Modesty Please

Summer weddings in a garden bring up visions of airy and floaty dresses and a soft feminism as in the photo below:

This gown is Wtoo Juno and you can see a lot of cleavage but we can fix that.

Not much more coverage in the back and no chance of wearing any sort of bra.

My bride decided to have the train shortened so let’s start with the satin layer. Pinning all the layers together keeps everything equal. The ruler is at center back so you can see the gradual reducing towards the side seams.

What can we do with the front? Well, there is plenty to be trimmed from the train and we can use the satin as a patch. The triangular area has to be 4 inches wide and 8 inches deep.

First, I find the straight of grain and cut two layers of fabric:


The the top edge needs to be curved, sewn and flipped and pinked down the sides:


Hand basted placement line keeps the level for modesty.

Side edges are serged together and then pinned into position.

With the patch hand basted into place, I can attach the teardrop bust cups by hand. With so  many of these nightgown types, this is the only structure in the bodice.

Shoulders needed to be shortened as well. Sometime I can trim away the netting but I left this extra in for stability.

Since this gown did not have any boning, I decided to add some under bust help to the lining. The patch is now hand sewn to the lining and tacked to the front layer of tulle. I like to use the plastic cotton-covered type of boning that I can hand sew to the lining and fold under the fabric ends.

Did you know that even though boning comes on a roll and looks like you have to work with the original curve…you can iron that sucker flat? People ask me, “which way should my boning curve?”, so the answer is…it doesn’t have to curve at all.

The final photo with the boning and patch…still some wrinkles but the bride felt more secure and could actually bend down to hug someone without feeling too showy. Having boning also reminds the bride to stand up straight especially for the professional photographer.

We’ve had 2 nice days in the garden with 75 degree temps…unusual for March and while all the trees have buds…look what is happening in Mr Mole’s nursery in his study under grow lights. ..a very impatient zucchini plants is producing flowers already!!! Slow down there Buster , it is still too cold at night to go outside!!!

Just had my dryer vent cleaned out and old hose replaced so I’m feeling safe for another 2 years. Having a vent run under the house, the length of the house is a scary thought with wet lint causing a clog and a fire like so many that occur this time of year. Wishing you all lots of sewing inspiration as the seasons change and the clocks go forward!

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14 Responses to Modesty Please

  1. jay says:

    Great work on the modesty panel, it’s a very pretty dress.

  2. maryfunt says:

    Nice. It looks much, much better than having her chest on display. Hope you get some warn weather soon.

    • mrsmole says:

      She was a sensible girl who fell in love with the lace but realized she didn’t want to expose too much. We had 2 days of the 70’s but now back to the chilly days and rain but we need it before the forest fire season!

  3. erniek3 says:

    I love a fabric transplant story. Pass the tissues! I love that you are calling this a ‘nightgown’ style.
    It’s 74 today in Seattle. Tomorrow as well. I did the grown up thing and poked at things in the yard. It seems all the snow that lingered did a number on my rose bushes. Might not be any rose petal jam this year. Dang.

    • mrsmole says:

      We have been outside inspecting the victims of the snow too. Every year some don’t make it and have to be replaced. With temps ranging from 15 to 115 degrees F these plants have to be tough! The tender ones spend the winter in our garage but soon come May they will be dragged back outside.

  4. Laura says:

    Magician Mrs. Mole!!! MMM.

  5. pdxknitter says:

    I love this dress, but I have to say I kindof think its humorous that they pick a dress “cut down to there” and then are like, “cover me up”. It is awfully pretty though, and much more sensible with a panel so she could hug someone without a wardrobe malfunction.

  6. mrsmole says:

    I always say, “It’s all about the photos” and 30 years from now you don’t want your grandchildren asking why you chose such a dress.

  7. Much much better! Again you save the day! I can’t imagine the (embarrassing) photo opportunities with the original gown!

  8. Valentina says:

    Looks way better agree. I would also add softer boning to the sides of the panel you inserted at the front and that would eliminate all the wrinkles in that area .
    Love following your blog💕

  9. Annie says:

    I just looked at the original dress on the manufacturers site and the ad says they offer a modest version! What dunce orders the slutty version and has it altered? Lol.

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