Holiday Work and Harvest

Any bride selecting this dress has to realize that nothing is hidden under that sheer unlined bodice. The side panels are also very revealing…we are talking “side boob” here.

Even the model has to keep her arm over the opening!


What ends up being revealed are under-bust tattoos, mainly writing, but still visible as a dark shadow.

Some brides have whole stories written all around their rib cage front and back.

So something to think about when trying on dresses or you might have to ask for a lining to be installed.















Starting at the top, the shoulder straps will be shortened and beads removed:









Three points should do the trick for a satin layer bustle:

Front hem will be trimmed to floor level and a 5 point bustle will keep the tulle layers off the floor.

Safety pins will be replaced by lace covered buttons. Back tattoos have been erased in Photoshop.

So a simple enough alteration for a change and a sweet bride starting her new life.

In the meantime during the holidays this came to me.

First request:

Can you add sleeves and take in the side seams? I need it in 4 days.

Second request:

I have a load of formal dresses that need to be hemmed etc and I am also a seamstress and want things to be done perfectly and before Christmas. I am looking for precision altering. I have looked at the reviews of other seamstresses and they are all bad.

It was nice to turn down both ladies because I just did not need to cram any more into the bridal season sewing which is still going on for January/February dates. And as many of you seamstresses know…working for a woman who claims to be a sewer can only bring trouble!!!

Mr Mole has conducted an experiment this winter leaving the tomatoes and peppers in the garage with the door open on sunny days. He is so excited that we have ripe tomatoes in January!

Close-up view of the sweetest oval gold tomatoes:

Another challenge was a glorious amaryllis I bought for him last year. It had 2 stalks and multiple blooms and when it ended, he just put it in the garage on his workbench to rest/dry out and die. So all summer it was just a pot filled with dirt…no watering, no TLC until a week ago. I went out to rescue it and bring it into the kitchen to see if anything would show. Well, after 3 days one spike emerged:





Then at the end of the week…we have 2 spikes!!!

Other garden news this week was the 27 year old fence at the back of our yard was completely blown down after the violent last storm. Our neighbor propped up the fence from his side with wood but in the end we each decided to split the cost of 12 new fence panels that run from corner to corner. What you see here is only half of the job being set up and metal posts being cemented into the ground.

With all 12 new planks/panels nailed into place and ready to paint grey again.

With so many local sewers making little joey pouches for our sadly injured animal friends in Australia, we here in the forest fire section of the US are keeping watch on the News for better reports soon. Climate change is real.


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21 Responses to Holiday Work and Harvest

  1. I’m really glad my daughter didn’t pick a bodice like this, lol

    • mrsmole says:

      No chance to hide anything! I always think about 30 years from now when the grandchildren look through the photo album and ask grandma, “what were you thinking?”

  2. Krysti says:

    Funny story. I had a bride with a similar see through dress. There were NO cups sewn in the bodice so I asked her if she wanted them. The answer was no. Even her mom mentioned (kindly) her concern about that area, and was immediately shut down. You could see the outline of her nipples, but whatever – it was her dress/wedding. Well low and behold she contacts me a couple of months later and wonders if I can put in cups. Yes please! So back she came and nice nude cups were sewn in! I got a good chuckle to myself over it. Ha ha

  3. mrsmole says:

    So nice when they come to see common sense! Good for you and her and her mom! Thanks for sharing that story, Krysti.

  4. prttynpnk says:

    M’kay. Question.
    At what point does a nightgown become a dress or the opposite- a dress becomes a nightgown?

    • mrsmole says:

      Well Anne, I break gowns down into those 2 categories depending on the inside structure. I tell the brides they either bought a nightgown or a ballgown by the amount of boning strips and or lining/interfacing.The dress this week could be slept in and then worn with a silk kimono robe for a breakfast including fresh croissants and mango slices.

  5. mrsmole says:

    Only in the movies, my dear!

  6. Kim says:

    Oh boy. Lovely dress ….. I’m principle. I’m sure it will look gorgeous.
    Well done Mr Mole! Tomatoes in January! Excellent 😁

  7. Anne says:

    Tomatoes in January! Wow! Sorry about your fence but how good you could agree with your neighbour, and it looks as if you will have one that will look good and beat the storms for at least as long as its predecessor. As for the dress – well I see the romance of the floaty skirt, but the bodice – not so much!

  8. maryfunt says:

    I’m sure you were happy to turn the two jobs away. Don’t you love it when the customer claims she is an expert but really can’t do it herself. I shudder when clients tell me how “simple” the job is.

  9. accordion3 says:

    OMG – that dress is actually lingerie!
    The fires here in Australia are as devastating as the media reports. I think the wildlife rescue people have enough joey bags and bat wraps for a while. WIRES is the wildlife agency based in the state of New South Wales, their fundraiser is doing very well. The rescue agency for my state (Victoria) is Wildlife Victoria, and their funding is not so great. If you want to help our amazing animals, please donate to them –

    If you want to help the humans too, donate to the Red Cross – They are involved in long term recovery programs as well as in the initial emergency stages.

  10. Susan says:

    OMG! I can’t understand how rude some people can be asking for something to me made in 4 DAYS!!!!
    I’m so glad you turned them away… who needs that huge headache..
    Very smart and proud of you!

  11. kathyh says:

    I found a space in my yard where amaryllis thrive!. (canby). Backside of my hangar where the summer sun bakes the ground. Even though the garden is out there, I rarely water this space. In late august, they burst forth with blooms. I like your tomatoes in January. Wonder if it will work for the bigger ones like Oregon Spring.

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