Sleek Sheath

David’s Bridal Galina Sheath dress is a nice basic shape.

The back is interesting too.


What has to be done? Here is the center back zipper which will have to be taken in at the top and tapered to the bottom on both sides.

The lining is also affected and will have to be trimmed and re-attached after the zipper is moved over.

Both new seams are basted with red thread for placement.

The zipper is removed and basted into place.

Moving down to the hem, I pin out a almost 2 inch (4 inch total) tuck side seam to side seam to raise the scalloped lace hem. Now you know this runs into some labor charges!

The new hem length will allow the bride’s toes to show slightly and enable her to walk without having to kick her dress forward.

The 2 inch tuck becomes a 1.5 inch tuck (3 inches total) when measured accurately.

So let’s run some green placement thread lines so I know where I am going once the lace border is cut away.

With the hem finished and all the excess trimmed away under the scallops, you can see the zipper in place with new edge stitching along the teeth to keep it flat. New grosgrain ribbon replaced the original Petersham ribbon that was too soft to hold the neckline tight.



Not a great photo of the scalloped hem as it curved under before all the escess was trimmed away. The satin and lining layers were also shortened.


The bustle only needed one point to get the train up for dancing. I didn’t get a final photo with the lace covered button and loop but you can imagine how nice and simple it looked.

With the summer veggies harvested, it is time for Mr. Mole to start new seedlings indoors under his grow lights. Tiny Tim tomatoes on the left and the rest are different types of lettuce. Once they are big enough, they will go outside under plastic for the winter along with spinach and chard.

Last week, I had the chance to see my friend/client Nancy after not seeing her since March. We missed celebrating our birthdays together but being older we have been self quarantining since then. Sometimes we both think alike and she presented me with this pin. Did you notice that the middle letter is the medical symbol for female? Clever, but most men don’t see it.

It will go along with our latest arrival in the mailbox:

And I gave her this pin as we both believe in science and wear masks:

Just a few photos of puzzles I have been working on and then donating to the fire relief funds in our valley:

Thanks for dropping by and I wish you renewed interest in sewing for the coming season of Thanksgiving leading up to Christmas…oh no…not the “C” word already! I haven’t bought my Halloween candy yet!

P.S. I forgot to mention that today I have 4 brides getting married as they thought picking Oct 10 was a good idea to help the groom remember what date they married…10-10-20-20.

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11 Responses to Sleek Sheath

  1. zuleikaa says:

    I got married on Valentine’s Day for the same reason. Big tip – if you don’t think your intended will remember your wedding day, maybe he’s not such a great catch…

  2. Hey Lady!!! I love what you did with the DB dress, you are simply the best! In love what you are doing with the puzzles!!!!

  3. erniek3 says:

    That is a lovely dress, but I may just be into simple silhouettes and columnar styles.
    My husband never forgot our anniversary, even after he moved out.

  4. JustGail says:

    DH had to do something at church for a wedding and DS was a groomsman in another wedding on 10-10, so brides all over might have been looking for an easy to remember date. That is a nice classy dress you worked on – no over-blinged extravaganza cut down to or up to the waist and held in place with netting and a prayer. And lots of boning.

    It’s nice you can have veggies, especially tomatoes, under plastic in winter – I might get away with greens, no way on tomatoes.

    • mrsmole says:

      In the past, having a dress with no back or low cut front would have made me tell the bride that it is a day of hugging and we have to stabilize the bodice but with Covid, it is a day without hugging so she can just relax. The Tiny Tim tomatoes don’t seem to mind our mild winters, we are lucky!

  5. Jannette B. says:

    My son and his fiancee also chose 10-10-2020 as their wedding date – because it was her parent’s wedding anniversary date! Plus, in Canada, it was Thanksgiving day weekend, so extra days off for the honeymoon. Then COVID hit, and they moved the date up – ended up getting married July 5th.

  6. mrsmole says:

    Funny thing about weddings…no matter what goes right or what goes wrong…they are YOUR memories. I always tell the brides that and if Uncle Ralph gets drunk or all the kids misbehave…that is what makes youi wedding unique. Having a July wedding date just makes having a second honeymoon nicer than planning something in October when the weather could be iffy.

  7. Tia Dia says:

    What a pretty, simple dress without all the froufrou! It must be refreshing to not fight with mountains of tulle, chiffon, satin, etc., etc., etc. Good on you with your puzzle haul. Enjoy them! And I love that pin!

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