Sweet and Simple

Remember this dress? We go from a size 20 down to a size 10 this time.

This sample dress is Willowby Geranium.

She opted to not trim the train and just carry it using the long thread tacks at center back holding the layers together.

As  with the previous dress, this one also needs to have darts made between the boning strips to draw it into the chest and make it more stable. From the outside, it will just blend in and look like a side seam.

Once the dart is machine stitched and flipped right side up, the fold can be hand tacked to the nearest boning strip.

Maybe you can see through the front section of lace that there is darkness behind it. The bride revealed that she has a tattoo of words there in black ink and she wanted some solution to cover it up.

Since the lining was going to be trimmed, I knew I had some skin toned fabric to insert there. Here is the pentagon patch that was added to cover the dark tattoo:

This bride liked the original mauve velvet belt so I added French thread loops to keep the eventual bow from sliding around at center back.

Almost finished, just have to add the fingertip length veil:

Just a small shot of the bride and groom just after saying their vows in a ranch setting. Faces were blurred out.

Last week I wandered around our back yard and took a few photos to share:

We tried growing strawberries in these purpose built planters but they never did well. This year I plunked some onion sets into the sections and they love it!

It is the first year we have grown scarlet runner beans like they grow in the UK. The plants started well running up the wigwam sticks but soon outgrew them so a plastic cage was introduced.

Mr Mole’s Swiss chard nursery. To keep birds from eating those baby plants down to the ground he uses metal baskets from Walmart and the Dollar Store to protect them in the beginning.

If you ever think that sewing was an intricate and tedious art-form, have a look here at a real patient artist!

Thanks for dropping by, next time I hope to have some more complicated and swear word inducing fashions for you!



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16 Responses to Sweet and Simple

  1. Oh sometimes we just need something sensible to help keep our blood pressure down! I love her dress! Your garden is still fabulous! 😍

  2. Kim says:

    Sewing and gardening looking great as usual. The baskets as bird repellents is a great idea!

  3. erniek3 says:

    I like seeing the dress in action with a happy person in it. I also like a simple solution that can be reversed later.
    I am shocked: a bride with a tattoo that didn’t want to show it off??????
    What will they do next!

    • mrsmole says:

      I guess this tattoo just didn’t look that good under the sheer lace for photographs. It was so easy to fill in that section and it can be removed for the next bride to wear the dress…a win-win.

  4. Susan Hart says:

    Love seeing yours and Mr. Mole’s garden…didn’t get to when I visited that summer it was so smoky outside… you two have as many great tips for gardening as for sewing!
    I certainly do NOT think I am like that stained glass creator…. but I DO understand the color blocking and careful piecing aspect/skill required. I used to make intricate flags for colorguard and drum-corps. There were many flags that had curves, angles or appliqués and which had to be french seamed for durability with usage.

    Can’t wait to hear what English swear words you use! LOL!

    • mrsmole says:

      Being a glass artist must be like a quilter who likes complicated patterns too only one uses 1/4 in seams and the other uses solder. Our valley is filling up with smoke once again waiting for the state government to send firefighters and tankers our way.Do you have any photos of the flags you made?

  5. maryfunt says:

    Taking a dress down that many sizes is just as complicated as letting it out. Looks great.

  6. patsijean says:

    I’m writing you a note here to tell you that the link to your recent post “A Challenging Favor” is broken.

  7. kathyh says:

    Good idea on the wire baskets. My rabbits and birds and squirrels are running amuck!

  8. Tia Dia says:

    Your garden is beautiful. I love gardens and hate gardening. Imagine that!

    The dress and this bride sound like a welcome treat after the last one. And how lovely to see the dress in action.

  9. Good for you on the dress, and on the garden–they all look great.

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