Can You Help My Daughter?

Dear Readers,

My youngest daughter is flying from Washington, DC to the UK for a wedding and she bought an expensive lovely maid of honor dress but the tailor she hired in DC made a real mess of it and now she says the back is shorter than the front and the hem is uneven and wavy. Being 3000 miles from her and the flight being on Monday, I have to ask if anyone can help her while she attends the wedding in Bath. If you can or know of anyone that can help her, please email me privately at:

Thank you for any help!!!!!

Mrs Mole

Good news…after less than 24 hours, I have received many offers of help on both sides of the Atlantic so now she will have more options to save her dress and save the day. Many heartfelt thanks to all my followers for sending me emails with the information!!! You are super! Thank you!

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4 Responses to Can You Help My Daughter?

  1. Ivalyn Actie says:

    Check your email

  2. Kim says:

    Not near me sadly it I would have tried to help.

  3. mrsmole says:

    I know you would have come to our rescue but some ladies have sent recommendations for Bath seamstresses, so we shall see what works best on either side of the ocean.Fingers crossed!

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