Wine was Flowing

After 2 non-sewing weeks, I am back to resume the process of starting and finishing projects. Later today, I will drop by and pick up my machine that has been living at the repairman’s house for its annual check-up. I had some time to work on a new Alabama Chanin project for myself and hope to have more time to turn it into something wearable and fun. Part of my time away from the sewing room I was able to start Michelle Obama’s book and it is hard to put it down!

Maybe you might remember the bride who wanted the sheer knit inserts under her arms to reveal her skin?

Well, as I also offer the preservation service, I do get gowns back for shipping off to New York to and they all have a bit of dirt at the hem and twigs and grass stains but I have never seen one quite this bad.

It seems as though there must have been lots of red wine spilled on the dance floor and the gown just mopped it up.

Someone tripped and tossed her wine glass on the bride:

Looking inside we can see spray tan on the straps and waist and what is that weird pink/magenta staining on the bust cups? Looking under the one bust cup, I found magenta confetti and sequins which must have released their dye as the bride warmed up.

After removing the bust cups, I found some evil creatures lurking:

The straps so lovingly sewn by hand and pressed to be flat…now covered in spray tan:

Check out the entire lining…now a nice shade of ocher:

Even though the bustle was up, the wine must have been pretty deep for the hem to be so soaked through:

Have you ever heard of Madge Gill? I hadn’t either but here is a fascinating article about her and her embroidery.

Still working on that vintage 80’s gown covered in new lace and flowers etc…BUT….by next month it will be done and paid for and out the door…HOORAY!!!!

I want to leave you with some recent photos taken while we were away…can you guess where we went?

Looking forward to starting Feb 2019 with real gusto as Mr Mole’s veggies under plastic covers are ripping away…yea…Swiss Chard!


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36 Responses to Wine was Flowing

  1. shoes15 says:

    What a shame to see a dress in such condition. I hope the bride had fun anyway.

  2. mrsmole says:

    At least when it comes back in the air-tight box, it will be like new! The bride and her family had the best time ever!

  3. Laura says:

    Jealous. See any Bengals? Glad you got to have a good vacation!!!

  4. Michelle Tothill says:

    A trip to Africa is on my bucket list. I have a Nigerian friend and when she gets married I will make my trip. For now I have to settle for seeing animals at a Zoo.

  5. mrsmole says:

    I didn’t get to Africa…these beauties are closer than you think!

  6. Irene Stonecipher says:

    lol- did you go to the San Diego Zoo?

  7. mrsmole says:

    Nope, but you are getting closer, Irene.

  8. Shari in Bend says:

    Wild animal park in Escondido.

  9. mrsmole says:

    Getting warmer, Shari!

  10. Judith L Rickard says:

    Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR?

    I took my mom there, and she (and me) loved it. We had an ostrich peck-attack our windshield, saw the hippos doing full barrel-rolls in their pool, and giraffes mating!

    JLR (a Medford gal, currently exiled to Seattle)

  11. Wow that’s some mess! Glad they had fun! Where did you find such lovely creatures! I’m glad you had a good holiday too!

  12. Sue says:

    I’m guessing Palm Desert. Which sounds wonderful right now (temp is currently15 below here in Wisconsin, forecast for 30 below tomorrow night).

    Do you have to clean the gowns before you send them off?

    • mrsmole says:

      Yes, Sue, it is in Palm Desert. No, all I have to do is put the gown in a box, insure it and send it off. It comes back like new and air-tight and ready for the next bride in the family. Brrr…Wisconsin temps are just tooo much for me!!!! Good luck and stay warm inside!

  13. Sewcomplete says:

    Was it the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert, Ca. I’ve been there a couple of times!

  14. ceci says:

    Its such an idiosyncratic dress, I wonder if others in the family will want to wear it? Maybe covered up gowns will have a sudden vogue and it will be used for parts!


    • mrsmole says:

      I did tell her that she should consider her dress more versatile for future brides as the top and skirt could be used with other pieces…30 years from now.

  15. raquel from jc says:

    Oh, Mrs.Mole you are an archeologist too! The study of the stains on the dress is fantastic!

  16. Mitch 1066 says:

    ive just started doing angel gowns and wraps for a local charity from wedding gowns but so far none have been stained that!

  17. Katrina B says:

    That mess makes me almost but not quite nostalgic for the days when we used to damage our skin permanently with the actual sun rather than spraying dye on it.

    So glad you had some time away and with creatures as different as possible from your customers. Love the photo of the pensive meerkat.

    • mrsmole says:

      So many times when you watch zoo programs, the meerkats are very numerous and collect together in a “mob” but there were only 2 in the enclosure and both liked to stand still and pose.

  18. LinB says:

    I was going to guess the North Carolina Zoological Park, but that seemed like a far haul for you to travel.

    We deliberately chose only clear liquids for reception and after-party for Darling Daughter’s wedding. That way, any spills would leave a lesser stain.

    Good philosophy for dealing with toddlers and spill-prone elderly folk, too. And if you are a preacher, teacher, or anyone who has to maintain a high standard of public behavior, always always always go for clear liquor. You can plausibly say that your photos on-line show you drinking water.

    • mrsmole says:

      We only go to places that we can drive to in 2 days so we stick to the West Coast. One day I hope to visit the East coast but fly there and rent a car. I have to laugh when brides tell me that they are only going to serve white wines…not knowing that many white wines are made from red grapes and the residue in fabrics turns maroon or brown the longer they stay without proper cleaning.

  19. Barb Barna says:

    When I saw the title of your post, I thought if I had your job, I would be drinking wine too , lol. Wow what a mess. Hopefully all the stains come out.

  20. Tia Dia says:

    Well, it looks like the bride had fun! LOL. Glad you got away for some sun and relaxation.

  21. Amanda M says:

    At least sequins are better to find in your hems than bedbugs!!

    Mrs. Mole, I’ve spent the last several weeks reading your blog before bedtime. A friend passed it along to me, and it’s brought me so much joy as the granddaughter of a passionate and inventive seamtress and fabric artist (her quilts look like paintings!). I love your perspective, the slices of life you share, and the spunky attitude you bring to every challenge you face. Thank you for taking the time to share your life and work with us.

  22. WOW! I’ve been working on a dress with red beads that rub off everywhere. My hands are so crunchy from being washed. I’ve found that hydrogen peroxide will get rid of spray tan but obviously that gown needs a bit more help. I love Alabama Chanin and someday I’ll get to sew for me…

  23. Diane Tucker says:

    Thank you, I so enjoy reading your blog. It seems that every time that I have pressed light colored special garments my iron has started to spit water on the garment. I have owned many different kinds. What kind of iron do you use?

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