonal normal  71 and 45 degrees F!

Hallelujah! Hope you all have a super week…happy Oct 1st everyone!

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16 Responses to Beauty in All Sizes

  1. Sandi says:

    Mrs. mole I wish I could agree about the weather…my arthritis is beginning to give me fit So?
    The dress is gorgeous and fits her perfectly. You did it again🤗👍🏻

  2. Susan Hart says:

    Beautifully done as per your fabulous experience….
    Great idea for yellow squash!

  3. I imagine petticoats are expensive. How nice and clever you are to recycle them for someone else. This lady has a lovely dress and I sure she’ll have a blast with her skirts up!

  4. Karey says:

    I think the extra poof improves the proportions.
    My ironing board is mt cat’s favourite perch, which gets it very dirty. I gave ip trying to keep him off. Bought a new cover (printed wirh kitty paws), and keep a towel over it. Now we’re both happy.

  5. Suzanne says:

    I like the poof. It’s a good dress, she chose well!

  6. Taja says:

    This is my favourite bride/gown combo to date! The bride wants to be herself at her best and her fairy gown-mother is ready and willing to assist in bringing a lovely gown into proper proportion for that special day.

    A wonderful job, as always, Mrs. Mole! I really appreciate the special touches you provide for your brides, such as the memory labels in a previous gown and the petticoats for this one. You have a tremendous heart to go with your incredible skill and patience!

    Weather? It was 100+F degrees and dry on Saturday. The remnants of Hurricane Rosa began moving in on Sunday, dropping the temperature to the mid-90s and bringing gentle, intermittent rain. Rinse and repeat today, with temps in the mid-80s. Expecting more of the same tomorrow, with overnight lows finally dropping into the 70s. We seriously need the rain–and this is the best type. Temps probably will flirt with 100F degrees again in a few days, eventually decreasing slightly every week or so. Looking forward to that!


    • erniek3 says:

      Fairy Gown Mother! We can kinda tell you liked this woman a bit more than most. Cheers to all the warm hearted social workers in the land, and to their Fairy Gown Mothers!

  7. Taja says:

    Oh! Ironing board cover. I made an elastcated cover for storage that can be removed for use and laundering. Living in a dry, dusty climate, I have discovered that closet doors do not provide much of a barrier to dust. Pieced the dust cover from some quilting cotton scraps. Any washable fabric should work well.

  8. mltothill says:

    This post is extra special. A beautiful young woman who wants to look like a princess on her wedding without making unreasonable demands. And look, she bought the correct size dress, and does not need a corset back and modesty shield. The extra petticoats give the dress the perfect princess poof.

  9. etneedlecraft says:

    I must show my husband this……he can’t understand why I have a mountain of net petticoats in the spare room. Like you I like to recycle them.

  10. jay says:

    Fascinating how the petticoats did the trick, and kind of a relief not to read about a lovely gown that needed a four inch V shaped panel in the back with buttons and laces.

  11. LinB says:

    I was best pleased to walk into a bridal shop last year and see that there were lots and lots and lots of dresses on the rack in sizes 20 and up. Was able to find Darling Daughter exactly what she wanted and walk out the door with it that day, without having to order and wait for who-knows-what to show up in the mail. Didn’t even need to hem it. They also had the correct size and style of corsetry, so I didn’t have to make a long-line bra from scratch. It just took scavenging her grandmother’s wedding dress to make a bolero jacket to cover her back and arms, and re-setting my bridal veil to a new headpiece, to make the bridal costume complete. It is so nice to live in a time when all shapes and sizes of beauty can shine forth.

  12. raquel from jc says:

    fantastic! The bride is going to look radiant!

  13. Beautiful bride and dress! I’ve started vacuum bagging crinolines…they were taking over my studio!

  14. maryfunt says:

    Very pretty dress and the extra pouf brings it into proportion. How wonderful to have a bride that is comfortable in her body and wants to look like a bride and enjoy her day. You did it again!!!

  15. pdxknitter says:

    She looks lovely. That’s a good dress style for her, and the proportions are nice with the extra pouf.

    I have to say that it never entered my mind to diet down two sizes, but then we decided in June to get married in August, so there really wasn’t time anyway.

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