Makes Me Shiver!

How about a Winter wedding dress? This model has the right idea…a woolly hat and a fleece jacket. Notice how the tiny triangles at the bust points are flat and cover her modesty/nipples pretty well while the rest of the dress is essentially see-thru? Not just any bride could carry this off and feel confident. There is also no back coverage either…what a surprise!

Willowby Daylily

My bride is generously endowed and there is lots of side boob exposed so something has to be added to contain those puppies. The side bodice edges gap and with the addition of some sort of sheer patch, I can snug up the sides as well thus killing two birds with one stone.

A piece of linen pinned into the area helps with the gaping and stabilizes the back strap as well once it is also shortened.

Taking the linen as a pattern, I can cut 4 layers of tulle:

Making French seams at the top edge also gives more stability to the soft tulle.

We need a basted placement line for the next step of pinning.

Once pinned in, the gaping lace can be tightened and snugged up along the lower edge.

Now the front sits better  and all that is left is to shorten straps and hem 2 layers of satin and trim off all that tulle to floor level with no bustle.

As I handle and baste the straps, I think adding some Stay Tape down the middle of the straps might help with stretching as we need something strong to keep the breasts from drooping in front. Once attached by hand, it should help.

Basted with red thread…and ready for second try-on:

Warning…graphic photo!!!

Try-on with the real body…more adjusting and snugging and wishing I could have made the section bigger to cover more!!! You can see the lower drag lines under the bust but as this dress has no boning and falls into the category of “nightgown”, there is nothing left to do.

The front view was very revealing so the bride asked if I could drop the teeny tiny triangle pads but I said I should ADD to them lower down. Here is a teardrop pad with a line drawn where it will be trimmed and attached to the upper one:

Using the serger to make a clean top edge to attach to the original pads:

The inside view with pads attached by hand:

The outside view with more coverage:

Back view with 6 inches trimmed off of the train and no bustle:


















With all of Mr. Mole’s winter veggies under plastic, we never thought that we would see so many feathers from an obvious “ambush” of a dove by a hawk.

Whatever your New Year projects are, I hope they go smoothly and the inspiration carries on for 2019! Welcome to all the new followers!

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39 Responses to Makes Me Shiver!

  1. Hilarious! So many wedding dresses seem to be becoming this wispy see through slips…how very odd! Save it for the honeymoon girls and wear something with more oomph for the photos!

  2. fabrickated says:

    You did a great job there Mrs M. It certainly looks lovely from the back! How someone with those dimensions even feels comfortable without
    a proper brassiere I don’t know.

  3. mrsmole says:

    After a night of dancing, I’m not sure those little tulle inserts will be sturdy enough!!!

  4. jay says:

    There’s no denying it’s pretty, and you’ve done a great job. It doesn’t say ‘Church’ , like so many of the nightgown variations turning up for weddings now.

  5. I will never understand why someone that is full busted would try on something with so little support and think, it looks great??? Any gaping in the front on large busts is usually because there’s not enough material to cover the girls. Imagine what that’s going to look like dancing!

  6. Tia Dia says:

    Makes me shudder, too! ;D

  7. Martina says:

    She’ll probably spend the whole night worried about exposing herself…but I guess the trend is either boobs or butt on full view. I miss sleeves.

    • mrsmole says:

      I miss sleeves and proper linings! Yes, even though I wish the Jessica Rabbit phase was over and done with…the wedding gowns are getting more and more revealing…so sad but then look at the movie stars and models who want to show EVERYTHING they have!

  8. Kim says:

    Yikes! Those girls could use thoroughly supportive bra – I can’t imagine they’ll be comfortable by the end of the day in that dress. And she’s going to be tucking them in her waistband given a few years…..

  9. erniek3 says:

    I am guessing the only way she can get away with this for an evening is that she is really young, and/or she lifts weights and has a good set of supporting muscles. And is very proud of that. Which she has every right to be. God bless Stay Tape. And Fashion Tape, which this dress should come with.
    This makes my 60 year old chest hurt. And I really like the hat. Brrrrrrrr.

  10. Nancy Figur says:

    Hope you are feeling better. At least this wasn’t one of the really complicated ones. I don’t get the naked look, even for a reception dress. I don’t even get reception dresses. You look forward to wearing a wedding gown for years and then you pick one out – and then choose to wear it for the ceremony only? Even a full blown Catholic mass lasts only an hour so that is all the time the wedding dress gets. The reception, at least where I live is either five or four hours, so the reception dress gets more time. I guess I am showing my age.
    When I make the Christening gowns I often get both gowns sent to me to transform into a Christening ensemble. Sometimes it makes my job easier and sometimes it complicates things.
    Where do you get stay Tape like in the picture from. I don’t think I have seen it. That seems like a great idea.
    I love the way you used the French seam to add strength to that underarm patch. What a great idea.
    It makes my day, every time you put up a new post!

    • mrsmole says:

      You are so sweet, Nancy. Stay tape can be ordered from Wawak, my favorite supply source but also many other online retailers…probably even JoAnn’s carries some or local fabric stores. I use it for all sorts of things like behind bustle loops and buttons for added security and shoulder seams in knits.

  11. pdxknitter says:

    I always like seeing a new post. I do believe I literally prayed for girls like that back when I was 13. LOL. Nothing but trouble. You’ve worked a miracle again!

    • mrsmole says:

      I remember a wise woman telling me that boobs come in 2 sizes…”too much and not enough”. It seems that at my mother’s retirement home, the gals are all getting breast reduction surgery in their 90’s…imagine!

  12. Mem says:

    Well I guess those puppies don’t flop about like natural ones would in that dress . I guess if you want boobs that size you must believe them to be the most important part of your body . Forget brains 😢. By the way she has a winginging right shoulder blade maybe from carrying too much weight up front . Your tact and patience amazes me

    • mrsmole says:

      Oh Mem…it is entertainment seeing what passes for common sense these days! This year it seems as though brides either have babies, big boobs, big butts OR brains and a decent career. All I have to do is get all that tucked into some tulle and satin and back out the door after collecting my fees.

  13. ceci says:

    The dress is really lovely from the back – rather unattractive from the side….thank goodness you added to the front coverage. The idea of that much breast unsupported for hours of activity seems really painful but clearly that is not her vision of things.


    • mrsmole says:

      Some brides realize that they are the star of the show and really go for it. This dress is only for the reception so it can be more revealing can’t it?

  14. Happy New Year! I do enjoy your blog. I like that stay tape!

  15. Taja says:

    Yikes! I think I had a nightgown in that style back in the day. Would have been necessary to redesign the bodice front and sides to be remotely comfortable wearing it in public! lol I think natural endowment makes many of us more cognizant of what is on display!

    As usual, you did a wonderful job. Glad you were able to convince the bride that she needed more coverage rather than just repositioning the inadequate bust pads.

    Hope you are feeling better and will have time to relax a bit before your next commissions.

    • mrsmole says:

      Thank you, Taja, I am taking off 2 weeks to finally have a day off after 11.5 months of 2018 before jumping right back into the chaos of 2019. If I can get rid of this cough, it would be a bonus.

  16. Susan Hart says:

    Mrs Mole,
    So NOT fair… no frontal photo….😞
    Just kidding…..

  17. maryfunt says:

    More like a nightgown than bridal but it’s what she wants. The dress looks so much better on the tiny chested model; definitely not attractive to have her implants popping out. You need structural engineeering and dressmaking to make this work. Another miracle fix with what you were given.

  18. Suzanne says:

    Lots to consider and prop up here. Once again a job well done.

  19. anderchit220 says:

    I’m new to your blog and loving it! As a life-long sewer wanting to do more garment sewing, I am apprentising with an experienced seamstress in the hopes of doing wedding alterations when I leave my current job. How many hours a week do you average? Also, I’m working out a realistic yearly income for this business venture. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

  20. Tisa says:

    Hi! Do you know is this person is interested in selling their dress if they’ve worn it already? I’m wanting this exact same dress but I need the same crazy alterations for my chest! Thank you!

  21. mrsmole says:

    If you send me your email address, I can contact her for you…

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