The Works

We have seen this Wtoo Della dress before and in fact I have worked on this same style a couple times this year already and have more of the same to come. So far all of them, no matter what size, 0 to 20 all need the same alterations to make it fit properly.

Like before, twill tape was added to the top edge of the bodice to bring the top edge curve back into the bride’s chest.

In addition to that I had to hand tack ALL the lace to the satin bodice every inch or so. The satin and lining hems were shortened and the bodice was tightened by moving the zipper over 2 inches and unlike the past dresses, this bride wanted to keep all of her tulle train and have it bustled up for dancing. So let’s get started:

Pins are placed where the lace poofs away from the tulle and satin layers.

The zipper was moved over 2 inches and hand basted for try-on.

Satin layer and lining was hemmed up in the front only.

As usual, we try a one point bustle but there are still “dog ears” of fabric touching the ground.

Using 3 points works better:

Trying out a 5 safety pinned bustle:

Even with a bustle, tulle likes to drag along the ground and has to have a little haircut:

In the end, seven points can get the whole hem up off the floot for dancing.

The bride chose lace covered buttons to match the bodice.

Ready to walk down the aisle!






















After 3 weeks, the latest puzzle has been completed. As you can imagine the dark spaces were a real challenge. The back side of the puzzle had letters instead of colors this time.

Now that some travel and dining restrictions have been lifted in many countries, we see the famous folks visiting exotic venues. Funny how there is always a professional photographer around?

Sometimes seeing celebrities on vacation can remind us of other celebrities. This week, Katie Price, UK Model is sunning herself in Turkey. Photos from the Daily Mail UK.

The first thing that comes to mind is another special person who likes publicity….

Caitlyn Jenner sunning herself on Celebrity Big Brother.




It was 103F degrees yesterday, so the plants have either gone nuts or collapsed. But the hummingbirds keep flying!

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18 Responses to The Works

  1. Laura says:

    Laughing. Breast implants are so obvious. Love the hummingbird. You did your magic as usual.

  2. Nancy Figur says:

    Do you like repeat dresses. I would because it would be easier each time. I have had some repeat dresses to turn into Christening gowns. Not identical but same designer and similar styles so I knew how the fabric would behave.
    Are weddings starting to come back in your area?

    • mrsmole says:

      I don’t mind repeat dresses as the sizes will vary. Brides are coming back and are all excited about possible Aug and Sept wedding dates but time will tell as our virus counts are going up every day in the valley. Scary when 9 new cases are from hospital employees!

  3. Kim says:

    Hilarious holiday photos – and yes it’s strange there’s always a photographer around 😂.
    Things have opened up a bit here , although the people who thought they were safe in holiday in Spain are being required to isolate for two weeks on return as the virus has flared up in Spain. Not what they were expecting.

    • mrsmole says:

      There is a price to pay for having fun in the sun for sure! I have been reading in the daily mail about the vacationers returning home to isolation and less paychecks…makes you want to just stay home and be sensible!

  4. JustGail says:

    If you have to work that hard to stage the ummm…. assets, it’s not a vacation.
    I suppose repeat dresses are good, you know what you’ll run into as far as construction, but does it get boring? And I wonder what the brides would think if they knew so many others are wearing the same one?

  5. mrsmole says:

    I hesitate to tell the bride that her dress is a repeat but they actually are happy knowing that somehow if I have worked magic on a previous dress, then they will have some magic on theirs. Go figure? Boring? Never…the personalities make all the difference in how hard or easy it is. You know you can pull out all the stops for a nice customer while grumbling about the bad ones…ha ha! The hard part for celebs on vacation is knowing the right bikini to wear and how far you have to thrust your chest out for the shots.

  6. …..and how much you have to suck in your stomach to emphasise the upper half!

    As my father would have said ” Someone forgot to say “enough thanks” when they were pouring in to that bikini!

    Beautiful work on the dress as ever. Your blog really inspires me in my much more simple clothing alterations.

    • mrsmole says:

      Isn’t there an old Southern saying about trying to fit 10 pounds into a 5 pound sack? I hope that the photos make it clear that you can tackle anything bridal related! Thank you!

  7. Reading how you make changes to the bridal gowns is always so interesting. I hope your business hasn’t been adversely affected by the pandemic.

  8. mrsmole says:

    First year ever to have no brides for 3 months and then they find their way back. My sewing room never looked so clean and deserted! Have you noticed how very few bloggers are posting garment photos during this crisis? Maybe having no place to go influences what we make and wear or not wear???

    • JustGail says:

      Yes, I did notice many bloggers have cut back on new garment posts. Quite a few shifted to mask or cap making. Many wrote posts saying no place to wear new garments has reduced their motivation. Others decided to keep sewing and upgrade the home wardrobe. Still others have said mask and cap sewing has pretty much sapped all the fun from sewing, at least for now – I hope they find their sewing happiness again.

  9. Judy says:

    I love your posts as they are always interesting. I always wonder how women buy their bridal dresses when they don’t fit very well. Sometimes you seem to remake the entire dress. I’m not critising , I’m just intrigued as to how they decide upon such a very expensive purchase when they really have to imagine the final product.

  10. mrsmole says:

    Well Judy, imagine yourself in one of those “Say Yes to the Dress” TV shows and your girl posse is sitting on the couch expecting to see you emerge from the dressing room looking fabulous. But the bride comes out wearing a dress with clamps in the back or pieces of fabric holding in her assests. She sees herself as a princess and all her friends agree…”YES this is the dress” and she is told by the salesgirl that a seamstress can make it fit…easy peasy….of course she can…just pay for the dress and hope it works. The other senario is when the bride tries on a dress and says she is going to lose 20 pounds and she wants to order that dress 2 sizes smaller…6 months later, she has not lost any weight and maybe gained more…just drop the dress off with the seamstress and it will be OK. I have a December bride sending me photos of her “dream dress” that she wants me to change everything. It has a beautiful wrap front satin bodice with ruching and pleating and a center dip like a sweetheart neckline and guess what she wants? She wants a bodice with a straight across line. Now how in the world is this going to look good or work? Why didn’t she just buy a dress with a straight neckline? I want to ask all my picky brides, “What exactly made you fall in love with this dress?”

  11. raquel from jc says:

    what would you say is the most popular style of a wedding dress? Or are there dresses as stars in the sky? The pictures of the “celebrities” are scary hehehheheh. Have you watched the movie; Phantom Thread with Daniel Day-Lewis? Disturbing but pretty!

  12. mrsmole says:

    You can see, Raquel, from the dresses I have featured what is the trend. Lace tops and tulle skirts. I long for the day when real fabrics like satin make a return. No, I haven’t seen any movies this year but hope that theaters will re-open in 2021.

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