Shape Shifting

Let’s return to the basic strapless Wtoo Agatha wedding gown and high expectations.








The story goes like this: “I bought my dress a year in advance, it was too big for me then and I am going to lose 20 pounds anyway so you will have to take a lot in.”

The reality hit home when she arrived and had to admit that she never lost the 20 and probably added 20 to the scale instead.

The first things to pin out were the new bust darts near her underarm. The top edge will also have twill tape attached to snug it up inside.


Measuring the dart legs so they match:

New dart hand basted first:

No one will notice this new bust dart, pin shows the lowest point. Running the dart lower towards the waistline helps snug up that area too under the bust for more support like adding a strip of boning. In the end no one will be looking that close for a dart in the lace and with nothing cut or trimmed away, the next bride can snip the stitches and have the bodice back to the original size.

The lace scallops were bothering the bride under her arms so I flipped them to the inside saving them for the next bride.

Then the tan satin ribbon had to be replaced:

The new belt pinned in place:

Lots of bling but as the tulle skirt loves to cling unto rhinestones, it will be attached at the very end. The bust darts are still just pinned in this photo.

The lining is hemmed at floor level and the small satin train will remain. Some of the tulle will be trimmed in front along with the satin layer hemmed to floor level.

The tan belt will be removed from the center back seam and in this photo you can see where the extra 20 pounds went. The wrinkles under the tulle will not go away until I open every seam in the skirt and insist that the bride find herself some tight shape wear otherwise these wrinkles will be on her photos.

Releasing and removing the tan belt at the waistline:

New skirt seams shifted to the very edge:

Trying to get every little bit let out in the satin and lining layers:

Once all the alterations are done and the heavy belt is attached, one more thing is added to keep the front bodice from drooping on the hanger and allowing the rhinestone belt to grab unto the tulle skirt. Some narrow grosgrain ribbon is made into a long loop from the back zipper area. Then there is a new small loop sewn to the center front and the long loop is drawn under and then it flips over the metal hanger.

Final photo but you can see there are still some wrinkles in the top of the skirt which should be helped with better shape wear.

Adding the rhinestone edged veil adds that special touch:

As we meet many sewing challenges, here is a man who wants to pass on his skill. I can’t imagine the precision and patience that is involved!

In my garden I can see the early heads of bulbs popping up through the mulch but I shout at them, “slow down, winter hasn’t left yet!”

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6 Responses to Shape Shifting

  1. Kim says:

    Always going to lose that extra *lb’s… Not just bride’s either!
    Well done again 😊

    • mrsmole says:

      Thanks, Kim…women are marvelous beings, we can pack on pounds anywhere on our bodies. Nature has made us fat conserving machines since the stone age whether we need the cushioning for raising babies or protecting our old bones in a fall. Thankfully knit material comes to our rescue!

  2. erniek3 says:

    Well, it’s easier to take in than let out, and I give her great credit for taking that route.
    My spouse is just learning that lesson of “you will never lose that weight just to fit that thing”. It’s not worth it, it will make you crazy not happy. It’s not saying no one can lose weight, it’s that event weight loss goals just add more pressure to a high pressure situation. I really love your conservation approach; if anything, you may be invited back to reopen those seams, and you left yourself a present.
    And the only time I lost a lot of weight was before I got married because I was freaking out. I look at my wedding photos and it’s the smallest I’ve ever been after the age of ten. And I don’t look at all well. Not well at all.

    • mrsmole says:

      Can’t blame brides for losing weight with all the stress to have that perfect wedding thinking about all that could go wrong and how much it all costs. Their hormones in the throws of first love also makes those pounds slip away. If only we could bottle those chemicals and use them later in life!

  3. maryfunt says:

    Wow. How do you do this? I don’t think I’ve ever had a bride who lost the weight she intended.

    • mrsmole says:

      Sometimes they join a gym and start working out and guess what? They end up making their back wider from lifting weights and no matter how much they tell me they have lost weight, muscles can take up as much room as back fat.

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